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the Photo: Valery EVENKOV

- the Principle idle time, - speaks the director   KPKG “VKB - the credit” Michael LYMAREV. - When the state does not keep a financial situation under control or there are financial cataclysms, people take over control the finance in own hands. They unite them and in common put. Give to "": that to whom trust. If loans are necessary to them, they also unite to solve a problem. Here then occurs some kind of social movement. From association of efforts - to realisation of requirements. If to remember the American great depression just co-operative societies and national banks developed, have sustained and have in many respects extended an economic situation in the country as a whole. There was no state participation, any great oligarchs and other financiers. People have survived on mutual aid.

- the credit unions and societies of citizens became real alternative to bank system?

the Photo: Valery EVENKOV

  - The Kamyshinsky consumer society credit - consumer union "Alternative" operates in the market of consumer services about 6 years, - the chairman of the board ON KPS "Alternative" Natalia Suhotina tells. - Except four offices in Kamyshine, the network of its branches covers Uryupinsk, Zhirnovsky, Mihajlovsky, Frolovsky, and New Anninsky areas. The number of shareholders has exceeded 11 thousand persons. We began in 2003 with commodity loans from 2 thousand roubles, and now we finance even small-scale business, that is we integrate loans. But it is impossible to give money thoughtlessly! If we had big "non-return", to us would not incur contributions. And, on expression of committee on loans, our maintenance is "ferro-concrete" as it is real estate. Therefore businessmen to whom banks now refuse, come to us. Crisis works on us!

At the time of when still the world did not know that such financial crisis, we have thought up a remarkable enterprise loan with a delay for 6 months. For small agriculture which is fastened on seasonal prevalence, it is huge plus.

- Not a secret that some potential investors have burnt on financial pyramids and now cautiously concern the credit unions. How to help them to distinguish diligent participants of the market from firms - a something ephemeral thinking only about momentary benefit?

the Director   KPKG “VKB - the credit” Michael LYMAREV:

- First of all look at interest rates. If to you offer transcendental percent is should guard. Take an interest, than the co-operative society - at the diligent organisation this information opened owns.

to Rely on aggressive advertising today it is not necessary. People have already burnt. Therefore when speak:“ And we about you did not hear ”, we respond:“ And also it is not necessary to us ”. In diligent co-operative society other mechanism.

Who wants to save the money in co-operative society, does not look at an exchange rate, does not watch economy, and is interested in that situation which occurs much more close - at us in co-operative society. At that   categories of borrowers with which we work, the credit requirement has sharply grown. The quantity of references to us has increased repeatedly. At all a secret,   that banks, well except for some,   have temporarily suspended delivery of credits. Financial resources have sharply risen in price. To find money upon on loan it is possible only at us. Yes, the percent became above. But it also is a guarantee for ours"sberegatelej".


- And how to learn, what money works? And not to give in to a panic when many financial institutions fall?

the Photo: Valery EVENKOV

Elena TOKAREV, the chairman of the Volgograd association of co-operative societies, director KPKG " the Central Department Store Union ":  

- In the Volgograd region about 200 thousand persons are shareholders of co-operative societies. Present that all of them have begun to doubt and have come to take away the money. All co-operative societies will fail. Not because it is pyramids that is why that it will undermine their forces.

the State does not represent scales of that accident, if as dominoes "posypjatsja" co-operative societies. Therefore last event - the declared tender for 100 million roubles of the state guarantee, has been signed by head of area. We achieved it for a long time. It is the first brick in stabilisation of an economic situation.

More than in the Volgograd region, and shareholders are not present co-operative societies anywhere. And the guarantee is necessary to them. It is an important step of the regional authorities.

the Second important step is made at the state level. Two years ago the Union of borrowers and investors of Russia is created. Now there is also a Volgograd branch. Too the insurance   for shareholders. That moral, state, legal support which did not suffice at the time of mass falling of those pyramids.

the Chairman of the board ON KPS "Alternative" Natalia Suhotina:

- Unfortunately, at the current legislation our advantage - a considerable quantity of shareholders - was converted into a lack. For quite some time now we cannot be considered as credit co-operative society, and our activity is regulated by the law on consumer societies. We hope that in being now on consideration at our members of parliament the law about KPKG this moment will be considered and solved in our advantage.

the Photo: Valery EVENKOV

- the board should be the co-operative society Supreme body, - director KPKG "Frolovsky" and SKPK considers "Agrocredit" Vladimir Chernenko. - Unlike the large industrial centres, in small cities in the field of activity of credit co-operative societies one more sphere - agriculture gets. For some it is the basic specialisation. For example, co-operative societies "Frolovsky" and "Agrocredit" folovchane privately among themselves and have christened - civil and agricultural co-operative society. To us there are those to whom money resources are necessary on short term. Our clients - basically people from 35 to 60 - 70 years. It is necessary to tell that shareholders at us constants, seldom who leaves. In "Frolovsky" them for today is an order of two thousand persons, in "Agrocredit" - more than five hundred. In this sense crisis has not mentioned us, and the quantity of shareholders only increases in due course in civil co-operative society.

On the functions activity of civil and agricultural credit co-operative societies are very similar and differ only in details. Yes, under the charter "Agrocredit" can finance exclusively agricultural manufacturers. But under this category at whom under an apartment house window one cherry grows get also, and at whom in the market the tray with agricultural products is exposed on sale.

the Most essential is that fact that the agricultural co-operative society, unlike civil, has the right of crediting not only physical, but also legal bodies.

As well as in other credit co-operative societies, recently to us borrowers who have lost work were pulled and would like to open the business. But we strictly watch that the ward and the expense under contributions were in a balance status.

the sharpest for today for us is the question on the supreme body of credit co-operative society. Under the law in force is a general meeting. Joint decisions should accept both borrowers, and the investors which interests rather differ from each other. We consider such state of affairs in a root incorrect. Long-term history of credit co-operative societies in Russia to that the proof.

I Believe that the board as a part of 11 - 15 persons should become the supreme body of credit consumer co-operative society of citizens. If the similar decision is accepted top-level, in what I, to tell the truth, poorly I believe, it becomes serious support to co-operative societies and in many respects will facilitate their activity.

the Point of view

Oksana KOKONINA, the director “the Capital - Plus”:

“We will cope with difficulties if to us will not prevent”

In many mass-media KPKG “the Capital - Plus” have already christened the financial "pyramid" which management was enriched at the expense of simple inhabitants of Volgograd. The non-return of personal savings of investors is incriminated to founders of co-operative society. It would Seem, all is simple and unequivocal: there is a deceiver, there are deceived. How much similar examples at all on hearing! The shortcut "swindlers" is hung up, and business is forgotten...

- All has begun on April, 14th, 2006. We have founded credit - consumer co-operative society of citizens “the Capital - Plus”. Its guarantor has acted as Open Company “Asia - Euro Wood”, engaged in processing of wood and manufacturing of saw-timbers. But the company has appeared in the market long before co-operative society creation. This company is known   since 2003, - the director “the Capital - Plus” Oksana KOKONINA tells. - We have decided to expand a field of activity and have created a tandem: manufacture and co-operative society. The director “Asia - Euro Wood” Dmitry Shmelev was included into board, and I am the direct head of co-operative society. That is at us behind shoulders of 6 years of stable work - without shocks and a deceit!

For 2 years of work “the Capital - Plus” has proved as the reliable assistant in the decision of financial problems of inhabitants of Volgograd. People put up here money under 30 - 48 % annual! Accumulating monetary savings, KPKG has generated fund of financial mutual aid, giving out to the shareholders credits. Additional offices of co-operative society have opened in Volzhsk, Kotovo, Kamyshine and Mikhailovka, and the quantity of members has grown to 1100 persons. All at whom period of validity of the contract came to an end, their means with percent came back immediately. It is confirmed with shareholders.

2008: a crisis wave

- March of last year has appeared the First blow for us, - Oksana Kokonina speaks. - you for certain remember scandal with disorder of Sankt - the Petersburg co-operative society "Ruby"? Captured by a panic on a wave of this event to us shareholders with the request have come to return money. We have calmed a part of people, and they have decided not to take this step. And the turned out capital has sufficed to satisfy interests of shareholders.

With this wave KPKG has consulted and has continued normal functioning. However already in the beginning of summer the following co-operative scandal - already in Volgograd has burst. It concerned the company “Equality. A guarantee. Stability”.

- the wave of the frightened shareholders which have come behind money has again rushed, - Oksana Valentinovna continues. - After all more often people in one basket do not hold all, that is place means in different co-operative societies. There have lost - have come running here in fear that them it is deceived and here. As a result we have settled our reserve fund. Certainly, our position has reeled. And last drop - in an early autumn we were caught up with world financial crisis. It has knocked down our enterprise - the guarantor of Open Company “Asia - Euro Wood”. We have ceased to give out means.

to pay off with members of co-operative society, the management tried to dump actives, to take the credit in bank, to get financial support of the authorities. But it is vain.

- We talked to each shareholder, explained: money, and to us time that them to turn out is necessary to you. Unfortunately, not all have met us … We do not denounce these people.

Some persons have written the application in Office of Public Prosecutor. In “the Capital - Plus” checks have appeared suddenly. Their result became full of withdrawal of technics and the co-operative society documentation on December, 9th, 2008.

- Our reaction was quiet: let bodies look - no infringements and a crime at us are present. But here already there is more than month they try to find nonexistent illegal schemes. As a result we do not have possibility to cope with difficulties and to pay off with members of co-operative society. And after all people want to return money with percent. Normal work of co-operative society, instead of its bankruptcy can provide it only. Thank God, the most part of shareholders to us believe and try to help to cope with problems.

2009: Uncertainty

a co-operative society Management tries not to admit bankruptcies “the Capital - Plus”, at law and order bodies the problems, and simple shareholders want to return money. At management KPKG it is developed   the program on an exit from a crisis situation. Each shareholder can come and familiarise with the specified program.

- I value the reputation, - Oksana Kokonina speaks. - Me to live and work in this city. I do not refuse to carry out of the obligations. Yes, there was a failure, but we will consult, if to us do not disturb!


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