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The bear for adults

the Third month of summer at the Russian cinemas opens the American comedy " the Third superfluous " (in the original — " Ted " " adult " a name of a bear cub of Teddi). Statement is the first attempt to act in the big form for Seta Makfarlejna — the founder, without exaggeration, a cult serial " Griffins " known nepolitkorrektnostju and cynical humour.

actually, this time the Set of Makfarlejn has acted if and less considerably not much more, and its creation with the full basis on that has received rolling rating R in the USA. Show a film a month, so cream (a mark the first weekend of the American hire) it has already successfully removed. And it $54,4 million, that is the second result among R - comedies, at once after the second part " Malchishnika in Vegase ". In total in the native market statement has collected $180,4 million, that is at least has three times paid back the industrial budget in $50 million and has deservedly received a title " a summer hit ".

Besides it the picture already on start has managed to enter into the five of the most profitable statements where key characters are created by means of computer technologies (CGI Star). Probably that after the termination of world hire a teddy bear of Ted who in the original version bears signs of the author, Seta Makfarlejna (that not only has sounded it, but also " odvizhil " by means of technology motion capture), King - Konga and Elvina with chipmunks will press in the list and will be arranged near to an unattainable ideal " the Avatar ".

it would be thus unfair to ignore live stars which also have provided to a film good cash desk. Kunis, and Giovanni Ribizi have well proved to be and Is lovely, but the greatest praises are merited by featured actor Mark Uolberg. At least for that, unlike actors on roles of the second plan, to it mostly was necessary to work in a shot together with blue balls for ping - a pong them usually designate a place, where at " a digital star " there will be eyes. Uolberg with honour has passed test by emptiness, and now " the Third superfluous " threatens to become one of its five profit-making films.

on a broader scale, Mark Uolberg the person not so spoilt by high gathering. It, as it is known, has come to the film industry from bottoms - music there it was the demanded rapper Marks Mark with admirers and the contract about a record - a label. Instead of a scene Mark has decided to act in film, and has begun with independent films. It as though Peter Mamonov began to co-operate with Paul Lunginym, and Bogdan Titomir not. Uolberg quickly enough grew: in three years after the first occurrence on the screen in a drama role has received a leading role at Thomas Andersona`s Floor Has played a pornostar in " Nights in style bugi ". Two years later he already played together with George Clooney in " Three kings " the military satire devoted to operation " the Storm in wilderness ". Well and in eight years after start Mark Uolberg has waited pictures which became the most successful at present in its filmography.

it is a question about " to a planet of monkeys "; this plot has generated set of film projects, Uolberg has acted in film in version 2001 behind Tima Burton`s authorship. For the sake of a role of astronaut Leo Davidson the actor has refused participation in " 11 friends of Oushena " (instead of it have invited Matt Damon). But exploit of Uolberga have not estimated critics who, appear, discussed all participants of the project, except it, organizers of various awards, even humiliating " the Gold raspberry " to its statement have handed over as the worst remake of the year, two supporting actors of a distance, and to Uolberga have ignored. Nevertheless in $100 million project in cost has earned in world hire of $362,2 million, that is has shown quite good factor of cash success (KKU) 3,62.

On the second place in the five of the profit-making films of Mark Uolberga " the Ideal storm " a film - the accident, removed by Wolfgang Petersenom. In workmates Uolberga had George Clooney, and the background for actor`s game was done by Atlantic ocean and very serious bad weather. All it, and also the scenario which is squeezing out tear at severe men, well both the serious budget $120 million (started up, however, mainly on special effects) have helped a picture to collect $328,7 million in world hire and to show satisfactory KKU 2,74.

On the third place the present hour of triumph of Uolberga, Martin Scorsese`s film " Turncoats " a remake of the Hong Kong statement " Double castling " in which it has played a role of sergeant Dignema. After viewing of this criminal drama, it is remembered, many spectators have changed the relation to the director to the best. Personally to Mark it has brought some nominations (including Oscar and on " the Gold globe " " the best supporting actor ") And two awards, one of them from the National society of film critics. Besides, the film has earned $289,8 million that at moderate enough budget in $90 million gives KKU 3,22. For a remake it has turned out very not bad, especially if to consider four received " Oscar ".

the Fourth place has got to a picture " the Robbery on - italjanski " after two years after the missed invitation in a circle of friends Denni Oushena Mark all - taki has executed a leading role in a swindling action. By the way, it again was the remake the British film of 1969 with the same name this time. Mark worked in Edward Norton`s excellent company, Sharliz Teron, Green, Jayson Stejtema and Donald Sutherland`s Set. The studio has spent for $60 million statement, and that has brought $176 million gathering, having shown KKU 2,93.

On the fifth place of a rating a police comedy " Kopy in a deep stock " Where Mark Uolberg has convincingly acted as a duet with comedian Will Ferrellom; also in statement have been noticed Duejn Johnson, Semjuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Steve Kugan. The director of a picture Adam Makkej has made a name on work in program Saturday Night Live. Its statements by cheapness do not differ: " Kopy... " have pulled on $100 million and have collected thus $170,4 million personally for Mark Uolberga it is very quite good result. KKU, however, it turns out only 1,7. This film is the main candidate on a departure from the five in connection with success " the Third superfluous ".

" the Third superfluous " (2012)

the Director: Set Makfarlejn.

In roles: Mark Uolberg, Kunis, the Set of Makfarlejn, Giovanni Ribizi Is lovely.
Producers: Scott Stuber, the Set of Makfarlejn, John Dzhekobs, Jayson Clark.
Media Rights Capital, Fuzzy Door Productions, Bluegrass Films, Smart Entertainment. The USA, 106 minutes
the Budget: $50 million