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To care about elderly, to support undertakings young

The Tyumen skyscrapers heat streets

When lifts of Saratov " will retire " a leah

Where to note New year?

The second Multipurpose centre will appear in Penza next year

The modern parking - one of variants of unloading of a transport stream in city centre of Penza

The novel Chernov has taken part in deputy hearings on a subject of security of traffic

The panic dements inhabitants of Saratov

The novel Chernov: " qualitatively carried out major repairs of apartment houses - pledge of quiet and safe residing of townspeople "

To May Day disctrict of the city - 30 years

For the period of frosts the Tyumen roads take under protection

Exhibitions of Penza 17 - on December, 24th

Novosibirsk becomes more safe for invalids

Entertainments and show for children in Penza 17 - on December, 24th

Valuable New Year`s gift - health and beauty!

Trailer of Penza 17 - on December, 24th

The project of the budget have accepted in the first and second reading

Tours in Volgograd

The known TV presenter has rung out in hospital

Night clubs of Volgograd

At what weather schoolboys do not study?!

Museums of Volgograd and picture from an exhibition

" the Tractor " wins the second victory in succession

The chief of public health services of Krasnoyarsk Victor Shevchenko: " Elena Fadeeva never on what did not complain and loaded all the optimism "

Protect itself from an infection

The dollar recedes, but, speak, the dollar exchange rate to euro since morning on Wednesday will soon return

The Tula circus want to close

In what a secret of healthy hair?

In Moscow the award « is handed over; Russian Buker »

Theatres of Volgograd

Cartoon film, France, 2009

the Director: the Hatch Besson

the PYRAMID. 17 - 23. XII, 15. 30, 17. 20. SINEMA - PARK. 17 - 23. XII, 10. 45, 14. 45. DIAMANT - SINEMA . 17 - 23. XII, 9. 40. the COMPANION. 17 - 23. XII, 10. 10, 14. 05, 18. 05, 21. 55


Kinopleks, “Park the House”, - r 30 - letija Victories, 21à; t. (8442 53 - 23 - 23, www. kinoplex. net/ vlg/

KinoMaks , street Raboche - Country, 10; t. (8442 93 - 52 - 52, http:// www. kinomax. ru/

a pyramid, street Krasnoznamensky, 9; t.: (8442 26 - 28 - 44; 26 - 28 - 55, www. trc - piramida. ru/ cinema/

Sinema - park, TRTS "Europe of City of Moll", Lenin`s avenue, 54i; t. (8442 26 - 57 - 12, http:// www. cinemapark. ru/    

Diamant - Sinema, Broadcasting Company "Äèàìàíò", square Dzerzhinsky, 1á; t. (8442 49 - 97 - 57, http:// www. diamant - clubs. ru/  

Five stars, Voroshilovsky shopping centre, street Raboche - Country, 9á; t. (8442 55 - 06 - 06, www. 5zvezd. ru/ volgograd/

Gippopo, avenue of Heroes of Stalingrada, 68; t. (8442 67 - 22 - 22, http:// www. gippopo. by. ru/

the Companion, Volga, street Sverdlova, 3; t. (8443 34 - 32 - 10, http:// www. kinosputnik. ru/

What New Year`s surprises wait novosibirtsev?

Children`s art gallery

street Soviet, 26, t. (8442 38 - 69 - 29.

tickets: the adult - 5 roubles, children`s - 3 roubles.


the Art exhibition of the Volgograd artists Elena Orlovoj and Alexander Zaharchenko.

17 - 23. XII - with 09. 00 to 17. 00, days off - Saturday, Sunday.


the Volgograd regional philharmonic society

Lenin`s avenue, 53à, t. (8442 23 - 82 - 46.

tickets: 200 - 300 roubles.


Dramatized by show - the program. Small children are waited by fascinating events, prompt pursuits together captain Jack and its friends. Representations will pass against the colourful scenery created under original sketches, with magnificent suits and tremendous special effects. Directly in the face of spectators the magic world of a fairy tale will revive. Before representation of small visitors cheerful clowns and favourite fantastic heroes will meet, having invited to participation in games, competitions, draws of prizes. And Father Frost and the Snow Maiden will congratulate children with coming New year.
28. XII - - 11. 00, 2 - on January, 5th - 11. 00




Rechport, 2 - j level; t. (8442 38 - 10 - 74, http:// www. pirana. ru/

Tickets: 100 - 500 rbl.


on December, 17th

Enchanting show and an unprecedented musical drive head: the favourite DJ of Volgograd DJ YORK and popular club hero MS VIKAN. Ultrafashionable club music, stylish dancing show, unique club spirit till the morning.


on December, 18th

It is listened that is favourite on a party " neformat ". To the worn out musical directions here there will be no place! Only stylish dancing hits all night long sound! Down with grey student`s everyday life! Ultrafashionable mixes, effective photosessions and impressing dancing show!


on December, 19th

When the musical elements break loose, when feelings overflow, and from heat grasps spirit, fight of the present club gurus is inevitable! " BIG DJs BATTLE. GIRLS vs BOYS ". Grandiose opposition of floors! The best girls di - dzhei against di - dzheev men! The different styles, the different tastes, the different technics of game and only one command of winners! DJs participate: York, DNK, Aduardo Gustavo and charming girls LERA LENCE, JULY, LIONA DE RUSE.


on December, 23rd

hits Familiar to all in original mixes, bright scenery, kostjumirovannoe show and incendiary dancing numbers in solar style disco. The whirlwind of happy emotions and excellent mood give to all visitors DJ DNK and MC SKRYPNIK. Dance, communicate, loaded by a positive and have fun! This summer the city does not sleep - the city dances!


Street Working - Country, 2/ 1, t.: (8442 95 - 64 - 50, http:// www. clubcalypso. ru/

the Price of the ticket: 100 - 300 rbl.


on December, 17th

100 % for students.


on December, 18th

Birthday of dancing show L CLUB


on December, 19th

If at you birthday in December, to you and three thy friends an input free.


on December, 20th

Special photosessions and pleasant gifts

" the RETRO of CAFE "

on December, 23rd

Dances to I will fall, mad competitions, firm gifts.


Inhabitants of Volgograd learn Tours, a leah who has poisoned Mozart

On scene TSKZ they will see a premiere of performance "Theatre director"

Has poisoned Salieri Mozart? Who the genius, and who the villain? And a leah all could turn back differently? In the new statement the master of a vanguard opera scene Dmitry Bertman leaves far for frameworks of small tragedy of Pushkin. Immortal music of composers - rivals, a live sound of a string band, an aria performed by opera prima donnas, classical dramatic art and filigree actor`s game - all it was required to the director to create unexpected and paradoxical is musical - drama interpretation of world famous history and to try to answer the questions facing mankind any more one century. National actors of Russia take part in performance Phillips and Igor Kostolevsky`s Michael.


on December, 17th , the beginning in 19. 00.

Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50.

Cost of tickets 500 - 3000 roubles.

the Organizer - agency “All stars”. To agency “All stars” - 10 years!

" the Meteorite " has achieved the object

In Tver on the bank of the Isaevsky stream there is an unknown military burial place

The club poster of Petersburg with 17 on on December, 24th

Joint-Stock Company " Bank the Russian Standard " continues a series of publications under letters of readers.

New year already in a way ….

The plane in Kalachevo has broken from - for an overload?

Zrazas with field mushrooms

Explosion in the north of Petersburg

In Moscow the killer shot at the deputy director of the MISINFORMATION of area Kuzminki

On criminal tabachke far you will not leave

Tourist`s Chinsky all considered « the guy »

To Chelyabinsk there has arrived an exhibition of Old man Bukashkina - the author " theories of a dustbin "

In Chelyabinsk opera and ballet theatre put knightly history

" Mr. the Universe - 2009 " Alexey Netesanov: " Tourist`s Chinsky was the gladiator on life! "

Vladimir Turchinsky: If health is not, a considerable quantity of money of happiness will not bring

Miniature with participation Tourist`s Chinsky have not started up in " Laughter without rules "

Vladimir Turchinsky: " All money you will not earn "