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The adapter

About the vision of development of Petersburg, how it is possible to overcome town-planning conflicts is necessary to the western architect, and the president of holding RBI Edward Tiktinsky tells about a role and a place of architects with a world name in projects of its company.
GUIDE: a leah Is in strategy of your company plans of annual input of habitation?

EDWARD TIKTINSKY: We are not hostages of volumes. We constantly increase input, at us now an order of 1 million in sq. m of habitation and the commercial areas in work at different stages of readiness. We continue land buying from the beginning of year have got some large territories, this year we start five projects: two already left in sale, the third will appear in the nearest month - ones and a half, two more till the end of the year.

G: One million square metres these are total volumes which your ground bank allows to enter?

E. T: Yes, it is very qualitative ground bank concentrated mainly in the central areas of Petersburg. We have in an active and projects of complex development of territories, but it not kolkhoz fields, and the territories located in dynamically developing areas, with the right to the property, with correct purpose.

G: a leah Plan to deduce any new brands in the near future?

E. T: In holding today four brands: RBI this habitation of a bonus class and commercial real estate, " Northern city " habitation comfort - a class, " Management of comfort " the maintaining organisation serving not only our buildings, and " OtdelMaster " which is engaged in furnish of apartments. If to speak about the brands selling habitation more than it is enough of it. They will develop and change after development of our grocery rulers, over it work goes constantly.

G: you co-operate with architect Rikardo Bofillom a leah continue work with it or plan to involve new architects with world names?

E. T: we have one more project with Rikardo Bofillom who is in work. In developmente all begins with a place which involves a choice of the concrete architect. All - taki architects are not absolutely universal, at everyone the recognised style which is applicable to a concrete location with the developed building. We very much show consideration for a choice of the architect, we are not hostages of names, we search for the architects corresponding to a place more likely. Now we have an experience of compilation of partners foreign and Russian as so, in a sheaf, and such projects are created. To the western architect taking into account a difference of town-planning norms and requirements the qualitative Russian adapter is always necessary. We know, how it to combine.

G: you consider, what in Russia there are no the architects, capable to do interesting projects?

E. T: After 20 - h years of the last century we received very few examples of really high quality architecture. After constructivism our school essential has not offered anything to the world. Therefore people cannot imagine that such to live in the house with good architecture, and are not always ready to pay for it. And we see it under our project in the Novgorod street, created by Bofillom: sales go rhythmically, but value of the big architecture for people is unevident we also did not count on it. We would like to create in this part of Petersburg something sign places corresponding to the status, instead of the building from glass and concrete is simple.

We are very happy with cooperation with Rikardo have seen, how the architect of the international class works. He thinks of leaving the trace in the history, for it honour to work in Petersburg, and it very thoughtfully approaches to the first project here. On any questions we discuss, but as it the architect with enormous experience finds conciliatory proposals in which result the project becomes only krashe. It very simple person also is focused on the account of a context, atmosphere of a city, its history and traditions.

G: In projects of not bonus class you will work too with known architects?

E. T: There where the place allows, we want to do significant architecture even in comfort - a class that it differed that now build. It is literally couple of days ago we have finished architectural competition on the concept of our new project (and it will be more than 300 thousand sq. M of habitation comfort - a class) on Suburban, 4. Vladimir Grigoriev, the known master working in business - a class, in elite became the winner. Today with the handwriting we involve architects and to ekonomklassu. Work with large architects it is soul call. It would be desirable to leave after itself beautiful and qualitative projects

G: And this call of soul is strongly reflected in the cost price of square metre?

E. T: It is not significant for such project. At realisation of the project with attraction of world names much more important interaction of the foreign architect and Russian. Otherwise a lot of time leaves on alterations, completions and so on. There Should be a corresponding qualification at the company, which has involved the known architect to operate problems on merging of the ideas offered by the western architect, with the Russian realities.

G: Participants of the market say that in Moscow attraction of the western known architect influences success of sales, than in Petersburg more. A leah so it?

E. T: I navskidku would not tell what stars in Moscow realise projects? There is there Filip Stark who is engaged in design of places of the general using, but architects with a world name I and will not remember. But as a whole in Moscow people still to a lesser degree are stirred with the price. There, as well as in Peter, there are strong architects. It, by the way, should be nurtured in the client that he saw, than with qualitative architecture the project differs from others. Then he will be ready to pay for it. But at first it is necessary to construct some projects of such level.

G: What basic problem faces strojkompleksom Petersburg?

E. T: First of all it is necessary to approve of the amendment to the General plan, a land tenure and building Rule, to pass the law on security zones, to understand with high-rise regulations. Those laws which have been accepted by a city before other subjects of federation, it is necessary to finish, after all life is not necessary on a place. The general plan should be integrated, as it is the document of strategic property. In it there should be trends of a development of the city. We take, for example, the right coast of Neva where now it is a lot of industrial zones. It is obvious that here there should be a habitation, public buildings. It is important to reflect city intention on development of this part of Petersburg in the General plan. The general approach, a tax policy and etc. and #150 will be formed from here; the city should move softly the industrial enterprises towards a conclusion of manufactures to suburbs. Also it is necessary to solve a question with skyscrapers after all there is the primary document co-ordinated by Minkultom. I consider that in questions of town-planning we deal with a pendulum. In 1990 - h there was a situation when town-planning restrictions obviously did not suffice, and it has led to realisation of some the extremely unsuccessful projects. Now the pendulum has shaken in other extreme point. At the Petersburg economic forum the critic who has declared acted that today`s architects are unworthy the predecessors. We can remember history of buildings of the House of Singer then too said that the project ugly, but now this ornament of a city. Always there is a small amount of people which are in a guarding paradigm. They say that it is better than nothing to build, because or architects have not blossomed, or and so already all is also anything it is impossible to touch. However thanks to such position the city centre collapses. The architectural and building community of a city should occupy more an active position because today all of us became hostages of a small amount of militant people who name itself gradozashchitnikami, but, of course, those are not. They the negative activity will paralyse a development of the city. There should be such structure which will offer some variants of a development of the city, so occurred in Barcelona, in Berlin. It can be simple a referendum, an exhibition of projects or representation of several scenarios of development of the centre on public platforms where all interested persons could come and vote.