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On rural souls

In October in five regions for the first time after a long break will pass elections of governors. But will pass already by new rules - with the special filter in the form of signatures of municipal deputies which candidates are obliged to collect. About victory of operating governor Sergey Mitin on prajmeriz " an United Russia "“ ”Informed on July, 2nd. Behind how the new law in the Novgorod region is understood, the correspondent“ ”Maxim IVANOV watched.
behind signatures we go to Volotovsky area of area with Olga Efimovoj - the deputy of regional Duma and the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In " Gazelles " the pasted over symbolics of communists and hammered by packs of newspapers, we shiver on the Novgorod roads, we do not come yet to district - settlement Volot.

We are met by the secretary of a district committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Maria Sheltemova - the low fat pensioner with short violet hair. At it in hands the list local " munitsipalov " - 27 deputies of rural settlements and 14 - a regional thought. The active worker already has had time to find out about all, and it turns out that free signatures practically does not remain. We search for Irina Dobrynin - it not only the regional deputy, but also the vice-president of the Volotovsky consumer society (rajpo that is). It is found out in local " to acceptance " That is in a stone shed where the local can hand over the goods, for example berries. On doors even the quotation hangs, a blueberry - 70 rbl. In the dark premises lie water-melons, and the ceiling is closed by the birch brooms suspended by numbers. At first, not to frighten, Olga Yefimov makes an attempt to start talking to deputy Dobryninoj alone, but is ineffectual. Then I come.

in the separate small room forced by empty jars and, apparently, by packs of the cat`s forage, Irina Dobrynin sits. When the correspondent " from Moscow " starts to ask questions " And why do not sign? And the governor have supported? " the intonement sounds:

- Yes that today such! Anything I will speak, I out of a policy! - and it is obstinate - with insult becomes silent. The smell of the cat`s forage forces to recede.

Irina Dobrynin was considered unique in area as the deputy - " a supporter of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation ". We come back to rajpo - strong brick construction of Soviet period. There in an office - with a table, a case and a sheaf of ears - one more regional deputy and the chairman of a consumer society Antonina Abdurahmanova sits. It is necessary - to authorise Olga Efimovoj for two reasons to extend agitmaterialy in rural little shops which submit rajpo, and to learn - just in case - about signatures. A paper for propaganda of Abdurahmanova accepts without questions:

- And I have already given the signature... Today.

on specifying question to whom gave the signature, the deputy speaks: " to Mitin, certainly ". On a question, a leah there came behind the signature the governor, speaks: " Is not present ". Also explains the motives:

- I the self-promoted worker, but I the party member " an United Russia ".

We go to the next village where there lives the deputy of Slavitinsky settlement Tatyana Semenova. On road Maria Sheltemova is distressed: " In area you will not find four deputies who are not afraid of this power! " deputy Semenovu we find on a lawn before the house: between the broken tractor, a new tractor and " Oka " from which windows the chanson is distributed: " Reliably the zone has buried!. " itself the deputy - the affable woman of average years - rises from a laying. There she sat packed up garlic. To it on heels Yefimov`s candidate makes the way on a grass. But the signature not to receive and here.

- And all of us for Mitin, - the deputy speaks and without superfluous details explains a political position: - I - that from " an United Russia ".

it is more interesting to It to learn, not " dragged " leah Maria Gerasimovna garlic. No, yet did not drag. But also Tatyana Semenova does not refuse the political help, stretches Sheltemovoj a tube, call:

- Svetochka, you at us the deputy of settlement, gave nobody the signature still? Gave? To Mitin? Well it is fine, thanks...

Ekaterina Aleksandrova lives in the same village, through road. It too the deputy, and in a hothouse at it tomatoes already redden. She explains: the head of settlement of all collected, has told that deputies can " to vote " only for for whom she has told. To argue became nobody. Especially, as Olga Yefimov enquires, to pay the state duty on the signature - 100 rbl. - to deputies it was not necessary, and some do not remember, a leah signatures were assured.

last deputy to whom we have time to reach, works in a rural little shop in Jazvino.

- We with it spoke in the evening, she promised to give the signature. And calls in the morning, speaks, will give nothing, - Maria Sheltemova tells.

Valentina Danilovoj`s Shop is already closed, she has had time to change clothes and has left to work in a shed. Asks the photographer not to remove - hesitates of a green dressing gown. Also it seems that she is a little frightened. Communist Sheltemova asks:

- Well will not shoot!

- Not, not, - the deputy uncertainly murmurs. - I with them work.

with whom " with them " does not specify. But to me then explain that " oblpotrebsojuz " that is the Novgorod regional consumer society, the United Russia party member, the deputy of regional Duma Stanislav Sadalsky, from here and such vertical heads.

- well our candidate the worthy person, - presses the communist.

- the worthy person, and to us to work with them. To us that from this power that from that...

and it is unlikely that local deputies notice that federal legislators new " the filter " have strengthened local government and their influence on the regional power. It seems, absolutely to the contrary.

On the way back communists carry on rural shops the newspaper " Truth ". " Newspapers at Antonina Dmitrievny have resolved, - explains Sheltemova to familiar sellers. - To heat them it is not necessary, it is necessary to read at first ". For a six-hour trip any signature is not collected, the plan is not executed.

It turns out that petition munitsipalov protects from " superfluous " than candidates is not worse, than petition of citizens. " these elections represent refined system of purpose. The power is urged to submit to the governor who can always block the financial channel " - the first secretary obkoma assures the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Valery Gajdym. " On everyone there is a pressure through work. Will dismiss - there is no place to be arranged, - the head of the Novgorod city town committee and the candidate in governors Olga Yefimov marks. - the Novgorod region has passed the most rigid law: we do not have self-promoted workers and the maximum lath - 10 % of signatures. Without the agreement with United Russia party members of signatures not to receive " - she tells.

However, at conversation on the governor at once you pay attention that the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation names it not on a surname, and by name: Sergey Gerasimovich. Though, when at the initial stage of campaign by Efimovoj offered fast vitse - the governor, she, speaks, has refused. Though its prospects to reach elections are not quite clear. Potential podpisantov at the Communist Party of the Russian Federation was 64. Someone has already supported governor Mitin. And from a minimum in 173 signatures which it will be necessary to present to electoral committee till August, 29th while on hands at Olga Efimovoj to the beginning of week only 17 - about gathering of 7 more signatures have phoned from places.

Spravorossy have put forward on governor`s fast of the head of branch, vitse - the speaker of regional Duma Alexey Afanaseva. Work at level of areas has begun. And on Tuesday petition directly at office " has begun; Fair Russia ". While mister Afanasev tells about how there is a process, subscribes already six persons from the Novgorod area - city vicinities.

- I in Novgorod also work, the first therefore has subscribed, - Evgenie Kljukas from village Podberezki tells.

Besides spravorossov the pair of deputies which as speak, were selected from " comes to subscribe; an United Russia ". Their names ask not to write - that the electoral committee recognised signatures, instead of has decided that they are put under pressure. By calculations spravorossov, at them 52 party deputies. But Alexey Afanasev considers 47: in one of areas of party the deputy, and at it three more relatives - too deputies has been excluded. " in Novgorod one deputy at us has already subscribed for Mitin " - Alexey Afanasev tells. Gorduma, judging by stories of oppositionists, has with its full complement subscribed under the party in power recommendation. Till Monday candidate Afanasev wants to collect signatures by own strength, then to bring the first results.

- if will not suffice, the curator at level of State Duma Chepa and chairman of the party Levichev will be connected. Will carry on Perhaps negotiations any, - he speaks.

at other candidates petition process goes in accelerated tempo.

- we the first have declared the candidate Victor Mihajlove, have got into gear with municipal deputies.

it is told by the sports young man with a wide chain on a neck - the assistant to the co-ordinator of regional branch of LDPR Konstantin Simonov. As he said, except mister Mihajlova other nominees were considered also, but have decided to stop on local shots. Here to be defined it was easier: the age qualification in 30 years in branch there passed only lawyer Victor Mihajlov and Konstantin Simonov.

- But as at me higher education is not present also it to me it is not necessary, there was Mihajlov, - the Party member explains. - at us 11 municipal deputies, and all of them have already given signatures. Anybody from them did not shout - on us pressed to vote for the governor. There were simple sentences.

as he said, LDPR has collected already half of necessary signatures. At last Konstantin Simonov gives the collection of verses and eau de toilette " Zhirinovsky ".

the promoted worker speaks About half of collected signatures from " also; Patriots of Russia " Nikolay Zaharov. He not without administrative experience: since 2008 headed a city Small Vishera and has left fast akkurat under elections. We meet mister Zaharovym near regional administration. According to the candidate, it carried documents in electoral committee - the commission, the administration and regional Duma are in one building.

- independent deputies in region of an order of 170 persons (under the information “” - 188. - “” ). Us, " Patriots of Russia " many deputies know. We and signatures of other parties collect. Half of signatures at me already is, - he tells.

at the candidate four persons are engaged in petition. And mister Zaharov directly says that is not going to build campaign on Sergey Mitin`s critic, and specifies that " the governor had been much made in area it is indisputable " and it it is impossible to pull down.

one more candidate who has decided to propose the candidature literally one week ago, is non-party Novgorod journalist Elena Mihajlova whom has supported " the Just cause ". As she said, public work has ceased to suffice it and now she wants to receive new " tools " for influence on the power. On petition it does not give any reality, but notices that deputies - United Russia party members do not give the signature of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation or " Fair Russia " It is not so much on command from above, how much from - for obstinacies, from - for " old contradictions ". And to the young woman from party with constructive offers the relation another, is explained by Elena Mihajlova. It gets pink bloknotik, used up by the pink handle, and asks to note:

- No contradictions with the candidate for governors at me are present, except one. In the XXI-st century consideration of interests of region through a party membership prism - an out-of-date manner.

under the information “”, at madam Mihajlovoj in campaign quite certain function to involve 3-4 % of voices " a creative class ". Except already put forward candidates for campaigns can take part " Pensioners of Russia " and " Young Russia ".

Vitse - the governor on internal policy, the first deputy of the secretary of regional political council " an United Russia " Alexey Kostyuks explains “” that communists are guilty in the problems: When in 2010 on municipal elections it was replaced with 1,5 thousand mandates, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has exposed only 500 candidates, and the few have defeated. And United Russia party members took 83 %.

- We in June have booked audit of our resources, and the candidate for frameworks prajmeriz has gone round all 22 areas where met and local deputies. At us 50 persons of active workers who have begun at once petition, - mister Kostyuks tells about scales of work.

as he said, in support of governor Mitin it is already collected more than 200 signatures, and in plans to collect more than 300. That is with a large supply. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, mister Kostyuks speaks, work on places did not conduct, besides has proposed the candidate with recognition on region in 5-7 %. Therefore it not undertakes to estimate prospect of madam Efimovoj. But other candidates, even which do not count on the help of concrete party deputies, " go in areas, convince deputies " also get support, marks vitse - the governor.

the Novgorod political strategist Michael Shimanovsky considers that " absence of real competitors is an error for the governor ": " There is nothing worse, than to war against itself ".