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Where the Kaliningrad stars will meet New year

Nikolay Chudotvortsa have put at sport centre

The schoolgirl

In Kaliningrad parents do not want to impart children from a flu

In a zone of federal attention

Calling of the doctor - the help and rescue sick

The Samara poster from December, 3 till December, 9th

Help freezing birds!

Semiundressed kaliningradtsu it was possible to catch up and detain the thief

In Kaliningrad the room question was resolved by murder

The Kaliningrad unemployment will constrain in a bridle

Where in Kaliningrad to buy a live fur-tree

In the Kaliningrad region - less rich

The compassion is inherent only in one third of people

In Khabarovsk have bought 200 tons of a reagent

From - for ice on the Khabarovsk roads daily occurs to 50 road accidents

As decorate Khabarovsk

" Frosty " napominalka for omichej

Agrarian question in Omsk

Exhibitions of Vladivostok from December, 24 till December, 31st

Children`s feasts in Vladivostok from December, 24 till December, 31st

Under a roof of the house or As we bought apartment in Vladivostok. A part 4

The playbill of Vladivostok from December, 24 till December, 31st

The program of night clubs of Vladivostok from December, 24 till December, 31st

Trailer of Vladivostok from December, 24 till December, 31st

POPPY: In  destruction of the former Irkutsk governor Esipovsky inexperience of the pilot

In Irkutsk both sold petards, and sell

Alexey Smertin will meet New year on skis

Krasnoyarsk TV presenter Tatyana Ushakov becomes the fairy!

Krasnoyarsk TV presenter Dmitry Borkov will play in new performance of theatre of Pushkin

In New Year`s feasts in Krasnoyarsk vetkliniki bring twice more than sick animals

The travel agency which has equipped " pomogaek " the Khabarovsk customs has received real punishment

Unusual and useful MEGA - gadgets!

In Volgograd

Where in Tver to go skating and skis

In Vladimir on the area of Victory will establish a bas-relief with creeping line

Night clubs of Volgograd

Igor Ledjahov: " At " SHinnika " there are guarantees for 2010 "

Museums of Volgograd and picture from an exhibition

Tverichanin has got to CERN through a site on job search

Film " the Avatar " has called at vladivostoktsev a storm of emotions and desire to move on Pandoru

Show in Volgograd

Cinemas of Volgograd

Children`s art gallery

street Soviet, 26, t. (8442 38 - 69 - 29.

tickets: the adult - 5 roubles, children`s - 3 roubles.

" VACATION In prostokvashino "

the Regional exhibition of works of the children, devoted to New year and Christmas.

28 - 30. XII - with 09. 00 to 17. 00, days off - Saturday, Sunday.




Rechport, 2 - j level; t. (8442 38 - 10 - 74, http:// www. pirana. ru/

Tickets: 100 - 500 rbl.


on December, 24th

Enchanting show and an unprecedented musical drive head: the favourite DJ of Volgograd DJ YORK and popular club hero MS VIKAN. Ultrafashionable club music, stylish dancing show, unique club spirit till the morning.


on December, 25th

Night club " the Piranha " represents a new season of the cult youth project " STUDENT`S PARADISE ". Bright club nights for young, beautiful and active people! On December, 18th it is lighted on a party " RNB SEXY PARTY ". Fashionable and otvjaznoe shows will head: DJ NASTO, DJ RED, MC VIKEN. Down with grey student`s everyday life! Ultrafashionable mixes, effective photosessions and impressing dancing show!

" NIGHT LIFE AWARDS Volgograd 2009 "

on December, 26th

This night we will glance in epicentre of the club industry, we will open secrets of sensational night shows and we name Best of the best! NIGHT LIFE AWARDS Volgograd 2009 - the annual award for achievements in the field of club life. Known producers, fashionable di - dzhei, the popular dancers, the well-known leaders whom is not present equal in Volgograd!


on December, 27th

the Obshchevuzovsky student`s New Year`s party. Last leaving days off of this year. The HOTTEST STUDENT`S PARTY of THIS WINTER! The sea of gifts, excellent music and good mood!

500 rivers,
Street Working - Country, 2/ 1, t.: (8442 95 - 64 - 50, http:// www. clubcalypso. ru/

the Price of the ticket: 100 - 300 rbl.


on December, 24th

100 % for students.


on December, 25th

the European Christmas party with bad Santoj

" the ANTIVIRUS A / H 1 N 1 "

on December, 26th

the Confidential vaccine from " Kalipso ". professory - di - dzhej DNK and VITAMIN


on December, 27th

Special photosessions and pleasant gifts


Sergey Bezrukov will read Tours and will sing Yesenin

In performance " the Hooligan " he will play the great poet

Musically - poetic performance " the Hooligan " will tell to inhabitants of Volgograd about life of the great poet. Yesenin`s destiny, its throwings, mental anguish, love, verses and a tragic outcome on one breath is lived by actors on a scene and spectators in a hall. Different sides of art are united to show the difficult person of the poet. Here is both shock compositions, and an incendiary tango, and lyrical ballads. All this surprising passion play by a shrill ballet monologue comes to an end.

TSKZ. . on January, 8th , the beginning in 19. 00. Booking by phones: (8442 23 - 36 - 71, 981 - 621 . Cost of tickets 800 - 4500 roubles .

Organizer - agency " art - Volga ".


Inhabitants of Volgograd will see legendary fate - an opera " the Juno and Perhaps "

Alexey Rybnikova`s Theatre will present the new version of a musical

Performance " the Juno and Perhaps " Here already almost 30 years with immutable success and the full notice go on the Russian scene. Performance Germany has seen to France, the USA, Holland, Poland, Germany and other countries. In the summer   2009 Alexey Rybnikova`s Theatre has presented new statement of a musical. In this version of an opera traditions of Russian sacred music, national folklore, genres mass " have incorporated; city " music, with figurative priorities of the composer. Vocal turns are put by singer Jeanne Rozhdestvensky.   magnificent choreographic numbers directed by Jeanne Shmakovoj do fate - an opera bright   an indelible show.

TSKZ. On February, 6th , the beginning in 18. 00. Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50 . Cost of tickets 400 - 3000 roubles. Till the end of December a discount of 20 %, till January, 15th - 10 %.   Organizer - agency " All stars ".


Olga Prokofiev will be broken off between husbands

the Railway novel " the Husband of my wife " to inhabitants of Volgograd will show in February

Charming Dragitsa works as the conductor. Already it is a lot of years her life it is strictly subordinated to the schedule of a train of distant following. In both destinations of a train at Dragitsy families were formed. Now in one city it married behind economic Kreshe who tremblingly and tenderness prepares for it the most refined dishes, and in other - behind hardworking Zhakretsem with whom in pleasure raises the daughter. The arranged life, remarkable work and loving husbands - well of what still can dream the woman! Here if only the train was not beat out from the schedule. Husbands of the heroine will play Valery Garkalin and Simeon Strugachev.

TSKZ. On February, 13th , the beginning in 18. 00. Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50 . Cost of tickets 500 - 3000 roubles. Till the end of December a discount of 20 %, till January, 15th - 10 %. Organizer - agency " All stars ".

the Superstar of the Russian platform will give two concerts in Volgograd

Valery Leontev will sing the best songs

On its concerts come all - from 5 to 75 - ti, and teenagers constantly join army of admirers and youth. It not so it is frequent " it is shone " on the screen as others, does not arise in different popular serials and a current - show, its songs do not hammer airs. But it constantly collects packed houses and a sea of flowers. Valery Leonteva`s performances is always a colourful show which distinguishes high mastery, the lighting effects, interesting arrangements, and the main thing - a unique image of the executor.

a recreation centre " the Chemist ". On February, 28th , the beginning in 18. 00 . TSKZ. On March, 2nd , the beginning in 19. 00. Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50 . Cost of tickets 500 - 3000 roubles. Till the end of December a discount of 20 %, till January, 15th - 10 %.

Organizer - agency " All stars ".

Huge panda kuvyrknulas in the sleep

Reviews of films

The playbill of Ekaterinburg from December, 24 till December, 31st

Theatres of Volgograd

For the spoilt feast it is necessary to demand indemnification

Why udegejtsy war against ecologists and are on friendly terms with woodcutters?