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Purchases through the Internet: how to avoid dirty tricks?

Merilin Monroes and Kennedy will be sold by auction

Deputies have congratulated pupils of children`s home on Day of protection of children

" the Express train - Volga " essentially expands the business

" Street dances " 3D - the bright premiere in " Titanic Sinema " in Ekaterinburg

The governor of the Kirov region nearly did not become the doctor of historical sciences in Izhevsk

To dump 10 kgs for four weeks - it is real!

Forest fires in Angarski Krai: Fire has stolen up to Irkutsk

The zodiac horoscope for a week from June, 7 till June, 13th

Uralets Sergey Efims has died of a pneumonia in mounts of Altai

The Stavropol court has replaced punishment to Valentine Neumyvajkinoj with conditional term

Pushkin with Nabokov`s marks is sold for 60 thousand dollars

The youngest player of Russian national team on hockey has risen on the fads in three years

In Murmansk area the schoolboy has committed suicide, without having sustained loadings?

The soloist of group " 3+2 " have invited to study in royal academy of Sweden

In capital Komi there will be towers - twins

Who tightens repair of the Kanavinsky bridge?

Smolensk students will close a theatrical season

The nurse who has stolen the child in Moscow, will go back to capital

The Internet " has acted in film " from a seeing-off

Be2gether 2010: 50 actors, the space volleyball and weddings

The Uhtinsky pilot who was lost in Turkey, " has said goodbye " with the native airport

Theatres of Volgograd

In a year after loss of children on Udore rescuers find in a bone taiga

The inhabitant of Penza is accused of bribery to the inspector of FSB

Cinemas of Volgograd

You will not see a shish kebab and you will not drink some beer

World championship FIFA. DVD - a collection. 1930 - 2006

Why it would be desirable sweet?

The winner " the Children`s Eurovision - 2009 " has arrived to Minsk under the invitation of the Magic Rabbit

The son of the assistant to the mayor of Syktyvkar have detained with a weapon arsenal

Museum - a panorama « Stalingradsky fight »

street Chujkova, 47, t.: (8442 23 - 67 - 23, 23 - 72 - 72

Tickets: adults – 70 roubles, nurseries – 40 roubles.

« GIFTS to the COMMANDER-in-chief And the HERO TOWN »


3 - 9. VI - with 10. 00 to 16. 00, the day off – Monday .




street Working - Country, 2/ 1, t.: (8442 95 - 64 - 50, www. clubcalypso. ru

the ticket Price: 100 - 300 rbl.


« the SUPERDISCO 90 - H »

on June, 3rd

Dee - dzhei Lar and Nik, MCZufar



on June, 4th



on June, 5th

Original commemorating of birthday of the poet



on June, 6th



on June, 7th

to Girls – an input free



In Volgorade Grigory Leps

the Singer will act there will arrive to our city with the new program

the Most unusual and extraordinary actor of the Russian platform Grigory Leps will appear on stage of a regional philharmonic society. Inhabitants of Volgograd are waited as new songs, and all by favourite hits, and also the unique scenic image, tremendous musical arrangements, light special effects. A combination of unusually strong voice to a special manner of execution and obligatory sincere dialogue to a hall do its each concert by a feast. In an arsenal of Lepsa – fate, a jazz, a blues, romances and simply music as a hobby.

the Regional philharmonic society. on June, 3rd, the beginning in 19. 00. Booking by phone: Booking by phone (8442 23 - 90 - 75. Cost of tickets

The Office of Public Prosecutor has found out on roads of Syktyvkar " inadmissible " hollows

Andrey Kondrahin: " I was tired to be husband Tiny Kandelaki "

" Why at me such destiny, what I cannot see a daughter? "

Concerts and representations in circus in Tula

We are disconnected!


the Lunar calendar of hairstyles from Tatyana Suvorovoj

the Forecast with 3 on June, 9th



03. 06

Today`s trifles in affairs are very important for your future. Will give particular attention to a family and domesticities. Not to thirst and hunger, be not cut.

04. 06

Successful day for changes, reforms and other risky actions. The hairstyle of hair will improve sight and hearing.

05. 06

Good day for an appropriation of knowledge, search of new decisions and excellent ideas. To truncate hair – to abundance on a house table.

06. 06

Anything new do not undertake. The weariness is easy for curing of not made affairs by rest on the nature. To cut hair – to illnesses.

07. 06

Remarkable day for active and creative natures! Create powerful - on scope and eternal - in the long term. The hairstyle of hair will worsen sight.

08. 06

For today the main thing angrily – incompleteness of old and yesterday`s affairs. Reflect and concentrate over this problem. To truncate hair – fortunately.

09. 06

Day is dangerous conflicts, chatter and barren schemes. Do not suppose quarrels, behave in hands and limit a circle of contacts. To cut hair – to well-being and prosperity.

In mine " Magnetitovaja " near Nizhni Tagil the breed piece has killed 50 - the summer worker

" has arranged " a childhood Feast " in Kirovsk park

Poet Rygor BARADULIN: " In Soviet period it was difficult - to be Voznesensky "

Why after 30 years of the woman grow stout?

In capital live, and in Tver Analysts survive

AC/ DC have fined for 2500 euros

In the middle of summer in capital Komi there will arrive Father Frost

Morcheeba with Skye

One day from life of the blonde: As I was " a lucid mind "

In Kishinev the former servant obokrala the hozjaevna an one million quarter leev

Bilan « ohmuril » Anastejshu

Reviews of films