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The glamour end

the Glamour — the most fashionable Russian insanity 2000 - h — has become invalid. It was blew off together with a word " correctly ". To wear correct clothes, to go to correct club — there is not enough. Rules have changed

In unboundedly far 2006 (when Russia was absolutely other country, than now though also all the same, as at Ivan III) on a decline of October day in the big company of economists, political scientists, producers and journalists I floated by a ship on the river Huanpu.

At the left and on the right Shanghai lay. On the one hand the French quarter with its plane trees and buildings art nouveau. With another skyscrapers of Pudonga propping up the sky. Tables by the ship burst with a fried bamboo, black wood mushrooms, pork in turned sour - sweet sauce and other pleasures sychuanskoj kitchens. Waiters added wine. In a word, all was perfect, except one: I at the height of this fun should do the report. Because pleasure swimming was one of actions of the international conference of RBC.

Obrechenno I have stepped in cabins - the company. Also was stupefied: the hall has been jammed. Even on Alexey Kudrin`s performance couple of days earlier the density on square metre was less. And when I have finished the report again has not believed to eyes. To act in debate Tatyana Paramonova, both political scientist Igor Bunin, and singer Anita Tsoy, both producer Alexander Shulgin, and the deputy of the State Duma Grigory Tomchin have registered also the first vice-president of the Central Bank...

And business was at all in me as in the brilliant speaker (though and not without that). Simply a subject was " the Russian luster and a glamour ". It really interested all (including me: I, for example, improbably was proud that have acted in film as model for fashion - magazine FHM sessions: ah, shirt Billionaire Couture! Jeans Patrizia Pepe!.) .

During that Shanghai discussion curious reasons why the glamour so burns in Russia have been voiced many. I adhered to hyperindemnification theory: a glamour as ostentatious both smart consumption it is feasting of adults after the hungry childhood where was not in a prosperity machines, neither doll palaces, nor dolls - princesses. But have been formulated also glamour theories as recognition systems the stranger; a glamour as capital sanctifications; a glamour as superconsumption sacralization; a glamour as anonymous dictatorship (last is in detail stated by Pelevin in Empire V).

Has passed six years.

a word on a letter " g " even more often becomes a word on a letter " g ". Fashionable young men (rich and beautiful), with delight spending time in glamour clubs " Summer " " to Winter " and other " Dyagilev " spend time on type political actions " Okkupaj Abaj ". The best glossy magazines are larded, as a Christmas goose apples, social and political columns. One of apostles of the Russian glamour, editor-in-chief Esquire Phillip Bakhtin, at first has transformed this exemplary magazine of a man`s fashion in scientifically - popular, something like Scientific America, and then and has at all left a glamour in the people to create country camp for teenagers. Xenia Sobchak, a glamour icon, from the blonde in chocolate has turned in a tribune, gone to a policy and got under searches. Ooze of Kandelaki takes up the problems of education. And in social networks discuss not, say, a problem of a parity of length of feet and carrying of trousers with shtripkami (that is discuss, but as though on the third plan), and municipal elections and defects of the power. Earlier the one who seriously used a word " the power " of a glamour dropped out automatically (the glamour was paradise, what business to angels to any terrestrial power?) . And today the boy or the girl who is not seeing round anything, except sparkling pastes and the fashionable music, not registered in any public space, not discussing public problems, are excluded from a category of fashionable people with the same categoriality from what earlier they would be honoured poor for participation in social life.

I would want to understand, in what of the reason of change of a fashionable vector. Some reasons are.

an explanation 1: the car was tired to go on a circle
In first half 2000 - h when Russia, having taken place reorganisation, putsch, disorder, execution and crisis, began to rise on hydrocarbonic yeast, consumption growth zastil eyes much. Yes, very many it seemed that Moscow if to judge on interiors of restaurants and clubs, where more abruptly London, New York or Paris. It seems that half of pastes from Swarovski was delivered then to Russia.

but in second half 2000 - h When GAI officers completely ohameli, cops have frankly hammered, and sentences in courts became known in advance the understanding has come that if in France for one and a half centuries all was replaced five republics, at us on a court yard the same system, as in XV century: autocracy. Or, if cuts hearing, avtokratija. Also that mad larceny in a combination to mad corruption it is congenital, chronic illness of this system which in frameworks avtokratii if recovers, only totalitarianism.

in general, many from hanging out when - that on glamour parties have understood that were deceived. Also that they live in backward, not to tell to the second-grade country. And therefore, even having bought " mazerati " and even having twisted a lip to that writes " mazerati " through z, instead of through s (and " Courchevel " through " and " instead of " e ") You all the same sit in Russian " a Zhiguli " it is simple tjuningovannyh. And any gaets can make with you everything, is simple because thy grandmas were looked.

and it was very unpleasant opening and very a disturbing feeling. Forced to put out a nose outside and to demand changes. As Dmitry Bykov speaks, any car is tired to go on a circle.

a reason 2: greetings from the Internet
If the theory that a glamour and #150 is correct; it is a way of advancement it is superfluous the made goods, the basic which part of the price is necessary not on materials, work or even " quality " (" quality " characterised doglamurnuju an epoch), and on a glamour brand behind advertising it is necessary to recognise two important properties. An emotionality (in any form, including sexual that is why on advertising so often models undress, and not only women, but also men) and meekness. With advertising you will not argue, to advertising you will not mind, and if vtjuhannyj to you the goods (which, by the way, under laws of glamour superconsumption is obliged to change twice a year, representing winter and summer variants) appear a sediment, where also who thy opinion will hear?

another matter the Internet. Though the senior generations on - former consider it only as a communications medium, the main feature of the Internet not technical, but ideological. The Internet it is not so much communication, how much back coupling and decentralisation: actually, the effect of social networks is based on it. A glamour it always a barrier, a barrier in the form of the ultrahigh prices or any vip - zones. And the Internet any barriers. You get an account in " Tvittere " also you write directly to whom you want: the chance that will respond, is great. (I have heard one of these days in the cafe filled by students, enthusiastic: " Nikolay Uskov has responded To mine tvit! " The former editor-in-chief GQ and the present head " meant; the Snob ".)

It was found out what to live in the general space where the status and money are not too significant where is more cheerful, more amusing, brighter, than to huddle on vip, but all the same " to zones ". The ideology of the Internet was threw and on life. Drop in, if there will be a possibility, on Moscow " art - to the Arrow ": quite probably, in inexpensive shalmane Gipsy there in the company hipsterov from a third year fizteha Xenia Sobchak will dance. Or descend in the most fashionable in Russia a place in the reconstructed park Bitter. Its counter just in general availability. Tennis tables, volleyball platforms, chaise lounges, hammocks, a dancing, toilets all is free, and if there is no money for a supper in " the House of the fisherman " it is possible to take from the house a basket with food and to arrange picnic on a grass. All fashionable public today there. Glamour Soho Rooms have a rest.

the assumption 3: we have matured
the Russian elite By what principle this agricultural term isolate have strongly enough matured. And political and has grown old. Young shpana, with delight creating the reorganisation, thrown out from armchairs of Brezhnev`s old men, today to anybody of anything is not going to concede. Know, who fills today expensive clubs preserving the rests of a glamour? There besides young little fools full - it is full 30 - the summer women trying thanks to surgery to look 20 - summer girls, and 45 - the summer muzhiks, trying not to mix in the dark the second with the first. As burro Ia and #150 used to say; a heart-breaking show!

and having matured, yesterday`s glamour fast livers have faced variety of the problems ignored in the world of luster. With arrivals and otzhimami in business. With pravoohraniteljami all kinds, protecting clearly whose rights. With a problem of kindergartens, school and higher education. Medicine, at last. And collision it has appeared so painfull what to live on - former it has appeared impossible.

and on the other hand, the rising generation has faced that career ways are blocked, and there where are opened, lie on such dirt that mum do not grieve. It as in Terekhov`s novel " Germans " where the hero, the official, in conversation on drawing up of the step-by-step instruction for the beginning businessman, suggests to write fairly: " the Step the first. Get a job in FSB ".

Here not to a glamour.

the assumption 4: the elite was offended
In second half 2000 - h in Russia there was one essential change. All how much - nibud appreciable money has appeared under state control, and people, to it relatives, have been convinced that the country it is possible to correct by means of three things: a bag babla, companies of OMON and three buttons of federal television.

that is if earlier the master of fashionable thoughts At least Leonid Parfyonov could apply for the one million income and universal recognition now those who is able to transform chaos into senses, have appeared are forced out from structures supervised by the state in anywhere. What else, on a horse-radish, Parfyonov with its ability to tie poluvindzorom ties from Trussardi if there is an OMON and Kulistikov? By the way, OMON without speaking about Kulistikova has added the bludgeon in protest moods. Among my acquaintances nearly every second, without being the rebel, has managed to visit in avtozake including the Petersburg historian Lva Lure (it has appeared during unnecessary time in an unnecessary place) and zamglavreda " Echo Moscow " Vladimir Varfolomeyev (have taken away for picket though single picket and is resolved by the law).

And squeezed out from the work, deprived of the former income, offended by the relation to as to cattle the person goes to the Internet where money do not pay, but speak that think. Currency of the Internet Friends, folovery, husky and refasts, lies it is exposed on time - two, and a critical spirit estestven, as air. And it I not about Sobchak or Navalnogo. Today a Russian star " Tvittera " and a substitute of teenagers is 16 - the summer boy of Rum the Acorn, @Romatweetcorn. At it 200 thousand foloverov a fantastic indicator! It seems, it the son of rich parents, goes with them on the world, sings, acts in film in clips it on a broader scale such Russian Biber - lajt, and tvity it is typical tvity the teenager. However and it it is rigid enough prohoditsja on the power, and last it tvitom at the moment of a writing of this text was: " I Advise to each of you to have the purpose to fall down from this country while it yet have not forbidden ".

the Assumption 5: the elite was discouraged
Russian glamour 2000 - h in many respects dews on idea that the happiness can be bought, it is necessary to have only money and to know the boutique address. First like and was: When bezloshadnyj buys the car, he tests euphoria. As well as buying the first suit from Etro.

the Problem that the fourth suit, the fifth car they are as though fashionable were happiness any more do not bring. At Mercedes SLR McLaren the price in one million dollars of the same four wheels, as at Daewoo Matiz. And both cars equally stand in stoppers. And both equally have no place to be parked (at " a McLaren " with it even there are more than problems). And to go on them, in general, there is no place, because in the country there are no roads.

matter is not that material consumption certainly it is just unbounded, and that for satisfaction something is necessary another, differently it will not be possible to fill emptiness, as to a butt without a collum.

those who is cleverer, have understood for a long time it, have started over again to read, or again to write, or have gone in revolutionaries, or began to pack suitcases, or to be engaged in the public blessing here, actually, and all.

Or there are still variants?