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Krymsku Officials have made the counterfeit notification

, from - for which negligence people were lost, should be made answerable, but " without kampanejshchiny ". It has declared yesterday at session of the interdepartmental commission on liquidation of consequences of flooding in Krymske Vladimir Putin. The head of Investigatory committee Alexander Bastrykin named guilty of tragedy local authorities which have forged the decision on the emergency situation announcement. As he said, to regional administration of questions " while is not present ". The Krasnodar governor Alexander Tkachev asserts what to discuss a question on the resignation is ready in " conformity with decisions " SKR.
the President has arrived on meeting directly from gelendzhikskogo sanatorium " Red talka " where all pregnant inhabitants Krymska are for a while moved. Conversations with simple people have convinced Vladimir Putin that now are required not only emergency measures on liquidation of consequences The question " is not less important; about causes of the tragedy ". " Prevent scale elements we cannot, but we in a status to predict them " it has set a problem " to adjust forecasting system " which would allow to avoid tragedies. Thus the president has noticed that operating federal laws and the governmental orders it is quite enough to provide harmonious work in emergency situations of all authorities, including municipalities.

the head of Investigatory committee (SKR) Alexander Bastrykin has agreed that it is quite enough existing laws, if them to carry out. Inspectors, as he said, actually from first day of tragedy are engaged in finding-out that officials under the law should in the conditions of CHS do and than they were engaged actually. SKR has established: the head of the Crimean area still on July, 5th, at 13:31, has received " The message of a hydrometeorological service that during five - six hours strong storm rains " are expected;. And on July, 6th, at 20:15, has arrived " storm warning " including about possible flooding.

but the city population has not been notified on it, as " the notification system does not work " head SKR has informed, having referred to indications of 2 thousand townsmen which after tragedy were interrogated by inspectors. The notification system was serviceable only " in one part of a city " it was confirmed with 52 persons. If people have notified " at least for 10 - 15 minutes, victims would be less " head SKR, because " considers; the basic part of victims they are people of advanced age ".

On this background it was found out that the regional administration has taken steps avoiding responsibility for consequences. So, SKR has revealed that " the decision on staff creation " is forged; CHS. In the report it is specified that the staff has gathered for session at 12 o`clock on July, 6th. Actually the report is made in 5 o`clock in the morning on July, 7th. And the staff did not sit at all, mister Bastrykin has declared. During interrogations of 25 officials which under the law enter into a staff, have declared that did not participate in session, and 5 persons at all did not know that they are a part of a staff on CHS.

Such behaviour of a management of area " calls extreme indignation of people " head SKR has informed. Therefore investigating bodies the decision on detention and the subsequent arrest of the head of the Crimean area of Vasily Gusko was accepted, and. An island of the head of the regional commission on CHS Victor Zhdanova, mayor Krymska Vladimir Ulanovsky. It already brings accusation on ch. 2 items 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the negligence which has entailed heavy consequences). Thus Alexander Bastrykin has assured the president that workers of its department will continue work, that " without kampanejshchiny " Carefully to reveal all who is guilty in tragedy. By a part " management responsibility " as head SKR, " has underlined; questions while are not present ".

" I can solve the Question on my resignation after when definitive conclusions, and #150 will be known; governor Tkachev has declared after session to journalists. I will commensurate the actions according to decisions SKR ". Also the head of region has told that about " falsifications " the data about creation by local administration of a staff it " has learnt only at this meeting ".

Vladimir Putin, in turn, has reminded that guiltliness someone establishes only court, and has asked not to accuse to a judgement anybody, even suspects. But the main thing Measures which would help to exclude or minimise a damage from similar acts of nature in mounts, it is necessary to develop in sphere of security of hydraulic engineering constructions, the director of Institute of geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Kotljakov has declared to members of the interdepartmental commission. The academician has informed that on the night of July, 7th in mounts of the Crimean area " for five hours has dropped out three - four-monthly norm of deposits ". Using the pictures made the Russian cosmonauts on MKS, mister Kotljakov has shown, as water in the tideway of the river Adagum where jams from - that the channel of the river which under the law needs to be cleaned regularly, is littered were formed, and in places accumulated and has become covered by vegetation. In mounts also it is now unsafe: after the last rains in upper courses of Adaguma landslips are possible, Vladimir Kotljakov is assured. In the long-term plan, in its opinion, it is necessary to reconsider at least technical norms for building of bridges in mountain district that they did not turn to artificial dams during flooding and did not become a danger source. But the most important thing as the director of Institute of geography considers, it is necessary to refuse habitation building in mounts even on such " platforms, where probability of flooding of 1 %, that is time in hundred years ". Now, according to mister Kotljakova, " decisions are accepted so: ten years are not present anything, means, it is possible to build ". To follow new rules it has offered already now at a platform choice under building of houses for those who was dishomed in Krymske.

Mister Tkachev has declared that " a safe platform " it is picked already up. And the minister of regional development Oleg Govorun has informed that instead of 1653 house economy (from them 1614 houses in Krymske) which were taken down by elements, it is necessary to build 98,6 thousand in sq. m of habitation, on what is required 3,318 mlrd rbl. Money as equals will allocate the federal budget and regional.

Besides, the mister the Chatterer declared that the next week indemnification will be received by all families of victims. The ministry, leaning against the data it is judicial - health services, recognises that during flooding 167 persons (according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures and #150 were lost; 171 persons). 111 families have already received on 2 million rbl. of 20 More families finish registration of necessary documents. 37 victims as it was found out, had no relatives therefore also money to pay there is actually nobody.

Vladimir Putin has set the task, that all victims have driven in new apartments or in the new house not later than November, 15th, having ordered to report on it on a course of a recovery work weekly.

Citizens do not believe the official information on Krymske
More half of citizens consider that the authorities of Krasnodar territory should be responsible for accident in Krymske, sociologists " have found out; Levada - the centre " (poll passed 20 - on July, 23rd among 1,6 thousand Russians in 45 regions of the country, the statistical error does not exceed 3,4 %). 28 % of respondents consider that the regional authorities " should be involved in a criminal liability " and 27 % that they " should be dismissed and involved in administrative responsibility ". 20 % interrogated which consider are More peacefully adjusted that it is necessary for the authorities " publicly to apologise for the miscalculations and errors ". 15 More % consider that no consequences should be, after all the regional management has made " all possible ".

As has shown poll, the authorities of edge do not enjoy the big trust at Russians: About that has been undertaken by them " all necessary " to prevent tragedy consequences in Krymske, have declared 31 % of respondents, and 58 % consider that the authorities tried insufficiently. However, now, as marks 55 % interrogated " Levada - the centre " the Krasnodar authorities do all necessary for struggle against flooding consequences (activity of the power do not notice 36 %).

the Federal authorities managed to avoid a strong negative from - for situations with Crimean: 63 % of respondents believe that they do everything to cope with flooding consequences (of 30 % do not agree with it). But mistrust at citizens is saved: " full and authentic " the official information on the reasons and consequences recognises 31 % (including 7 % consider it " absolutely full ") . And 59 % consider its non-credible. By the way, citizens take a positive view of volunteers who work in Krymske. As sociologists have found out, 77 % interrogated consider that volunteers " really help the people who have suffered affliction " and 13 % are assured that volunteers " only are in the way and spread panic ".

Maxim Ivans