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Where the mayoralty of Omsk has forbidden to sell and drink beer

Whence in receipts of Khabarovsk citizens debts

In Khabarovsk - to the hero the help

The bookkeeper of the Khabarovsk traffic police is accused of swindle

19 - summer omich it was shot under a song " I am free "

The Khabarovsk car thieves of the alarm system you will not frighten

Krasnoyarsk TV presenters have acted in film for New Year`s calendars

Agrarian question in Omsk

In Rajchihinske will do glass, and in Talakane - solar batteries

Leah will help Nikita Belyh`s act to solve a problem of its region?

Alexander Migulja in the blog has apologised for slippery trotuarnuju a tile

Exhibitions of Vladivostok from January, 21 till January, 28th

The Tver cat of Margosha does not carry a winter fur coat

The program of night clubs of Vladivostok from January, 21 till January, 28th

Inhabitants of Irkutsk lose a lot of time in turns

Izhevchanam it is possible raschitatsja for journey to the bus ecash

The playbill of Vladivostok from January, 21 till January, 28th

Near kreshchenskoj fonts in Barnaul almost kilometre turn

Who will bring to reason noisy neighbours

Trailer of Vladivostok from January, 21 till January, 28th

In New year the price list by a taxi in Vladivostok will fly up twice

Shops with alcoholic production in Udmurtiya becomes less seven times

Course of Dalrybvtuza - on harmonious development

Tours in Volgograd

GAI officers on the Udmurt lines replace with videocameras?

Museums of Volgograd and picture from an exhibition

Night clubs of Volgograd

On epiphany in Zeya thousand blagoveshchentsev

Theatres of Volgograd

Professorial ball - 2010: new winners are named

In Krasnoyarsk have published the list of businessmen which will check up in 2010

Cinemas of Volgograd

Children`s art gallery

street Soviet, 26, t. (8442 38 - 69 - 29.

tickets: the adult - 5 roubles, children`s - 3 roubles.

" VACATION In prostokvashino "

the Regional exhibition of works of the children, devoted to New year and Christmas.

21 - 27. I - with 09. 00 to 17. 00, days off - Saturday, Sunday.




Rechport, 2 - j level; t. (8442 38 - 10 - 74, http:// www. pirana. ru/

Tickets: 100 - 250 rbl.


on January, 21st

Enchanting show and an unprecedented musical drive head: the favourite DJ of Volgograd - DJ YORK and the popular club hero - MS VIKAN. Ultrafashionable club music, stylish dancing show, unique club spirit till the morning.


on January, 22nd

Hot fashionable rhythms warm DJ LANCASTER and MC ROXY. Down with grey student`s everyday life! Ultrafashionable mixes, effective photosessions and impressing dancing show!


on January, 23rd

DJ Kiriloff (Sweet Djs, MOSCOW TIME)

Specially for students were and present, and also for charming Tatyanas -   a student`s feast!   the dancing action lasting many hours, an impressing stream of light and music!


on January, 27th

hits Familiar to all in original mixes, bright scenery, kostjumirovannoe show and incendiary dancing numbers in solar style disco. The whirlwind of happy emotions and excellent mood give to all visitors DJ DNK and MC SKRYPNIK. Dance, communicate, loaded by a positive and have fun! The city does not sleep - the city dances!



Street Raboche - Country, 2/ 1, t. (8442 95 - 64 - 50, http:// www. clubcalypso. ru/

the ticket Price: 100 - 300 rbl.


on January, 21st

100 % for students. Favourite di - dzhei. Laptop draw.


on January, 22nd

Man`s erotic show


on January, 23rd

the loudest student`s boom.

" the CAFE RETRO "

on January, 27th

Dances to I will fall, mad competitions, firm gifts.



" the Crematorium " will note the 25 - letie in Volgograd

In honour of a feast Armen Grigoryan will burn the hat

Despite the 25 years, " the Crematorium " on a drive will give odds to many young executors. Legendary group   has gone to tour concerning the quarter-century anniversary. In Volgograd Armen Grigoryan with companions will act with the celebratory two-hour program " XXV ". Songs favourite by fans - from kind krematorskoj classics to superfashionable " will sound many; Amsterdam ". As quarter of the century - date very significant for group, for the first time in history " the Crematorium " fans will see the sacral certificate of burning of a hat of the leader of group.

the Regional philharmonic society. on February, 22nd , the beginning in 19. 00 . Booking by phone (8442 50 - 15 - 50. Cost of tickets 400 - 1200 roubles . Organizer - agency " the Wind of changes ".


In Volgograd Michael Politsejmako and Evgenie Tsyganov will suit malchishnik

the Comedy " Daddies " inhabitants of Volgograd will see in Day of defenders of Fatherland

Two young men became victims of divorce and think only of how to win the right free to see the children. On improvised malchishnike, filling in a grief with alcohol, they discuss the former wives, the free life and donzhuanskie adventures. It is unexpectedly found out that the six-year son of one of them remained at home one on Christmas. Two mad daddies who are played by Michael Politsejmako and Evgenie Tsyganov, trying to entertain the child, arrange the present " telephone " show.

Musical theatre. On February, 23rd , the beginning in 18. 00. Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50. Cost of tickets 800 - 3000 roubles. Till the end of January a discount of 10 %. Organizer - agency " All stars ".


Alexander Kalyagin and Vladimir Simonov Spectators will read Chekhov in persons

will see at once five comic stories of the author

Performance " Persons " is an original theatre. On a scene is not present either beautiful scenery, or multi-coloured suits, either noisy mass meeting, or incendiary dances and sonorous songs. There are only two Actors - the national actor of Russia Alexander Kalyagin and the national actor of Russia Vladimir Simonov.   told, played, and is more correct, the comic products of Chekhov read in persons " On foreign land " " Psychopaths " " Bother " " the Malefactor " and " the Diplomat " have appeared for actors a fertile and rich material for creation of the human characters, recognised types and images.

the Regional philharmonic society. On February, 21st, the beginning in 19. 00. Booking by phone: 981 - 621, 23 - 36 - 71. Cost of tickets 300 - 2500 roubles. Organizer - agency " art - Volga ".


Olga Prokofiev will be broken off between husbands

the Railway novel " the Husband of my wife " To inhabitants of Volgograd will show in February

Charming Dragitsa works as the conductor. Already it is a lot of years her life it is strictly subordinated to the schedule of a train of distant following. In both destinations of a train at Dragitsy families were formed. Now in one city it married behind economic Kreshe who tremblingly and tenderness prepares for it the most refined dishes, and in other - behind hardworking Zhakretsem with whom in pleasure raises the daughter. The arranged life, remarkable work and loving husbands - well of what still can dream the woman! Here if only the train was not beat out from the schedule. Husbands of the heroine will play Valery Garkalin and Simeon Strugachev.

TSKZ. On February, 13th , the beginning in 18. 00. Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50 . Cost of tickets 500 - 3000 roubles.

Organizer - agency " All stars ". To agency " All stars " - 10 years!

The rector of DVGTU Anvir Fatkulin: " the Today`s way of universities - magistracy development "

Reviews of films

Major repairs of the Ulyanovsk houses

In the Ulyanovsk region from this year will start to pay extra to trainers

We congratulate!

Fire on Semashko, 46: pogoreltsev otpaivali tea in administration of Rostov

The power has run into debt to the people

" Okeantsy " choose VGUES!

Mother of Anna Kurnikova is released on bail in 3000 dolarov

TGEU the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, count Shuvalov and the genius of the Russian science of Mihajlo Lomonosov own persons opens talents

Who can become the new governor of Krasnoyarsk region?

Bitter cold have left Rostov waterless

The Kuban twin-brothers married identical sisters

Emi Uajnhaus has attacked the person

On epiphany many could not plunge into an ice-hole from - for hummocks

Students of Vladivostok who have surprised us

The inhabitant of Taganrog has seized at physicians a half-million of roubles