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Radical resettlement

From Syria to Russia proceeds repatriation of the ethnic Circassians who have left Russia in a XIX-th century as a result of the Caucasian war. By the end of summer the number of repatriates can reach several thousand persons. It occurs against actualisation of a so-called Circassian question at all levels. " " found out, a leah is necessary to Russia this repatriation and a leah it can affect Olympic Games carrying out in Sochi.
" to weaken caucasus today it is the most easier through a Circassian question "
the Syrian Circassians have started to come back to Russia since the spring. They live in hostels and sanatoria in Kabardino - Balkarii and Maikop without the status and clear prospects. Nevertheless from - for proceeding wars in Syria quantity wishing to leave to Russia grows. " repatriation directly is connected with whole a complex of problems which it is accepted to name " a Circassian question " has told " " The representative of the International Circassian association in Moscow (RUSHING) Andzor Kabard. Both #150; And this question for one and a half year to the Olympic Games in Sochi became especially sharp it is not so much from - for recognitions the Georgian parliament of a genocide of Circassians the Russian empire, how much from - for wars in Syria ".

It is considered to be that Georgia in revenge for a recognition Russia Abkhazia and South Ossetia has solved " to shake " caucasus a Circassian subject. The head of Circassian public organisation " Adyge Hase " Krasnodar territory Asker Soht believes that Georgia only helps with this question to the USA, " to weaken caucasus today it is the most easier through a Circassian question ". Andzor Kabard considers that if the Circassian problem was not at all, " to anybody neither the USA, nor Georgia it would not be possible to shake a problem ".

According to mister Kabarda, the recognition in 2010 of a genocide of Circassians the Russian empire has made the Georgian parliament this question political, instead of marginal as it was till now. In the middle of June in EuroParliament has passed the seventh under the bill the Circassian day for the first time bodily devoted to a subject of XXII winter Olympic games in Sochi in a context " a Circassian genocide ". One of lecturers, professor Occidental College in Arizona to Uolter Richmond, representing the volume research, has declared that " a genocide according to the United Nations convention " About prevention and punishment of crimes of a genocide " has been made by Russian armies against the Circassian people between October, 1863 and April, 1864 ". Present at EuroParliament Asker Soht believes that this performance " only confirms interest of the USA in rocking of a Circassian subject ". He recognises: " The problem is, and partly it consists that the Russian Circassians are afraid or do not want to go on such actions. Probably, their presence and performances would change an information field generated in Europe round a Circassian problem ".

In the Russian Circassian environment there is no common opinion. The leader of social movement of Kabardino - Balkarii " Hase " Ibragim Jaganov (interview see) considers that the term is necessary for fixing legally, and Asker Soht is convinced that the genocide subject is closed for a long time. But almost all Russian Circassians converge in one: the genocide subject only a question of treatment of history, and it has left for a long time in the past, if today " a Circassian question " dared positively. According to interlocutors " " an essence " a Circassian problem " today mullions-strong diaspora abroad by which the road on the historical native land is closed.

" Still half a year, and it can become a serious problem "
Especially the repatriation acute problem has begun to sound with the beginning of civil war in Syria. In the end of 2011 some hundreds Syrian Circassians were converted to the authorities of Russia with the request to give them possibility to return to Russia. In republics of the North Caucasus the Circassian organisations have spent congresses on which have accepted the reference to the president and the prime minister.

the winter of this year into Advice federations (Council of Federation) converted parliament of Adygea with the request to direct to Syria official delegation, and in the spring the delegation of Council of Federation has taken off for Damascus to familiarise with a situation and possibilities for evacuation. And then in Council of Federation under the chairmanship of Valentina Matvienko`s speaker have passed hearings where have developed recommendations to heads of regions in whom Circassians compactly live, to a management of Kabardino - Balkarii, Adygea and Karachaevo-Circassia have suggested to develop a government program on resettlement of compatriots from - for a boundary, and also to open in republics the centres of time placing of refugees. According to Askera Sohta, the authorities of regions of these recommendations have not executed. As have explained " " in parliament of Adygea, the reason " slowness " there can be a guarded relation of agents of national security which are afraid of inflow of citizens of the Islamic country to caucasus.

" the authorities and power structures do not have any bases to be afraid of repatriates, the Circassian active worker from Nalchik believes Ruslan Kesh. In Circassian diasporas all over the world most important national traditions, instead of religious ".

But before repatriates it is a lot of obstacles, including legislative. " counteractions by that who wants to get over to Russia from Syria, today at federal level are not present " has declared " " a member of Council of Federation Albert Kazharov, recognising thus problems legislative. Those who has already arrived to Russia from Syria, have international passports, they have got visas in the Russian embassy in Damascus and were registered in Federal migratory service. Under the law during half a year to them can give the status of the immigrant. However, according to mister Kazharova, in Syria about 2 thousand persons want to leave to Russia, but they never left the country, and now cannot legalise papers, because from - for wars all state institutions in regions are closed. Not all have money for moving. In the end of May in Public chamber have passed hearings where discussed necessity of the state support to repatriates. According to many participants of discussion, legislative amendments which would simplify procedure of returning of Circassians are necessary. According to regional deputies, the Syrian Circassians fall under the new law on compatriots, but for them the same rules till now operate that for the foreigners, wishing to move to Russia.

" the the question decision on repatriations, the worse an emotional background round a Circassian subject " is long tightened; considers Andzor Kabard.

the director of Institute of ethnology and anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences has paid attention To an aggravation of a Circassian question for one and a half year to the Olympic Games in Sochi Valery Tishkov. He considers that in Sochi Circassians and #150 should open the Olympic Games of 2014; as the radical people. The scientist cites as an example the Olympic Games in Vancouver which right of opening have given to representatives of the radical people. " if the authorities do not consider this moment they will have the big problems " Mister Tishkov considers. In its opinion, in the modern world many countries try " not to level ethnic distinctions, and to save them and to convert to own advantage ".

In organising committee " Sochi - 2014 " " " have confirmed that are interested in " demonstrations of cultural features of all nationalities occupying region of carrying out of Games, including cultures Circassian (adygskogo) ethnos as radical people of the Russian Black Sea Coast " as it correspond " to the developed practice, spirit and principles of the Olympic charter the IOC ".

" Opening ceremonies and closings of the Olympic and Paralimpijsky games in Sochi will pass in the western part of the Main Caucasian ridge, at the Olympic stadium " Fisht " that in transfer with adygskogo means " a white head " have told " " in organising committee. The scenario of ceremony to its most beginning is secret, details traditionally do not reveal. However adygskie motives are present at registration of Games, as well as motives of other people of caucasus ".

According to Andzora Kabarda, the cultural Circassian factor in the Olympic Games could solve a problem one year ago, but not today. " When in Syria war, Circassian dance at opening of the Olympic Games it as vishenka on a pie " he speaks. To resolve a problem, according to Circassian active workers, repatriation and #150 can only; " it is important, that Circassians all over the world knew that the road home for them is opened ".