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Children of the besieged city

All children`s polyclinics of Ekaterinburg

Memorial estate " a Kulikovo field " and the State Historical museum will discuss joint activity

The Sochi militia have put on skis

Within the next few days frosts in Samara will not be

The poster of clubs of Petersburg from February, 5 till February, 11th

In Italy of three citizens of Moldova have plundered the transsexual

The daily log «» - NN »: on February, 5th

Doll. New Year`s byl

The most emergency streets of Rostov: Malinovsky, Strikes and Cosmonauts

Arhierejsky services in Tver in February

To Penza have brought sea lions and laser show

The buyer, watch! Last discounts!

Films of week with Stasom Tyrkinym

Yryskeldi have presented ky handwork

Safin is torn to the Himalayas

People who us were surprised

Economists have become puzzled in the face of crisis

For what transformations wait from the Patriarch

Uralets the Basic halfback " has got to youth modular Rossiii

Syktyvkar " the Builder " has beaten Kirov " the Native land "

The official have denounced for waste of 450 thousand roubles … conditionally

To school buses of a distance " red light "

The second racket of the world Dinara Safina: I any more " sister Marata "

Oshanin has received a medal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a courageous act

In Moldova reception of statements for participation in parliamentary elections

Soloists of group Fast Food in Volgograd sang in taverns

The correspondent " - Smolensk " there was one of the best photographers of Russia

Repertoire of cinemas of Petersburg from January, 29th till February, 4th

Who from the Kirov pupils has the right to a draught deferment?

Designer Tasha Strict: " Winter - not an occasion to skirt cancellation! "

For whom in Kirov to be ill during a week

How to celebrate Day sacred Valentine

You give Hodynku!

Results of investigation of the Saratov air crash become known in 10 days

That in Petersburg reminds of blockade

Long-awaited meeting

Poor families will receive policies of obligatory medical insurance free of charge

In Vjatsky Glades and Zuevke there will be stations

For we will warmly pay less

The wife " has buried " the husband to live with the lover

Exhibitions and museums in Voronezh from February, 5 till February, 11th

The poster for kirovchan

Dmitry Dibrova Alexander`s wife: " Our divorce has appeared same fast, as well as wedding "

The director of a house for aged in Podelske " earned " on old men

Medal for defence of Leningrad (poem)

The full text of head about the novel with Evgenie Pljushchenko from Yana Rudkovsky`s memoirs

Be reconciled, Belarus!

We inform details: Searches of the gone helicopter were conducted from air by another MI - 24

Happy owners of newcomer LADA Priora.

Ideal balance of the price and quality

With coming to Russia world financial crisis the domestic car industry had a real possibility not only to return itself former positions, but also powerfully to position itself against competitors. In many respects - giving thanks to the policy of support of national motor industry spent by the president and the government of the Russian Federation. It directly concerns potential buyers of the Tolyatti midget cars.




Presentation of novelties in " the Autotrade " has collected tens inhabitants of Volgograd.

- to support this initiative, we have started the action “Time to buy domestic”, - the president of holding "Autotrade" Vladimir JARKIN speaks . - Therefore as the last vazovskie workings out in a segment of mass demand look very attractively. These are the cars as much as possible balanced on a parity the price - quality.

it is necessary to notice that this balance inhabitants of Volgograd already had time to estimate. Official dealer centre LADA opened all two months ago from holding "Autotrade" in Krasnooktjabrsky area of Volgograd by results of sales left on the second place among all branches of the company.

- Not only inhabitants of Volgograd, but also inhabitants of Astrakhan, Kalmykia, Rostov go to us behind cars, - the director of Open Company "Autodealer" (Open Company “tells general the Autotrade - Volgograd) Sergey SPIRIDONOV. - And we try to justify their trust. The pleasant car can be bought or reserved in the necessary colour scale and a complete set at the factory prices - the manufacturer (from 161 thousand roubles). In our car centre the full complex of services on service and to car maintenance service, and also a wide choice of spare parts and accessories is presented. Besides, today we open finished goods warehouse. This event for our buyers the sign. Now term of expectation of the reserved car will be shown to a minimum.

Rally - penalties LADA KALINA Super 1600 it is prepared under requirements of the international class for participation in the European championship and the world on rally. But already today on this model buyers are ready to stand in line.

- I am glad that interests of "AUTOVAZ" in Volgograd are represented by""Autotrade", - the deputy chief of multi-region management of regional deliveries ¹ marks 2 Open Societies" AUTOVAZS "Alexander KULEV , - our solid, checked up by time and the reliable partner. A local motor show - the largest not only in Volgograd, but also among all modern dealer centres of the company located in other regions. In one of the first on a network here there was a finished goods warehouse where there will be all scale of cars VAZ, including novelties. Visitors of the centre will be not not left for certain indifferent by last sports workings out of "AUTOVAZ": LADA KALINA Super 1600 and LADA KALINA Sport.


Super is on - to ours!

Pending when there will come “that moment” and a fabric hiding LADA KALINA Super 1600 and LADA KALINA Sport will slip on a floor, visitors of presentation drank champagne and enjoyed bright performance. On the improvised scene the dancing art showed show - ballet "D`Arts" and group “Best Jem”.

- "AUTOVAZ" is not necessary on a place: its operating time and achievement are worthy the best praises. Having decided to refuse participation in the international salons, the factory will suit exhibitions - presentations of novelties in the official dealer centres, - has anticipated the solemn moment Vladimir Jarkin. - Our today`s action - only first signs. And now get acquainted: I represent to your attention improved LADA KALINA Sport and more not serial rally - penalties LADA KALINA Super 1600!

Before presentation visitors drank champagne and enjoyed dancing art of show - ballet " D Arts "

Under a burst of applause both models have appeared before public. On a hall the approving roar has swept: means, the trust is justified. And that is why. Car LADA KALINA Sport is sports version LADA KALINA which differs good dynamics and high-speed characteristics, but at the same time can be used and as usual city a car on every day.“ Loaded ”the version of model presented in Volgograd, has received innovations which allow to make a step forward to all family. It is the new steering mechanism, the strengthened transmission, disk back brakes, 15 - inch wheel disks and a sports suspension bracket. The second novelty - Super 1600 - has been prepared under requirements of international class S1600 for participation in the European championship and the world on rally in class À6, and also for the championship of Russia. Precipitancy of the racer has found the reflexion not only in a stuffing (1,6 - litre 16 - klapannyj the engine capacity more than 200 l. With, shock-absorbers Ohlins, brake mechanisms AP Racing, transmission SADEV), but also in original design. Its serial release is planned for autumn of this year. But already today on this model buyers are ready to stand in line.

- Here this car! - businessman Sergey admires. - an excellent variant for young and sports.

- Super, really, super! What here to tell! - students Victor and Alexey countenance model. - Looks is more tremendous. We have sat in salon - feel myself as the present racer.“ AUTOVAZ ”- good fellows!

According to Alexander Kuleva, in the spring the factory will present new perspective workings out on court of public.

- Possibility to familiarise with them will be received by all interested persons, having visited official dealer centre" AUTOVAZ "-"Autotrade".

Our inquiry

- Super, really, super! - examining, new models of cars, admired visitors.

Holding" Autotrade "- the official dealer of Open Society" AUTOVAZ "based in 2000, is the owner of the largest dealer network on sale of cars LADA in 9 cities of the Russian Federation. On the basis of platforms of regional motor shows of holding "Autotrade" the uniform base of multi-region management of regional deliveries ¹ 2 Open Societies "AUTOVAZS" is created. Dealer centres "Autotrades" successfully work today in Belgorod, Stary Oskol, Lipetsk, the Eagle, Smolensk, Syktyvkar, Joshkar - Ole, Tolyatti. All regional dealer centres carry out not only sale of cars, but also a full spectrum of services on service and to maintenance service, and also a wide choice of spare parts and accessories.

the Address and phone:

Lenin`s Avenue, 113ä (ost. "Monolith"), 271 - 777, e - a mail: avto_volgograd@mail. ru , a site: http:// www. ath. su/.

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