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NKO have put presidential frameworks

Vladimir Putin has decided yesterday destiny of the Russian noncommercial organisations (NKO), financed of - for a boundary. In the conclusion on the project it has designated frameworks " softening " an initial variant of amendments to the law on activity NKO. The committee on affairs of public associations waited yesterday for a verdict of the president till the late evening and has had time to reject all amendments of opposition in this time. Vladimir Putin has promised to increase financing NKO from the budget.
before acceptance of amendments to the law about NKO Vladimir Putin has met official legal experts head of advice of human rights (SPCH) Michael Fedotovym authorised under human rights in the Russian Federation by Vladimir Lukinym and the representative on protection of the rights of businessmen by Boris Titov. The president has explained them that the bill for NKO " not prohibitive ": " Its purpose To make this activity, especially activity on financing of those organisations which are engaged in political activity in territory of the Russian Federation, transparent ".

But special support of the offer of legal experts have not found. So, Michael Fedotov recommended to Vladimir Putin in the law about NKO instead of the term " foreign agents " to use the term " the noncommercial organisation receiving money from a foreign source on realisation of political activity ". And such organisation as mister Fedotov has declared, it is necessary to consider NKO, which " under the commission, under the direction of or under control of a foreign source " helps political party " by its financing, the organisation of party public actions, realisation of pre-election campaign in favour of this party ". " I am am encouraged very much by words of the president, he has told that sees a lot of reasonable and useful in my offers and remarks " has declared " " mister Fedotov.

Vladimir Putin on its offer has declared: " I heard these reasons concerning that words " the foreign agent " sound for Russian ear as - that painfully rezkovato, but at us it is a lot of that rezkovato sounds in white papers and in legal certificates, what in usual life we practically do not use ". The president has paid attention that nobody suggests to clean from the legislation concept " the tax resident ". But Michael Fedotov has explained that NKO do not conclude agency contracts with those who gives financing.

the Representative under human rights in Russia Vladimir Lukin, in turn, has told that the president has agreed to specify, what work of the organisations will get under law action, having underlined that " financing from foreign sources in itself is not absolutely negative factor, the main thing under what conditions and for what this financing " is carried out;. It is necessary to understand, how foreign grants and the foreign help influence the noncommercial organisations, has declared " " mister Lukin.

the President has made concessions NKO, but is rather specific. " I agree with those colleagues who consider that if we accept any more or less rigid frameworks of work of these organisations any more, of course, we should increase own financing of activity NKO, Vladimir Putin has declared. I believe that it should be increased not less than three times (and I will ask the government to consider it in the budget), that is with 1 mlrd to 3 mlrd rbl. ". Last night the government has already reacted to it. " the government of the Russian Federation, following the commission of the head of the state, has already carried out consultations on this question means for increase in financing of the noncommercial organisations in the budget will be found " has declared a press - the secretary of the prime minister Natalia Timakova, having noticed that " changes also will be made to rules of distribution of grants for NKO ".

to Postpone acceptance of the bill the president has refused flatly. " Putin has accurately let know that it is not the supporter of carrying over of this discussion before the following session (the State Duma. " " ), having underlined together with it that it is necessary to finish a subject so that to avoid any legal incidents " Has declared yesterday a press - the secretary of the president Dmitry Peskov.

while the president formulated the relation to hastily accepted bill, the Duma committee on affairs of public associations waited for Vladimir Putin`s verdict. Presidential " the conclusion " has come to the State Duma approximately at half past nine evenings. In it it has been defined that " activity does not concern political activity in the field of a science, culture, art, public health services, preventive maintenance and health protection of citizens, social support and protection of citizens, motherhood and childhood protection, sotspodderzhki invalids, propagation of a healthy way of life, physical training and sports, protection of an animal and flora, charities ". At the same time Vladimir Putin has agreed not to extend law action to the religious organisations, state corporations and on created by state companies NKO. Having received the decision, in committee have agreed to finish a position to state deputy amendments to that kind which was offered by the president.

oppositional amendments on committee have not passed. So, a member of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Oleg Smolin has suggested to release from action of law NKO, receiving foreign means and educational programs realising in Russia. Has not supported committee and the initiative of communist Leonid Kalashnikov and spravorossov Gennady Gudkova and Ilya Ponomareva which do not agree with the term " the foreign agent ". Leonid Kalashnikov suggested to be limited to the name " NKO, receiving means from foreign sources ". Spravorossy offered more developed definition " NKO, receiving means from foreign sources on political activity ". But the head of committee Yaroslav Nilov has declared that it discords with the bill concept. And one of authors of amendments the United Russia party member Irina Jarovaja has declared that those who tries to avoid such formulation, as " the foreign agent " " aspire not to look those who they are actually ". " To us are not necessary " trojan horses " " she has declared. Communists and spravorossy insisted also that NKO should declare itself as about the foreign agent and to get registered in spetsreestre Ministry of Justice only upon reception of money from - for a boundary. (Under the initial version of the law to declare desire to enter in register should voluntary to the organisation, just intending to receive foreign money). Spravorossy suggested to remove a criminal liability completely also. The committee has disagreed with it.

thus yesterday it has been decided to clean from the bill norm about administrative responsibility as for entering of amendments to KoAP the conclusion of regions is necessary. Therefore the separate bill with corresponding amendments will be this morning introduced. But deputies can accept these amendments only after vacation. Therefore and term of coming into force of the organic law about " foreign agents " have decided to transfer with 90 till 120 days from the date of publication.