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Commission agents

Yesterday the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has held session of the commission on strategic development toplivno - a power complex of the country, has declared refusal of competitions on oil and gas deposits and about transition to auctions, having called agiotage attention of large participants of the market; has told about privatisation plans " RusGidro " and " Inter the Russian Open Society " and about when and in what quantity dividends " should go; Rosneftegaza ". And the special correspondent " " Andrey KOLESNIKOV has tried to understand what commission on TEKu, presidential or governmental, glavnee and as feel in this situation Arcady Dvorkovich and Igor Sechin.
At first, under the information " " the first meeting of the commission on TEKu wanted to organise where - that in the Russian oil remote places. It would be moderately symbolical, but it is cruel enough in relation to its members.

Soon the decision has changed on opposite. The meeting has taken place in the Big Kremlin palace, in Aleksandrovsk to a hall of the Kremlin which while with comfort was rendered habitable only by members of the State Council. However, commission structure so, it is possible to tell incinerating that on the weight (not in direct, of course, sense of a word here governors will give everybody odds), at least, does not concede to the State Council: in a hall were, without exaggeration, some hundreds billions dollars. And more some tens should here - to approach here.

they sat on - to a miscellaneous. Head NK " the Alliance " Musa Bazhaev, for example, to ward of the president continuously looked at its armchair and, appear, already listened to Vladimir Putin.

the president " Russnefti " Michael Gutseriev, on the contrary, it is absent-minded and with some bewilderment considered newspaper photographers who already actively worked in a hall, having concentrated including on bewilderment of mister Gutseriev.

the person through 15 from head " Russnefti " the chief executive of the multinational corporation - BP Herman Han sat. In due time, when mister Gutseriev had problems with the law and it was gone from Moscow, the multinational corporation - BP has become interested in actives " Russnefti ". Then as a result of some efforts mister Gutseriev has returned to Russia. But the multinational corporation company - BP does not give since then it rest. So, during one of meetings of oil industry workers with prime minister Vladimir Putin of that time in St.-Petersburg about one year back mister Gutseriev, having snatched the moment when the mister the Khan has risen from the chair, a foot has imperceptibly hooked on a leg of this chair and has removed it so the mister the Khan by miracle has kept balance, having tried to sit down again (but all - taki has kept). After that they even have started to be pushed, and then mister Gutseriev still for a long time could not calm down and wrote in the notebook unpleasant words to the mister of the Khan. To a course it it, I hope, has not given simply wanted, probably to be uttered.

so at sitting at a table there was basically a long and fascinating history of relations.

about stories of last time, between vitse - the prime minister of the government Arcady Dvorkovichem and the president " Rosneft " Igor Sechinym, now speak much. Whether there are irreconcilable contradictions between them, whether are not present. Igor Sechin the responsible secretary of the presidential commission concerning strategy of development TEKa. Arcady Dvorkovich heads the similar commission in the government and thus enters into the presidential. " " wrote how from the definitive text of the decree of Vladimir Putin about creation of the presidential commission the concrete list of duties of the responsible secretary of the commission has disappeared. However, all my yesterday`s interlocutors before the beginning of meeting and after it, refusing flatly, that their surname has been named, asserted that it hardly will affect powers of mister Sechina. To the contrary, the more they will appear are washed away, the become wider can at it is that administrative abilities.

a leah is the real conflict between Sechinym and Dvorkovichem? I have asked one head of the largest oil company.

formally is not present, he has sighed.

its colleague from other company was voiced more extensively:

I so - that all understand, what occurs, but unless about it will tell?!

anybody resolutely did not wish to appear between two fires. And can, and three, and even four.

meanwhile almost all participants of meeting were for a long time in gathering. There was no only a president and Igor Sechina who has appeared some minutes prior to Vladimir Putin`s solemn phenomenon through a street door, slowly and is sad opened by two guardsmen in full dress.

Vladimir Putin`s input reminded its inauguration only as the head of the commission on TEKu.

But while it has not occurred, Igor Sechin which place was to the left of the president, has warmly greeted the assistant to the president Elvira Nabiullina, then with sitting to the right of Vladimir Putin`s armchair the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov. The following place was occupied with Arcady Dvorkovich to whom Igor Sechin not only has approached to greet, but also has put as a sign of the deepest respect a hand to () heart.

However, Arcady Dvorkovich of it any more has not noticed, because, having shaken hands, has quickly turned away also villages on the place.

thus anybody, of course, did not move a leg of its chair: All has been made much more gracefully. Igor Sechin has simply put a bale of folders which it has prepared for session before a presidential armchair.

at this time the adviser of the president Anton Ustinov distributed to participants of meeting from hand to hand, personally the project of the report of the decision of the commission. It meant that in the text data which were not subject preliminary to acquaintance, especially judgement committee-men contain.

before Vladimir Putin at last has entered, I have had time to talk to one participant of meeting.

functioning of two commissions depends on how it is deep VV (Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. " " ) will penetrate into operative questions.

but it will be, I have told.

will be, my interlocutor has agreed. But can, it is necessary to it to have concrete examples for acceptance of strategic decisions? For example, in geological prospecting?!

he has looked at me and has mixed up.

Vladimir Putin, sowing between Igor Sechinym and Igor Shuvalov, itself, seemingly, was confused from the exit a little:

At all of us so it is solemnly arranged... But, as a matter of fact, and questions... Probably, that stand.

yes all Aleksandrovsky hall with its guardsmen did not cost also the tenth (or, more correctly, the 100-th) shares of any of the companies about which yesterday there was a speech in this hall.

and in the first lines of the speech the president has added:

I want to make a reservation at once, dear colleagues: the commission should not at all and will not substitute for itself operative work of the government. The government has the prerogatives provided by the law, and, certainly, it should be observed and will be observed.

When about it speak right at the beginning with such thoroughness, involuntarily, of course, there is a thought that the president and itself thinks too often of, a leah one commission will substitute for itself another (and a leah for this purpose it and is created).

Meanwhile Arcady Dvorkovich after meeting said that the presidential commission will gather not more often than once a quarter, and can be, and is more rare. In it the hint that all rest of the time will sit the governmental commission, seemingly, contained. But business here can be that the presidential commission during free time from sessions will work, instead of to sit, and basically at level of the working body, that is the responsible secretary.

the president has thus noticed that behind the government " there will be finally final decisions on variety of questions ".

That is on variety of questions final decisions will be behind the presidential commission. Interesting, whose number will appear more long.

that the president told further, convinced that he all - taki intends to supervise development TEKa personally: and extraction of hydrocarbons on a shelf, and geological prospecting to which intend to devote the nearest session of the commission, and working out of the newest technologies:

When say that all of us sit on an oil and gas needle... Also that it is necessary to develop high technologies... It is impossible to forget that modern oil and gas branch it just also is one of hi-tech branches...

having declared that the share of foreign actives in the oil and gas companies in territory of Russia reaches 25 %, mister Putin has told that " the state also will continue further a course on privatisation of state actives in frameworks before the accepted decisions ".

For example, today, The president has passed to absolutely already concrete examples, scale projects in electric power industry sphere are started. By estimations of experts, say, " RusGidro " its today`s capitalisation makes $7,5 mlrd and, certainly, is underestimated. But we know, what projects there will be entered in the near future. We know it with you! The Boguchansky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, Sajano - Shushensky will be finished, Far East actives will be consolidated, and the next years company capitalisation will grow to $40 mlrd! But it is impossible to sell simply today that will cost tomorrow, obviously absolutely, 40 billion. And today to sell from calculation 7,5 mlrd!

After that Vladimir Putin has suggested the oil and gas companies to think over increase in payment of dividends, " as it has already made " Rosneft " (on it, by the way, to the request. And. K ) ".

the President has underlined that he does not insist on it that, obviously to give the chance to the companies, first of all " Rosneftegazu " to show the good will.

after that the president has voiced one more idea which has made strong impression upon participants of meeting from among heads of the companies. They were whispered with each other when have heard that " sites of bowels of federal value, and it over 70 million tons of oil and on gas from above 50 mlrd cubic metre, should be distributed through auctions, without competitions ".

Later Igor Sechin has retold the conversation about it with head " Surgutneftegaz " Vladimir Bogdanovym: " It approaches to me and speaks: " So we now, on auction will go? " will go! "

competitions, mister Putin, and #150 has explained; Show the small, low efficiency and opacity that the most important thing.

judging by that only Arcady Dvorkovich and Igor Sechin during this explanation nodded in a step to words of the president, there are questions on which they unconditionally agree not only with Vladimir Putin, and and with each other.

in the closed mode the meeting proceeded about an hour. After that Arcady Dvorkovich began to answer questions of journalists, and Igor Sechina was called for conversation by Vladimir Putin (they spoke about 40 minutes, and it meant that the meeting with developers of amendments to the law on the noncommercial organisations which should begin at 15 o`clock, was late already at least on an hour and a half).

In the meantime Arcady Dvorkovich has explained that in the closed part possibility of privatisation not only " was discussed; RusGidro " as spoke to meeting, and and " Inter the Russian Open Society ": With the help dopemissy in which can take part as " Rosneftegaz " and veb and " daughters " Foreign trade and investment bank too.

both #150; However, later (already after mister Dvorkovicha. And. K ) Igor Sechin, and #150 has added; the president has still told about it: " Instead of a leah will arise thus necessity dokapitalizatsii most veba?! "

Arcady Dvorkovich peacefully has informed besides that the governmental commission on TEKu will reconsider positions about the functions so that they were not crossed with functions of the presidential commission.

Besides, mister Dvorkovich long answered questions on dividends " Rosneftegaza ". He has explained that the state company should pay to the state of 90 % of dividends.

but the purposes, it has been told (obviously, the president at meeting. And. K ) to undress " Rosneftegaz " At us is not present, Arcady Dvorkovich has added.

Eventually after conversation with the president there was also Igor Sechin. He almost has word for word repeated that Arcady Dvorkovich though they obviously did not arrange has told.

occurrence in the capital " RusGidro " he has told, having taken a break, it makes sense. The company also will cost really to 40 mlrd after introduction of all under construction actives.

its Russian company will privatise only, instead of foreign from what so it is vigorous at session the president has warned.

but with this active, mister Sechin, and #150 has added; it is necessary to work accurately and professionally...

especially after these two words clearly that a fate " RusGidro " it is predetermined.

to spread mister Sechin there were unexpectedly details which from it did not wait. He has told that " Rosneft " The state company " is uninteresting; Zarubezhneft " because " it is necessary to study this active, for example, their arrangements with Vietnam on shelf working out as it becomes clear, a leah is a subject for conversation about it ".

At last Igor Sechin has stated the version of two decrees about its powers.

the decision on commission creation was accepted by the president, he has told, work has begun under its management. It was discussed: there will be one zam or two (that is, obviously, Igor Sechin and Arcady Dvorkovich. Or Igor Sechin and Igor Shuvalov. Or, let us assume, Igor Shuvalov and Arcady Dvorkovich. And. K ). Vladimir Vladimirovich has asked my opinion... Eventually, it has been decided that all are simply committee-men. And the responsible secretary (one only Igor Sechin as a result became not the rank-and-file member of the commission, and otvetsekom obviously, in it its opinion also consisted. And. To. ) should prepare documents for work only... And I am grateful to the president and the government for trust!.

that is your work technical? have asked again it.

it is technical work, he has assured.

it is interesting, as what then work mister Sechin considers creative?