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the Good advice from broshjurki for sellers

Main principles of interaction with the teenager - the buyer

1. A principle of a choice of an effective position.
Dialogue with the teenager, wishing to get tobacco products, should proceed only from a position of the Adult. Thus you should aspire to that also the teenager responded you too from a position of the Adult. Otherwise to you not to reach mutual understanding. You will get to a situation of a mutual manipulation.

2. Principle of strict following to the Law. the Person cannot live in a society, without carrying out obligations to a society. Ponder: if you have made to someone the promise or have incurred the obligation you need to execute it, differently it will call sense of guilt or shame. This sensation of fault will proceed until you either will carry out undertaken, or will forget about it. While the person to whom you have given the obligation, will remind you of it, your sense of guilt will be saved.
the teenager converted to you with the request to sell a cigarette, as a rule, realises to some extent deniability so, it is guarded and thin catches a position from which you enter with it dialogue. Therefore, as soon as you show at least the minimum hint on a position of the Parent, the teenager instantly takes of an aggressive position of an antagonism. Provoke the teenager words about harm of smoking, about your personal relation to tobacco and smoking of teenagers, that you would make on a place of their parents, and even militia can.

In a situation of inquiry of the teenager on acquisition of tobacco products only the adult position of the seller allows to build with it effective relations. The position of the Adult will allow to formulate such answer to the teenager who will provide to you, on the one hand, accurate observance of the Law, with another - will help to avoid a conflict situation capable negatively to affect image of trade enterprise.

3. An integrity principle. This principle assumes unity of a sight of the seller on sale of tobacco products from the point of view of the Law, Morals and Expediency. The law allows the seller to arrive from morals position. After all, contributing in distribution of tobacco products to the teenage environment, the seller harms to all society since undermines rising generation health, hence, arrives not only it is illegal, but also is immoral. Economic feasibility of this illegal transaction also is rather doubtful as strengthening of control over observance of rules of trade by tobacco products, including thanks to efforts of public organisations, essentially increases probability of imposing of penalties by the seller and trade enterprise.

Dialogue with the buyer who has not reached 18 - summer age

How to minimise the possible conflict at interaction with the teenager

First of all it is necessary to represent clearly that at the moment of service of the buyer you are not the private person, and the representative of the trade enterprise created and functioning within the limits of laws, operating on territory of our state. This comprehension allows in dialogue with the teenager to replace a pronoun « I » on « we » that substantially helps to depersonalize dialogue and sharply reduces intensity of attempts of the reference of the teenager to your emotions (« to press on pity ») . It is contributed also by addition in speech of formal phrases, links to the Law with exact citing of its formulations. And if the teenager nevertheless tries to explain to you the reason on which you could make concessions, often referring to the invented stories about the neighbour, asked to buy a cigarette, sick relatives and etc., it is necessary for you to show clearly differences between you as the person and as the seller. It it is easy to reach simple instructions on a badge or the tablet with the post.
during these moments, showing attention to it « stories » you feel the sympathy and understanding, certainly using already a pronoun « I ». It lets to the teenager know clearly that, as though you personally concerned a situation, your behaviour of the seller will be regulated only by the Law. The important condition, not allowing to translate the conflict of interests in interpersonal, is very exact tracing of all nonverbal displays by you. The closed pose (the hands crossed on a chest, the case developed aside from the buyer, and etc.) Provokes an offensive, aggressive position of the teenager. The ducking, a smile can be conceived as irony or even a jeer. Your intonation should be equal, showing confidence. Phrases short, with intonatsionno precisely designated points. Contact by eyes - at duration high level (to 60 - 80 % of time of conversation). As a whole on the request of the teenager to sell tobacco products to you it is very important to respond it confidently, well and laconically. It is necessary to have a stock of phrases which will not call aggression the teenager, and, on the contrary, will show respect, understanding of its problem and a firm position in refusal to sell a cigarette. Thus avoid estimations and advice, refer only to the Law of the Russian Federation « About restriction of smoking of tobacco »:
  « Under the Law, we do not sell tobacco products to the persons who have not reached 18 years ».

the Formulation « we do not sell » allows not to call negative emotions the teenager in relation to the person of the seller. And specification to whom we do not sell - « to persons » excepting words « to teenagers » « to children » thereby letting know the teenager that we concern it as to the full citizen and, accordingly, also responsibly we suggest to concern Law observance.

the Answer to the offer ignore the Law

the Teenager can to try to establish with the seller the informal connexion, having started to convince you that the sale fact will be only on advantage to trade: « you need to do a turn ». Or he can offer arrangement, referring that nobody learns about sale: « I will tell to nobody, and you will tell to nobody ». Or to declare that he all the same will buy cigarettes: « Well, I will pass still pair of steps and I will simply buy in other place ». And even to use blackmail: « Only in vain the client will lose ». In such cases, entering discussion and trying to result counterarguments, the seller puts itself in very vulnerable position as after each your counterargument there can be a whole train of arguments of the teenager that can clear in it so-called sports interest, passion. It will raise an emotional component of your dialogue. And in that case it is necessary to mean that as though benevolently and cheerfully the beginning of your dialogue was under construction, you can face sudden aggression of the teenager, irritation and even hooligan displays. Therefore it is necessary more firmly and official tone, on - former including in the intonation goodwill and respect, once again to refer to the Law. Thus you can express the regret concerning impossibility to comply its request:
« I regret! But according to the Law, we do not sell tobacco products to the persons who have not reached 18 - summer age ».
In this case pertinently to suggest the teenager to choose any other goods. Naturally, without offering something concrete as, for example, sweets or a chewing gum, offered by the seller, can be conceived as attempt to specify to it on its children`s age. It is necessary to ask more laconic question: « you any other goods from the presented assortment (from this, what at us is, than we trade) interest? ».
This phrase can essentially soften irritation of the teenager and will show your readiness to continue with it to co-operate within the limits of the transactions which have been not forbidden by the Law.

Work with « persuading » the teenager

very often teenagers try to explain in more details the problem, resorting to different psychological dodges. For example, call pity and sympathy, inventing stories what to buy cigarettes them parents have asked, full age friends, neighbours and etc. In this case under no circumstances it is impossible to fail to trust to words of the teenager. It is necessary to listen attentively and benevolently to its story, to make a pause, it is desirable bolshej for duration, than it is accepted. Further, confidently and benevolently having repeated words of the teenager, i.e. having confirmed that its words are conceived by you, and having felt for sympathy, to say:
  « I understand that... (A summary of words of the teenager), also I regret I (sympathise) that I can not help you, but according to the Law, we do not sell tobacco products to the persons who have not reached 18 years ».

How to co-operate with the buyer if there are doubts in its majority

Observance of the Law of the Russian Federation « About restriction of smoking of tobacco » is a private responsibility of the seller. Therefore it is very important not to admit the transgression fact even in a situation when you are not assured that before you the teenager, instead of full age. In this case any doubt is necessary for resolving by means of check of data on age on the basis of passport data. It can be as the passport, and it notarially the certified copy. Remember: as you have the right to sell cigarettes only to the full age buyer, and in certain cases to be convinced that he already is 18 years old it is possible only having checked up documents also responsibility for presence of the necessary document lies on the buyer. That is actually the buyer is warned by the Law on necessity in case of your doubt in its age to have the document confirming majority. Thus it is necessary to build dialogue with the buyer as much as possible correctly and benevolently. Probably, the teenager, trying to prove that has already reached 18 - summer age, will show growth, a deep voice, saying that already smokes many years and never faced similar refusal. And nevertheless the seller should resolve all arising doubts only on the basis of the documentary information confirming majority of the buyer.


Documentary check of age of the buyer

At the request of the teenager to sell cigarettes you show understanding you of its inquiry, then speak to it about the doubt and necessarily give reason for the actions, i.e. refer to the Law, and it is preferable to use a formal designation of cigarettes, naming them « tobacco products »:
  « you want to get tobacco products? I have doubts that you have reached 18 - summer age, and according to the Law « About restriction of smoking of tobacco » Sale of tobacco products by the minor is forbidden ».
This phrase as much as possible formalizes your relations, and attempt of the teenager to get at you automatically passes cigarettes in a plane of opposition to the Law.
it is possible to use and softer variant:
  « Excuse. I doubt that you are 18 years old, and according to the Law we do not sell tobacco products the minor ».
the Second variant has much more chances to provoke the teenager on the persevering request either to bypass the Law, or to convince you that he already is 18 years old.
buyers - teenagers can owing to the mood, temperament, education and an ingenuity to behave in this situation on - to a miscellaneous. For example, showing the growth, a constitution, moustaches and a beard, to name the age with obvious excess: « To me almost 20! ». In reply to any arguments of the teenager it is necessary to let know that a problem of purchase of cigarettes - a problem of the buyer and he should solve it itself, i.e. show the document confirming age. Thus it is necessary to remember that if doubts have already arisen dispel the suspicions you can, only having made sure of age of the buyer, having checked up passport data:
  « If you want to buy cigarettes, show, please, the document confirming that you are 18 years old ».
If the buyer cannot documentary confirm the majority, you confidently and benevolently refuse to it sale of cigarettes, referring to the Law:
  « I cannot sell to you a cigarette as I observe the law! ».

If the conflict amplifies

In a situation of increase of psychological pressure and transition of your conflict in an interpersonal stage use reception which will provide to you additional protection.
specify gesture in a sticker: « We do not sell tobacco products to persons more youngly 18 years » duplicating its text words:

« We do not sell tobacco products to persons more youngly 18 years ».
In this case you will manage to redirect energy of aggression arising at the teenager from yourselves on a sticker that will allow you to formalize contact and to designate the conflict not as interpersonal, and as the conflict of the teenager to the Law and the rules operating in all trade enterprises. Also demonstration actually the Law « can be effective; About restriction of smoking of tobacco » and the internal order of a management of the trade enterprise published on its basis.
in case of the sharp conflict when the situation cannot be resolved you independently, you can call the manager, employees of security service or militia as questions of suppression of attempts of transgression are in their competence.

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