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Developers have a good time

In Ekaterinburg in the nearest some years quantity trading - the entertaining centres (TRTS) will be doubled. The entertaining component (from an aquapark to the theatrical art centre) becomes feature of new floor spaces. Ambitious plans rekontseptsy are and at existing TRTS where also will count on entertainments. Analysts positively estimate such tendency in the market, but speak about its glut and assume that new shopping centres to face problems at a set of a pool of tenants.

trade is adjusted

Till 2020 in Ekaterinburg planned to construct 18 new shopping centres, and their total will increase to 44. By estimations goradministratsii, the floor space of again constructed centres will make 690 thousand sq. metres, and the average area of objects will increase from 24 sq. metres to 37 thousand sq. metres. By data for January, 1st, 2012, in TRTS 42,5 % of all floor spaces of a city are located. By 2020 the share of floor spaces in format TTS in total amount of the areas will make more than 50 % (in Europe - 30-35 %). According to the vice-president of committee on the commodity market of administration of Ekaterinburg of Natalia Firstovoj, builders have already confirmed the desire to realise projects, the administration is from its part ready to act as a link between developers and the future tenants. Only this year input of four centres - TRTS " is planned; the Rainbow - park " and " the Prism " TTS " Atlant " and " the Panorama ".

One of the biggest projects which realisation has already begun in a city, it is considered building TRTS " the Rainbow - park ". The object more than 113 thousand sq. metres will be located by a total area in the street Repin in Top - Isetsky area. The developer of the project is the holding " the Forum - grup " . Feature of a new trading complex is the impressive territory intended for entertainments. On it it is planned to construct children`s playgrounds, attractions and to improve green space. Format TRTS is unique for Ekaterinburg - on a building site there is a large forest and a natural reservoir. Anchor tenants of shopping centre will be a grocery hypermarket " O’Key " a hypermarket of furniture and the goods for house Hoff, a home appliances and electronics Media Markt hypermarket, and also mnogozalnyj a cinema " Karo the Film " and family entertaining centre Happylon. In total in TRTS it will be opened more than 100 clothing stores, footwear and accessories. One more large-scale project TRTS prepares for the building beginning in jugo - the western part of Ekaterinburg, in the centre of built up area " Academic " (it is realised by the company " Renova - StrojGrup ") . The object which is positioned as superregional, will be constructed on the ground area by the area of 22,5 hectares. By company estimations, the target audience of trading object will make about 1 million persons. " this object becomes unique trading - the entertaining centre of Ekaterinburg and the Ural region and will involve the most exacting visitors. Growing incomes of the population at saved shortage of qualitative floor spaces do the market of Ekaterinburg by one of the most attractive in the Ural region " - consider in the company. In the company mark high interest of builders to this project which can be realised in 2014.

the concept did not leave

Besides building of new shopping centres, developers actively are engaged rekontseptsiej already existing. So, this year it has been declared continuation of reconstruction and rekontseptsii one of the first TRTS Ekaterinburg - " Ekaterina`s ". The developer of project Mallino Development Group of the former owner of concern " the Guelder-rose " the reconstructed centre and a unique aquapark in a city " intends to open Timur Gorjaeva in 2014; Limpopo " as uniform trading - the entertaining centre. According to the project, already existing areas will be completed by the second turn, and the aquapark will be connected with it transition. Total area TRTS will make 182 thousand sq. metres, the covered and open parking on 2,8 thousand mashino - places is provided. " near to TRTS on the bank of an Inet the open recreational zone will settle down. The park of attractions, the children`s entertainments, the equipped platform for picnic, artificial reservoirs, sports park of bicycle paths " Here will take place; - the regional director of department of trading real estate of company Colliers International Tatyana Kljuchinsky (is the exclusive adviser for object delivery in rent) makes comments. As she said, uniqueness of the project consists in presence at it of such non-standard elements for trading real estate, as an aquapark and the theatrical art centre.

in the spring of this year on the basis of designs of a trading complex " the Passage " in the centre of Ekaterinburg building new modern TRTS a total area about 64 thousand sq. metres has begun. As the developer of the project the company " acts; Malysheva - 73 ". The Total area new TRTS will make 64 thousand sq. metres. It will be connected with nearby TSUMom transitions at several levels. As has told souchreditel the companies " Malysheva - 73 " Igor Zavodovsky, in shopping centre the big free parking will be provided. " it is a two-level parking a total area of 13 thousand sq. metres or 450 mashino - places that on third more than costs now on the Area of 1905. The parking will be free that is huge plus for city centre " - the mister Zavodovsky considers. The special place in the rebuilding plan is given square before " the Passage ". According to Igor Zavodovsky, the square will be necessarily saved. " moreover, we will make its cosy and comfortable, having created such organisation of space that the square flowed in inside "Passage". I am assured that on termination of reconstruction as vacation spot the square will be much more interesting, than it now " - he has noted.

tenants on all will not suffice

According to analysts JonesLangLaSalle, Russia and the CIS, on the end of 2011 the volume of qualitative floor spaces in Ekaterinburg made about 405,9 thousand sq. metres. The city, by company estimations, takes the fourth place in Russia after Kazan, Samara and St.-Petersburg, advancing Moscow on security floor spaces. On 1 thousand inhabitants in the Ural capital it is necessary 301 sq. Metre, and till the end of 2013 security floor spaces in Ekaterinburg should grow to 412 sq. metres. " despite considerable volume of the entered centres, Ekaterinburg on - former remains attractive to retail development. It is the third economic market in Russia, with active rates of increase of goods turnover. At the same time in a city there is a number of the realised projects, many trading operators are already presented, and not in one TTS, the variant therefore is quite possible that at realisation of the sounded plans the market will be oversaturated " - the senior adviser of department of strategic consulting of company Jones Lang LaSalle Maria Shumjatsky considers. As she said, rates of development of trading operators fairly concede to rates of building of new shopping centres and as a result objects can face a problem of incomplete filling of the areas or coincidence of a pool of tenants. " It will lead to competition strengthening that can lead to leaving from the market of old objects or to considerable decrease in rates of rent in them. New TRTS will struggle also for the tenant and will be urged to give at the price " - she has noted, having added that the company now " very accurately " advises to the clients to leave to Ekaterinburg, correctly estimating project potential.

the director of department of trading real estate Penny Lane Realty Alexey Mogila adheres to similar opinion also. " the region authorities traditionally loyally concern the builders who are engaged in trading real estate. But quantity TTS which is declared now, looks pugajushche. The problem consists not in possibility of the developer to construct new object, and into possibilities ritejlera to come there and to get profit " - the expert argues. The mister the Tomb doubts that the retail will support such plans by quantity of shopping centres. In its opinion, now the most optimum variant from the point of view of expenses for building and profitableness are a retail - parks. According to the director for development of department of trading real estate Knight Frank of Alexander Obuhovsky, for the Ural market qualitative department stores of an average and above an average price segment can represent interest. " while in Ekaterinburg one department store of such level - "Stokmann" functions. As a whole the future remains behind formats which will understand that they sell not the goods, and services " - he has noted.

at the same time, the representative of the Russian advice of shopping centres in UrFO, the head of the consulting company " Ural Mountains - Hermes " Alexander Zasuhin positively estimates that fact that developers have paid steadfast attention to an entertaining component of the objects. " In the beginning 2000 - h years when in Ekaterinburg there were first shopping centres, they practically had no entertaining component. At an entertaining part looked with care as term of its recoupment made about 8-10 years, and the good shopping centre in 2000 paid off on the average for six years. Approximately since 2007, with growth in Ekaterinburg numbers of modern shopping centres and strengthening among them a competition, the understanding has come that they should differ from each other something then have remembered about entertainments " - he has told, having added that by this period times of recovery of outlay of the shopping centre and its entertaining part " have approached " having averaged about eight years. " then struggle for the buyer has begun and the areas began to increase entertaining parts of shopping centres and qualitatively to develop. However the set of given entertaining services in different TRTS did not differ the big variety. Now the tendency of search of new decisions for entertainment complexes TRTS amplifies, and developers deduce absolutely new projects on the market. There were original projects of thematic parks, interactive entertaining services " - mister Zasuhin has noted. As he said, now the market of shopping centres has passed from extensive development to qualitative where the main thing for competitiveness increase is a concept and marketing technologies. " new TRTS became more perfect on architecture, concepts and considerably surpass already existing. The last should either make rekontseptsiju, or to be reoriented on other market " - the expert has told, having noticed that, despite one of the high levels of security the areas of shopping centres in Russia, in Ekaterinburg to qualitative TTS while it is possible to carry no more than 50 % of objects.