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Money has lost the way in GLONASS

Yesterday it became known that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has filed criminal charges about a no-purpose expenditure more than 565 million the rbl. allocated with Open Society " the Russian space systems " (RKS) on creation and development of Global navigating satellite system (GLONASS). In RKS assert that decisions of arbitration courts have already confirmed legality of actions of Open Society. Despite it, the Ministry of Internal Affairs spends searches at heads RKS.
the Investigatory part 4 - go managements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has filed criminal charges to signs of the crime provided ch. 2 items 201 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the abusing the powers which have entailed heavy consequences). In a business basis materials of the checks spent by employees of central administrative board of economic security and counteraction of corruption (GUEBiPK) of the ministry, and also Russian Space Department to which submits RKS have laid down.

Checking have established that during the period with 2006 for 2010 of work within the limits of GLONASS were actually carried out by regular employees RKS, however payment for ostensibly executed contracts on carrying out scientifically - research works was translated to bills of Joint-Stock Company NPO KP and Open Company " Sinertek ". On versions of law enforcement bodies, these companies had no own financially - technical base and regular experts of corresponding qualification, but were under control to management RKS.

Then as have noted in GUEBiPK, means were deduced from a legal turn through a chain of firms - a something ephemeral and appropriated. Thus, it is established within the limits of investigation, RKS it has been unreasonably spent more than 565 million rbl. Besides, the information on cashing in 1,2 mlrd from 6 mlrd the rbl., listed RKS to the foreign organisations is checked.

by data " " criminal case N118021 while is raised in the relation " Unstated persons " from among heads RKS. However by results of examinations, and also searches which have been spent in offices of three heads RKS, including deputy director on economy, in enterprise accounts department, and also in premises of five commercial organisations participating in doubtful schemes, in business there can be concrete figurants. Besides, as have noted in GUEBiPK, proceed " operatively - razysknye the actions directed on an establishment of new episodes of illegal activity " in RKS.

In 4 - m management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia have refrained from comments, having referred that employees are occupied in investigation of the new incident connected with RKS: at Factory it is rocket - space instrument making the broken cradle of the pendant crane has crushed a smoking-room in which was six workers, one of them was lost.

In RKS have informed that about criminal case have learnt from the decision of the inspector who has spent at them searches on July, 3rd of this year. Thus in Open Society assert that " any proofs giving the grounds to suspect a management by Open Society " the Russian space systems " during dredging (documents. " " ) it has not been received ". In RKS consider that law enforcement officers coming to them had no the information that legality of contracts from Joint-Stock Company NPO KP, Open Company " Sinertek " and also other structures and, accordingly, payments on them has been confirmed by decisions of nine arbitration courts. Thus, on versions RKS, a consequence should stop criminal case on the basis of item 90 UPK the Russian Federation (prejuditsija). According to a principle prejuditsii, the come into force decisions of the courts including arbitration, are considered in other investigations and processes as the established facts which are not demanding the proof.

for example, in one case in the summer of 2010 inspection of Federal tax service N48 across Moscow has collected with RKS 30 million rbl. of penalties under the profit tax, having suggested to pay a shortage of 154 million rbl. and a fine at a rate of 21 million rbl. of Infringement have been revealed by tax specialists during exit check in 2008. As the basis for sanctions the inspection conclusion about wrongful reduction of incomes RKS by the sum of expenses on operations with executors scientifically - research works both #150 has served; Joint-Stock Company NPO KP and FGUP RNII KP.

Inspection has specified that these organisations were not directly dependent from RKS, however as their founders and heads executives and scientifically - technicians of FGUP RNII KP (on its basis has been created RKS) acted. Besides, all organisations shareholders of Joint-Stock Company NPO KP settle down to the address of check in FGUP, namely in Aviamotor street, 53. The general director of one of contract organisations Open Company " Sinertek " Evgenie Motornyj simultaneously was the adviser of the assistant to general director FGUP. As one of founders of Open Company acted FGUP to which belonged 51 % " Sinertek ". Last company also settled down on Aviamotor. Inspection believed that operations between the companies were not " are caused by the reasonable economic reasons " however the Moscow arbitration court and cassation instances recognised correctness RKS as all companies participating in trial, it has been proved " real performance of works " within the limits of contracts.

" decisions of arbitration courts, certainly, are considered, but they are not an obstacle for carrying out of investigatory actions on criminal case " have declared on it in a press - service GuEbiPk, having underlined that the facts of payments to other organisations of the works executed in RKS, have proved to be true results operatively - investigatory actions, and it already Criminal code infringement " in the pure state ".

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, we will note, have come in RKS after the head of Russian Space Department Vladimir Popovkin has passed them results of internal check of Open Society. Under data " " pravoohraniteli have received them in September, 2011. However dosledstvennaja check has begun only in June, 2012.

on participation in no-purpose use of budgetary funds, according to sources " " two heads RKS and #150 are checked; the general director - genkonstruktor Yury Urlichich, and also its first deputy Ivan Golub. We will remind that both top - manager RKS appeared in the conflict to Vladimir Popovkinym: in interview to the newspaper " News " He has declared that the basic stream of means under program GLONASS left through Joint-Stock Company NPO KP and Open Company " Sinertek ". Moreover, the head of department has not excluded that Yury Urlichich could supervise these companies. After two days after the interview publication on site RKS the letter to Vladimir Popovkinu signed by the mister Blue, in which last has been published accused the head of Russian Space Department in " legal nihilism " also has offered it " silently to leave " in resignation (see " " from March, 22nd). After some hours after the publication the letter has been removed. In Russian Space Department yesterday on a situation with business excitation did not begin to make comments. Misters Urlichich also It is blue were are inaccessible to comments.