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Other quality of life

Interest of Petersburgers to country habitation constantly grows. The president of the company tells about tendencies and prospects of country housing construction " Petrostil " Michael Belenitsky.
GUIDE: What changes have occurred in the market for the last years?

MICHAEL BELENITSKY: the Country market as a result of financial crisis of 2008 has suffered most strongly. Country habitation it not articles of prime necessity. When the general economic situation worsens also people in something of limit, they refuse house purchase in the country. Crisis has concerned everything, including developers. Most speculators the earth which bought large sites counting on the subsequent resale, probably, have suffered. There are developers who seriously are engaged in preparation of territories, but not building. This scheme last years had the greatest turn and quantity of transactions. But we are engaged pure developmentom. We do not become attached to sales, and we start with business - the plan which assumes a project termination date. We are not engaged in realisation of sites, we sell houses. On our segment crisis has struck aloud. Has passed four years, and the market is gradually revived, but, certainly, returnings to positions 2006 - to wait 2007 while is unreal. Interest to country habitation constantly grows, as draught of the Russian person for own house is inescapable. Quality of life there incommensurably above. And the the city is more intensively built up, the will be people who aspire for a city more.

G: What projects are most claimed today?

M. B.: Frequently crisis forces to change product structure. We understand that more rational decisions today are claimed. All that is offered in a class de luxe (the architectural concept, engineering maintenance, convenience planirovochnyh decisions, an infrastructure and so forth) We should offer today and to buyers with not the highest budget. At the uniform relation from the point of view of quality and reasonableness today the market demands reduction of the sizes both the house, and a site. The house in 120 sq. m on a site in four - five hundred parts at the price we will compare to three-room apartment in a city, but it absolutely other quality of life! To design such house it is much more difficult, than 500 - 600 - metre on a site in half-hectare. But demand is. And if we want to remain in the market should offer people such product. The person should get all advantages of country life, without having lost thus in comfort.

G: Than life in settlement differs from individual residing at a country house?

M. B.: Many our buyers already had country habitation. And they understand advantages of life in settlement Competently organised, technically equipped and served space with all modern communications and conveniences. Life in the organised cottage settlement essentially differs from life in the individual house. The same as to live in the new high-class house constructed near to park, with an underground parking and all new communications, better, than in the settled apartment on a Sink, whatever was the remarkable view from the window. The same and with settlement. When all engineering questions are solved, thought over all aspects from power supply before garbage removal, comfort degree, of course, above.

G: On what the project success depends?

M. B.: First of all from a place: a leah it is convenient to reach there. And from hit in audience: the budget at the client should coincide with its understanding of this place. The house for constant residing this one, a summer residence absolutely another. Important factors Presence of the engineering communications, convenient planirovochnye decisions, a competent management company, specific characteristics. People should like the architectural decision of the project. And, of course, the company - the builder should be stable and reliable, with the developed positive reputation.

G: Each project means the architectural concept?

M. B.: it is unconditional. We work with architects who have experience with that or other type of habitation. At us simultaneously in work architects from the different countries: Finland, Holland, Canada, Russia. In many respects style is defined by the location of a site and the further mission of habitation: there will be it the house for constant residing or a summer residence. Certainly, we study the market from the point of view of popularity of this or that architectural style. We form a certain technical project and we hold the tender between several architects.

G: As new technologies quickly take root into building?

M. B.: There is an expressed conservatism of the market. Our client appreciates ecological compatibility and reliability, loves two traditional building materials both #150; a brick and a tree. One of our projects " Hills of SPb " in 2004 we have begun with new to the market at that point in time a material: cellular gazobetonom Aeroc. We liked its operational qualities, we brought it from Estonia. Now many use this material, even factory on manufacture have constructed. But our project was the first. I can not tell that we aspired to introduce and advance new technologies, we had a problem to construct the house with certain characteristics.

G: On what first of all it is necessary to pay attention to estimate quality of the house?

M. B.: On experience of the builder. The company at which it is the first project, and the company which builds already the sixth - the seventh settlement, have absolutely different level of experience. The most important thing begins after the house is constructed. Buying the house, we buy environment and the neighbourhood. Quality of life depends on it, and it is very important. If the settlement concept assumes open spaces and low fences will buy houses in it the people dividing these values. If to make three-metre fences between sites also public will be other. Besides, it is important, how much the settlement concept assumes its development. Those projects which we have finished six - eight years ago, dynamically develop the special company is engaged in management of projects.

G: That gives to your company active cooperation with bank " St.-Petersburg " and what advantages appear at buyers?

M. B.: Our partner relations with one of the largest regional banks of Russia first of all guarantee object delivery in time. In the end of May we have signed the agreement on participation of bank in financing of the closing stage of civil work in cottage settlement of a class de luxe " Honey ". The Demand line of credit at a rate of 240 million roubles will allow us to finish completely building of settlement till the end of 2012.

cooperation with bank allows us to involve financing for following projects and to confirm reputation of the reliable builder. The client is assured: if the project is checked up by experts and experts of bank means, it is absolutely reliable. It gives to bank client base. The most part of our clients businessmen, and they are involved with possibility to receive money under the projects.

benefits of buyers also are connected with possibility of reception of a mortgage loan in bank " St.-Petersburg " On the most attractive conditions. Partner relations mean the simplified procedure of registration of the credit: the package of documents and terms of consideration of the demand are minimum.

G: What of company projects it seems to you to the most successful?

M. B.: From the emotional point of view, the most interesting I would name our first project " High fur-trees ". Will be ten years as we have started to develop it in the autumn. The financial result was not so vpechatljajushch, but the quantity of problems accompanying business was 10 times less, than now. We have made all project for one year. Then we were engaged pure developmentom: projected, built, sold. It was incommensurable easier. Now pure development occupies 10 %, the rest of the time we struggle with Wednesday. Today there is a certain opposition of the power, monopolists and developers. And their consolidation, the civilised and operated cooperation is necessary for successful development of the market.