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" Nobody is interested in destiny of these people "

ASKER SOHT, the leader of public organisation " Adyge - Hase " Krasnodar territory, visited structure of delegation from Advice federations (Council of Federation) of the Russian Federation in Syria, has told to the correspondent to OLGA ALLENOVOJ who is guilty that repatriation of the Syrian Circassians to Russia has till now private character.
- a leah there was a genocide of Circassians how you consider?

- I consider that today all who feel like it, tragical pages of history of our people use. It is not settled while a problem, but in Russia many not settled problems. Since 1992 our country much overestimates: raskulachivanie, Katyn and so on. There is a conceptual statement of president Boris Yeltsin from 1996, it actually and now. He then has told in May, in an anniversary of the Caucasian war that Russia realises those errors which have been admitted during this period.

Besides parliaments of Adygea and Kabardino - Balkarii (KBR) has been formulated a position of local authorities, and they have estimated XIX-th century events as a genocide. Yes, the parliament of Adygea has counted insufficient Yeltsin`s statement but if development of relations of the Russian Federation and Circassian diasporas in the world goes estimations of the historical past leave in science area. But when problems do not dare, they become the factor of political manipulations.

- you mean Georgia in which the genocide of Circassians is recognised?

- Pay attention to such fact. In 2008 when in South Ossetia there was a war, in the several countries of the world where Circassian diasporas are widely presented, have passed actions in support of Russia. The action in Jordan was especially large. The president of the Russian Federation even has directed then to diaspora to Jordan gratitude for support of the Russian Federation. The same was in Turkey. And after all Turkey has forbidden the American ships to enter into Black sea. And such decision has been partly connected with moods in large Circassian diaspora. During this moment in the USA have understood that Russia can establish the serious connexion with Circassian diasporas in many countries and through these diasporas to strengthen interstate relations. Also have started to counteract this rapprochement. In 2008 have started to untwist a Circassian subject in an aggressive context. The moderator have acted as the USA, the guide of idea - the government of Georgia, for the American money, under home nursing of the American funds. And all also in Sochi have dated it for the Olympic Games. Recognising a genocide in Georgia, they have as though drawn a red line for which Russia does not need to be transpassed. But it is their position, and at us the.

- but, according to your compatriots, problems are - for example, a problem of studying of language. Or repatriation.

- One after another. In the same 2008 Vladimir Putin has charged to the regional authorities of the South of Russia to develop regional programs of cooperation with compatriots abroad. Lauruses has met the ambassador of Russia in Jordan, and soon after that there there has passed the first international conference on Circassian language - under aegis the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. But further business is not has gone, because in regions any programs have not developed.

we have lost some years. Here since that 2008 it was possible to increase cooperation with diasporas, but instead we did nothing and have presented all this space to opponents of the Russian Federation. And these opponents very well used our inactivity.

and with repatriation now all too rests against regions. At us the federal law has fixed the right to voluntary resettlement. But people simply could not be carried, because KBR, Karachaevo-Circassia and Adygea do not participate in the program on resettlement. They have not developed programs, they do not want problems. Strange picture, yes? The state declares the right, and on places do not execute.

- you were in Syria as a part of delegation of Advice of federation what were recommendations of delegation which then acted in the Senate at Circassian hearings?

- Recommendations of delegates of Advice of federation consisted in the following: heads of regions should initiate, develop and present to the government of the Russian Federation government programs of resettlement of compatriots from - for a boundary. They are heads Kabardino - Balkarii, Republics Adygeas and Karachaevo-Circassia. According to the decree of the president of Russia the initiative on working out of government programs should proceed from heads of regions. These decisions are not accepted by heads of regions. The second. Should open the centres of time placing of arriving compatriots. These centres are not opened. The people arriving from Syria to Russia, are on the maintenance of public organisations and is simple citizens of the Russian Federation.

- But in Maikop there is such centre. Even since repatriation from Kosovo remained.

- Nevertheless there there are no conditions for reception, the sanitary code and the size of the centre do not correspond. The third problem. Evacuation of persons which cannot independently arrive to the Russian Federation owing to absence of documents, financial assets and other humanitarian problems. They are converted into embassy of the Russian Federation with the request them to evacuate, and earlier they were converted to delegation of Advice of federation with the request them to evacuate to Russia, but this decision also is not accepted.

- and it is not accepted at what level?

is only the competence of the president, it is interstate level.

- that is leaves, what not only at local level something there do not carry out?

- Is not present, I consider that a key to a solution of a problem - the regional power. I will explain, why. The matter is that in reply to the reference of parliament of Republic Adygea according to the commission of the president of the Russian Federation and Security council federation Advice has generated delegation. It has been directed to Syria, the delegation has studied and has drawn conclusions. But if the centre of time placing where to evacuate people is not opened? If there is no government program and regions do not want it to develop, how there should be a procedure of adaptation of repatriates, their socialisation in a society? When at regional level the power does not wish these to be engaged how to solve a problem? Certainly, here there is an element of certain pressure, I think, on the regional authorities from some structures imperious. But nevertheless...

- power, you mean?

- Yes. But nevertheless the delegation of Advice of federation has been generated by federal authorities, and its conclusions are legitimate and standard, they are presented Federal meeting, and they are countenanced. They also are countenanced at session of committee on the international affairs of Advice of federation. They have been recognised as objective and embassy of the Russian Federation. Thus, the federal centre has given accurate reference points of action. But that becomes nothing, aggravates a problem, creates political nervousness, politizes absolutely humanitarian problem.

- and you consider, it not a political problem, namely humanitarian?

- it is unconditional. The matter is that the state has already formulated and has incurred obligations on protection of compatriots. It is a part of an official state policy of our country. The Syrian situation neunikalna, precedents is, action here again is necessary.

- and the Syrian Circassians are considered as compatriots?

- All people of Russia are considered as compatriots where they lived.

is after all recent amendments to the law?

- Yes. But to these amendments Circassians de - fakto were considered as compatriots. Medvedev has translated them in a category de - jure.

- And why then many representatives of the Circassian organisations in Russia say, what actually this law on compatriots does not work in the relation of Circassians?

- the Law does not work concerning everything if fairly to speak. In crisis in Kirghizia too nobody evacuated Russian, if you remember. They too remained in private with a misfortune with these marauders who forced, plundered Russian. And anybody did not evacuate them from Kirghizia. I mean revolution when Bakiev has been dumped. It is the fact. The Russian television showed, how our compatriots are exposed to violence, to a robbery, marauding, and nevertheless anybody did not evacuate them. At us the problem consists that is a lot of laws, but they are not executed. And it is connected not only with Circassians, it is connected with all. Unless Russian evacuate from Syria? Or they in Homs do not suffer affliction? Or bombs choose only Circassians?

- there it is a lot of Russian?

- Russian exactly as much, how much and Circassians. Officially on the consular account 30 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation consists. Thousand figure 40 named the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation.

- but Circassians to Syria of an order of 100 thousand

- In the report of senators it is written: 30 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation without members of families. It is exact figure. They vote on presidential elections, the State Dumas That is these 30 thousand Citizens, more precisely, citizens of the Russian Federation, taking into account children who have the unconditional right to citizenship of the Russian Federation, and husbands it and will be about 100 thousand Family there having many children. These are absolutely equivalent two diasporas - 100 thousand Russian and 100 thousand Circassians. And too nobody is engaged in them, I would like to notice.

and position of Russian in Syria is worse, than Circassians, I would like to focus on it attention. The matter is that Russian which live in Syria, it is women who basically married in the Soviet years. They have lost for a long time social communications with the Russian Federation, many of them already do not have relatives, there are no houses, and by and large they have no place to come back.

- also there is no such diaspora among the countries of the world which would support them?

- Not only the world. And what region Russian Federation would attend today to position of Russian in Syria and would express desire them to accept? After all, except Kabardino - Balkarii, Adygea and Karachaevo-Circassia, anybody on a broader scale in Russia does not lift this problem. Including these patriotic organisations which tore on itself stripped vests to Manezhke. Nobody is interested in destiny of these people. On a meeting of delegation of Advice of federation Russian have come, they and have told: " And to whom we are necessary in Russia? " after all that such today evacuation? Them will plant in the plane, will take to the Sheremetyevo airport, at them passports of citizens of the Russian Federation - forward, here, please, Russia. And where it to go? Where it to live? They with children, with old men, with husbands. It is the most complicated social problem. These people cannot throw everything, even in the conditions of this tragedy. What, to it to live in the Sheremetyevo airport, a leah that? That is should be clearly and the area is accurately defined, the subject of federation where compatriots without dependence from a nationality - and Russian, and adygi are taken out, and Ossetins, - and should be defined the centres of time placing. It should be carried out at the state level, instead of public organisations as it becomes now. Yes, and more. That fact that at these Russian people is citizenship of the Russian Federation, actually a little that solves. Because children - that and husbands of citizenship have no them. And departure to Russia a full family the extremely inconvenient procedure for these families. Also it is necessary to pay attention that citizenship registration, acknowledgement of citizenship for children is the extremely expensive procedure, it approximately 3 - a monthly salary. And in modern conditions when the economy of Syria is completely paralysed, people do not have means to issue to children of the passport. Many do not have means even to buy the ticket. I, for example, have paid for the ticket of 34 thousand rbl. Moscow-Damascus-Moscow.

- that is all it not so absolutely Circassian problem?

is actually a problem of ability of our state to execute the taken obligations to the citizens, to compatriots. Homs already half a year is fired by the governmental armies, there the big diaspora and Circassians, and Russian. Somebody is interested in them? Russian organisations of Damascus say that they do not have communication with Homs. After all it is areas of terrorist activity, they are blocked both armies, and insurgents, and they do not have communications.

- very few people have expressed desire to arrive to Russia. The majority remains in Syria. A leah will solve repatriation of those who wants to return, as a whole a problem of compatriots to Syria?

- Is not present, certainly. Here it is necessary to operate from two parties. In - the first, it is necessary to increase efforts on situation settlement in Syria. It corresponds to interests of compatriots and first of all the Syrian people because the most part of our compatriots even in modern conditions aspires to remain in Syria and urges Russia to promote in situation settlement in Syria. Because people in the absolute majority are not ready to throw the country. Therefore an absolute priority - it is unconditional, this peaceful settlement of a situation in Syria. Because in the conditions of the world, security and stability even repatriation processes can be realised in quieter conditions - without a hysterics and emergency evacuation. It is one party. The second party of a medal consists that those people, which have expressed desire to move to Russia (and it about 120 families and more nearby 100 persons who ask humanitarian evacuation as have no passports), should acquire the right to return. Yes, the Russian Federation does not interfere with their arrival in our country, it all permissions stand out. But the centres where these people temporarily would take place should be opened and could pass legal procedures within the limits of a resettlement government program. They need to help to found a job. Here today in Republic Adygea more than 4700 foreign citizens work on various objects of a national economy. They are citizens of Vietnam, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. We quite could spend replacement of work forces by compatriots. After all the country does not have any social obligations to citizens of Central Asia and Vietnam, but it has obligations to the compatriots. There it is a lot of people with building specialities, it is a lot of technicians, they are very claimed in our economy. If only in Republic Adygea almost 5 thousand foreign citizens work on objects of a national economy it means that work forces are necessary to us. It only one subject of federation. And it is a question all - navsego of returning of 1 thousand persons from Syria.

- And the Islamic factor? It frightens many.

- The matter is that Circassians do not concern that category which is inclined to Islamic radicalism owing to specificity of culture Circassian, it is well-known. And Circassians are not presented neither in oppositional structures, nor in Islamic radical structures. Then, it is necessary to consider that Syria within decades, an order of 50 years, maintained positive relations with Soviet Union, there lives about 30 thousand persons which have got education in the Russian Federation. Many speak on - russki.