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" We want to develop "

the Chairman of social movement " Hase " Kabardino - Balkarii Ibragim Jaganov has explained to OLGA ALLENOVOJ, what for to stir the past and why in interests of Russia to solve a Circassian problem.
- a part of experts consider that the genocide subject is far-fetched that Yeltsin has apologised in due time the people living in the North Caucasus, for the Caucasian war and that there is no reason that so actively to kindle today this subject and to anger the power... And you as consider?

- a leah Is at truth levels how you think? Truth - it or is, or it is not present. Here again to try to adjust level, on - to mine, simply absurdity. What means - not to anger the power? Why truth should anger the Russian power? If it`s not true, let`s discuss. There are many platforms on which it can be made. There is a Russian Academy of Sciences, there are international organisations. Eventually, there is a court which can solve, where truth, and where a lie. But, unfortunately, till now any serious platform for discussion is not given us. But time the Russian state does not give us such possibility, we will search for it in other territories, in particular in Georgia, in Europe or in America. Because the alternative at us is not present.

- But there is an opinion that lobbying of this subject creates many problems to today`s Circassians. What for to lift a subject of the historical past which can complicate life today?

- By and large is not trade. There are certain values for which it is necessary to die in the last ditch. Here even repatriates take. They should be convinced that with them want to manage on - chelovecheski. Repatriates have an elementary fear, they conceive till now Russia as the barbarous communistic state, and their majority from one thought that it is possible to move to such state, are horrified. It is necessary to change this opinion at first. And to change it it is possible by normal dialogue and discussion of this question. Will invite them, give a platform. After all to us do not want to talk, to us simply say that we anybody. Here there is at you in Moscow an expert which has declared recently, what Circassians who lift a genocide subject, it is necessary tochechno to destroy

- Well, maybe, the sick person, what for so to react?

- you excuse me, but it turns out so what exactly these patients build the state national policy in Russia. Well, someone then should deny it from authorities. But it does not become. Also it turns out so that, except opinion here this patient, another simply is not present. Also what with it to do? How to convince those who reads this expert, what she the patient? Yes in any way. And as a result such here patients form the point of view. And no alternative to this point of view till today is present. We do not have serious resources that we could deny or prove it the return. And in Georgia for us very serious platform is created. In the Caucasian war Georgia was cultural - huge archives exist the political centre on caucasus, here. Georgia, unlike Russia, not otkreshchivaetsja from the participation in the Caucasian war. There were many officers and military units Georgian which took part in military operations against Circassians, and they speak about it. Basically it was such colonial period all over the world. About the same England in India, France in the North America, Russia beyond Ural Mountains did. Tens people on a broader scale have disappeared, they already are not present, only one mention. But these empires former, these civilisations have apologised before those people which have enslaved, and try to create any conditions that these nations did not disappear, and, to the contrary, could be revived. Also try to integrate them into the society. That we do not see in Russia.

- and that you want from Russia? After all Yeltsin has apologised.

- Here look. To me, the person with the Soviet education, Russian-speaking, guided in geopolitical space of Russia, fine understanding potential economic Russia, the countries where everything now climb, now to try to separate from Russia and to construct any mythical state is a nonsense and a utopia. We understand it. No question on branch and for today or building of any Circassian state of speech is present. Speech about other. Our nation does not develop. Any nation is a territory, it is language, it is culture. All it at us under serious threat. And we want as - to be protected that. It is very important question for us.

- and it is concrete that you want? How all it to develop?

- We, in - the first, want to live in demokraticheski a lawful state where our rights would be protected.

- all want.

- Where our rights, our earth, culture, language would be protected. We want to develop, we want, that our number grew, and it does not grow. That is we want what wanted by all people of Russia. And why you consider, what we want something extraordinary, something such that others do not want? Well and, of course, now there is very sharply a repatriation subject. We consider that the repatriate, the Circassian, can arrive on the native land not on the same conditions on which there comes the Chinese - the guest worker, and on special conditions. We consider that they can have a dual citizenship and they should have the right to receive the Russian passport in the shortest terms. And if this person wants to live in Russia, he can live in Russia. And to create for it normal conditions as it becomes all over the world. I think, we it have merited. bolshego it is not necessary to us.

- So in what a problem?

- I think that the Russian authorities, to be exact, those representatives of the power who in the categorical form oppose it, are afraid that Circassians will demand indemnification which Germany, for example, pays to Jews. But it is a discussion question. If such possibilities are not present, means, we will solve it as - that on - to another.

- as? The diaspora will help?

- Well, it is a point of issue. But it is not necessary to get jammed on it all problem and to try to prove that it was not. The history of it will not forgive. Any people need a repentance. And it is necessary first of all for strengthening of the Russian statehood. We live in the big, beautiful, self-sufficient, rich country. But in this country the bad state. And by and large in this bad state Russian first of all suffer affliction. Because the identity problem in Russia is not solved.

- repatriation is a main problem which disturbs you? Or there is something else?

- you mean the Olympic Games? Well so after all it is all it is connected with repatriation. We consider what to hold the Olympic Games it is necessary, the Russian statehood should become stronger these Olympic Games, but the repentance any is necessary. After all today repatriates are those descendants who have been expelled from these territories. Also it is not necessary to spend, probably, the Olympic Games in such aura. In territory where the whole people have been actually destroyed.

- that you mean? After all the part of Circassians remained in this territory .

- Many ask that we consider as a genocide. The Krasnodar and Stavropol edges are former Circassian territories. These territories have been absolutely released from local population and are populated with absolutely other people, from Russia. When Mongols have come to Russia, they did not begin to destroy the people. They did not begin to move a city and settlement and to occupy their Mongols. They have tried to integrate them into the society, even any church have not destroyed by and large. And then in 300 years the Gold horde became a starting point for formation of the Russian state. But with ours have arrived absolutely on - to another. Have completely cleaned territory and have occupied other people. Have violently occupied. Many did not want to come, because it there was very dangerous territory, the war territory, and the peace population does not like to move on such territories. But them have forced to move there. You, probably, have paid attention that territorially here these three republics where there live today Circassians, last along mounts. Yermolov has put forward the slogan: " caucasus, but without Caucasians " is necessary To us;. And here that part of the population about which you speak, has survived thanks to mounts. And thanks to that the world community all - taki by this period has already raised the voice, there were very powerful social movements in Europe which have started to oppose wars. And if it not a genocide what is it? If from 100 % of the population 90 % are expelled or destroyed, what is it? And I think that if Russia for it will confess, it will be good for all.

- I once again remind you that Yeltsin has apologised the Caucasian people .

- it is not enough of It. And what to do with millions which live abroad? If the state has confessed, it does something for those who wants to return. We precisely know that the majority will not arrive, because they are normally arranged and at them mentality already absolutely another. Many live in very good and rich states. America they also will not change for Russia. But that part which all - taki wants to return, especially now when so the Syrian question is actual, let will receive such possibility. They after all have appeared in territory of military operations. Also there is a threat of their life. Also can be, there will be a new war because the situation between Israel and Iran is very strongly heated, and Syria just is between them. And in this situation to show any mercy and to help these people as in Russia a heavy demographic situation, huge territories are empty. And in these conditions to be afraid of people from - for a boundary - well, strange.

- but after all already any repatriates come back?

- In a private order. By it simply do invitations the public Circassian organisations, and they do not have any status till now. Has in total returned the person 200. And till now they on a visa regime. Will expire visa term - they should leave. The visa is given for three months, and the status by them can receive in half a year. They should receive all any status. Or refugees, or still someone.

- some experts consider that if the Olympic Games in Sochi to open a Circassian subject it will be removed by heat and a problem will be softened.

- Well, in any measure yes. But again - taki to open the Olympic Games in those conditions in which now there are our people, it turns out on bones. These bones should be rehabilitated. Just the law on repatriation or at least more perfect law on compatriots could solve this question. And simply to dance at opening in " to the Circassian " - will not go.