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" the Russian colleagues at last have understood that someone has swindled them "

the Debt of Moldova for the Russian gas formed from - for chronic non-payments uncontrollable Kishinev of Dnestr region, has reached $3,5 billion In the Moldavian government consider what to solve a problem it is possible. Supervising power vitse - the prime minister of Moldova VALERIU LAZER has told to correspondents " " to VLADIMIR SOLOVEVU and NATALIA the MILLER as it to make.
you named a gas debt a bomb. When it rvanet?

We, as careful sappers, try to neutralise this bomb. I have a sensation that the real situation was estimated not only in Kishinev, but also in Moscow. I have felt change of moods there. In conversation with very high-ranking Russian colleagues to us it has been told: " We do not understand, that we there, in Dnestr region, have reached ". Clearly only that it costed to Russia $3,5 billion to These already Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation is interested. In " Gazprom " for a long time are nervous.

there is a turned out mechanism of actions when any consumer does not pay for gas. The one who does not pay off, disconnected from gas supply. But in a case with Dnestr region at " Moldovagaza " there is no possibility it to make.

in Dnestr region anybody to itself allows to pay " Tiraspoltransgazu ".

and #150;. After all if whence - that $3,5 mlrd have left, they where - that have come. " Moldovagaz " it is limited in possibility to understand with the debtor, " Tiraspoltransgazom " owing to the objective reasons not the economic. The only thing that pays Tiraspol last five years, services in gas transit. But it covers only 4 % of payments. And where the others of 96 %?

And where?

the Part of this money is covered in a tariff difference. " Moldovagaz " Buys from Russia gas on $400 for one thousand cubes. To this sum on an input to Moldova $100 for distribution are added. As a result the average tariff for the consumer makes $500 for one thousand cubes. However for consumers of Dnestr region the in-Russian prices are established, as a matter of fact. From - for it obrazovyvaetsja a hole.

Besides, in Dnestr region two large economic agents with the Russian capital: the Moldavian state district power station and the Moldavian metal works in Rybnitse. The order of Dnestr administration it have established the price in $150 - 160 for one thousand cubes. We buy on $400, and for them the tariff almost three times is less. But the most interesting all this money, and that the population pays, and arriving from the enterprises, accumulates on spetsschete. And it bjudzhetoobrazujushchy the bill of Dnestr region.

there is a desire at Russia it to be engaged? Well also be engaged, and we here and? But to us speak: " Moldova should for gas ". The state Republic Moldova is exact should not. There are debts " Moldovagaza " before " Gazprom " actually it is a debt " Tiraspoltransgaza ". I ask the Russian colleagues: at you in " Moldovagaze " the share more than at us, and this enterprise is more yours, than ours. Its destiny to you is indifferent?

also what respond in Moscow?

While are silent. But even influential Russian officials ask a question: that has Russia won what the hole in $3,5 mlrd was formed? Politically it has received nothing. And Moldova has received nothing. And " Gazprom " also has at all lost. But after all someone from it has won?

a debt of Dnestr region for the Russian gas experts name political.

the Political debt obrazovyvaetsja when at someone is political interest. At Moldova in it no interest is present. But at someone it is?

at Russia?

the Logic me forces to think in this direction.

but you have told that your Russian interlocutors do not understand that Russia from all this situation has got.

Russia big. There is the Kremlin, there is a White house, there is a staff - apartment " Gazprom " there are other important structures. Thank God that our Russian colleagues at last have understood that someone has swindled them. Someone has convinced them that there (in Dnestr region. " " ) any political interests will be realised. But to it were very accurately stuck any business - interests. Means, the one who from it had something should pay for all.

you have thought up, how from this bomb to take a detonator?

With " Gazprom " we have a vision of this situation.

There is a plan of a solution of a problem of a debt?

Not the detailed. At us now two problems. The first within the limits of the future contract (" Moldovagaz " and " Gazprom " work over the new long-term contract on gas deliveries. " " ) to stop process of accumulation of a debt by allocation of separate consumers. There are some consumers of gas, including " Tiraspoltransgaz ". Let it leaves on the direct contract and pays off directly with " Gazprom ". In " Gazprom " to it are ready. And further we start to work with a debt, to clear balance " Moldovagaza ".

Even if this scenario will be realised, the debt anywhere will not get to. Moldova does not want to extinguish it and cannot.

And for what reason?

What offer? Russia should understand and forgive?

both #150; the Russian and Moldavian right allows " Moldovagazu " to concede a debt. That is " Moldovagaz " speaks: respected " Gazprom " I have run into debt to you, and " Tiraspoltransgaz " to me. Demand now you from them.

In " Gazprom " agree such scheme?

In May at a meeting of the Russian and Moldavian prime ministers in Ashkhabad (during session of advice of heads of the governments of the CIS countries. " " ) the encouraging thought which was voiced by Dmitry Medvedev has sounded. He has told that in Moscow there is an understanding of that the problem should be solved and that at the Russian side eyes on which - what things have opened. As he said, our countries need to find the correct legal and financial formula on which we will leave this situation. For me it is very positive signal. Have understood, where money, it is necessary to pull out or forgive them therefrom. As it legally to make I of special problems do not see. There would be a will.