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Off-road car rare species

Last transfiguration of Mitsubishi Pajero became an example of how it is possible, practically having changed nothing, once again to present for a long time the known car to the updated. And thus without having spoilt the old kind car ornaments.

warm memoirs
As - that the friend was converted to me behind advice. He wanted to paint the car and asked, where it is better for making. It was a question of the car of 1988 of the release, rusted in some places already through. I have taken an interest: and what for? What for to put up money in very old car, if it not oldtajmer, not a collection rarity, and usual mass model, let when - that and considered prestigious? Perhaps, it is better to buy something ponovee?

you Know, the friend has responded, I do not want the new car. I, speak, have done a bit of travelling here on salons, have looked at different cars, have sat in them, have felt they are not pleasant to me. Absolutely. I understand that the xenon light It is safe, and buttons on a wheel conveniently, but I have got used to manage without them. To me, speaks, in modern cars it is not pleasant anything how they look, how they go, of what they are made. It is a pity, says that old cars have ceased to let out, I and now bought them.

my companion was not right. Let out old cars still as. Probably, not one it such original: there is a demand so, there is also an offer. For example, updated Mitsubishi Pajero it same, as well as old, it have not spoilt. I could go by second generation Mitsubishi Pajero in 1999, on it of third generation in 2002, on the present updated car already fourth generation both #150; and a basic difference between them I have not felt.

happens as: passes heels of years, there is a new model, and it not to learn. Because it is already perfect other car, only is called on - old. In our case all to the contrary: you sit down in brand new with igolochki the car and there and then you learn in it old kind Mitsubishi Pajero which many years did not see. Very much all it calls warm feelings, as though after long separation has arrived to the grandmother to village, and there all as was in the childhood. And even that the old woman what for - that has replaced hodiki with a cuckoo with an electronic alarm clock, and the place of the old is black - the white TV on legs the flat liquid crystal panel has occupied, general impression does not spoil.

the mighty diesel roar accompanied by appreciable vibration, as it not to learn. Big uhvatistyj a wheel regulated only on height which can be twisted in each party to posinenija. A driver`s armchair, priborka, buttons, as if borrowed from a dredge cabin. And so-called leather furnish of seats at which manufacturing any animal has not suffered.

Let behind a window hoot a wind of changes, in Mitsubishi Pajero time has stiffened. Oak booming plastic of the forward panel and coverings of doors has not handed over the positions. The massive handle of switching of modes of transmission has not conceded to modern buttons a span. odnozonnaja the climatic system on - former with cheerful noise tempers forward and back passengers powerful streams of air, reluctantly responding on management. In a wide armrest, as before, it is possible to hide a beer box. Rychazhok petrol tank opening too on a habitual place deeply under a steering column. But we will not dissemble, some changes in an interior all - taki can be found. The most basic innovation has appeared USB - a socket.

that has changed in external shape of updated Mitsubishi Pajero too a question, worthy club of experts. If to whom on a quiz of fans of cars of Mitsubishi it will set, know: business in facing of a forward part of the car. At dorestajlingovogo fourth generation radiatornaja the lattice is issued in the form of horizontal brilliant strips. Updated Mitsubishi Pajero on these strips had small teeth of a squared shape. And on a bumper two new folds. Appeal of the car has not suffered from it at all, it on - former is high, great and brutalen, as the bulldozer.

engines, a suspension bracket, transmission all remains without changes. There was a new system of a priority of a pedal of a brake over an accelerator pedal. In updated Mitsubishi Pajero it is possible to press safely on both pedals simultaneously all the same the car will brake.

it is pleasant that car updating practically was not reflected in the price: Mitsubishi Pajero is, as before, rather inexpensive in the class. The prices for the petrol version with the engine in volume of 3 l capacity of 178 l. With. And an automatic transmission begin from 1,589 million rbl. The test car with the turbodiesel engine of 3,2 l capacity of 200 l. With., an automatic transmission and the maximum set of options costs at dealers from 2,069 million rbl.

present Questions
New Mitsubishi Pajero on a present coil of evolution represents rare enough today car type. It is an off-road car which almost that has ceased to be an off-road car, but has not turned yet to a city crossover.

it is not accepted to put on present generation of Mitsubishi Pajero in malicious mud rubber, to equip lebedkami, to cover reechnymi jacks and to heat in a bog. Serious men in a camouflage and boots frown, when look at the varnished plastic bumpers, and are discontentedly bent, having learnt about an independent suspension bracket.

And glossy city fops are perplexed, why they should be reconciled with nasty dynamics and controllability, and do not understand, blocking of interaxal and back differentials, no less than a hill-climbing gear what for are necessary. To climb on a high border, to be parked on a children`s playground, it is possible and without these complexities.

in Mitsubishi Pajero city has impressed unless with fuel consumption. At slow driving on the Moscow stoppers it is exclusive on a back drive the expense of diesel fuel reached to 17 l on 100 km of a way. It is good that a tank at the car voluminous enough 88 l.

and on country road on Mitsubishi Pajero is better to go slowly. You float as by the ship, haughtily you look at useless vanity hurrying, you are content if not with silence quite moderate rumble which, if to add turns, becomes unpleasant. Besides to go, without breaking a high-speed mode, leaves more economic, though not the advanced diesel motor plus aerodynamics of a brick and do not show miracles: the expense on highway about 10 l on 100 km.

dynamics of Mitsubishi Pajero rather languid, weight and dimensions big, and brakes not the most tenacious. On roughnesses the car aloud shakes, in turns it heels. The box works accurately, but slowly, the engine rustles.

in the first trip to shop I was beaten nearly a back door, and by all because it heavy (behind on it also the spare wheel hangs), opens sideways and is not fixed in any way. Probably, the car stood not absolutely exactly, and can, the breeze has blown, but while I thrust packages in a luggage carrier, the door has started to be closed itself hardly has had time to evade.

to Combine back seats to place in a luggage carrier an inflatable boat, the pendant motor, tent, marching chairs, a table, sleeping bags, pillows, ware, a water-supply and fire wood for two days, tools, tackles and other necessary trifles for forthcoming fishing it has appeared uneasy. The instruction modestly holds back it, but seats develop, only if preliminary backs to put vertically. Certainly, a luggage carrier of Mitsubishi Pajero and without that big 633 l, but, having combined a back row, you receive already 1790 l. Spinnings there can be put without putting lengths suffice, the boat motor can be carried vertically heights suffice. However, plastic of a covering of a luggage carrier any impractical, all on it leaves scratches.

if when - nibud will hold competition on the most dirty car, Mitsubishi Pajero have every chance in it to defeat. Even the dry dirt strives to be fixed at the first possibility on mirrors, glasses, thresholds, and especially on a back door. To photograph the pure car on a nature bosom, it was necessary to wash its two times and literally to be stolen on proselku that any mote has not risen from the earth.

also has afflicted that the navigating system of test Mitsubishi Pajero did not know many roads situated near Moscow, even that are constructed and are used for a long time. Fans of hunting and fishing should get paper maps or to rely on more knowing devices.

and on a broader scale, all these modern electronic systems in Mitsubishi Pajero as - that have not so got accustomed, the ergonomics of a driver`s place with them are not become better at all. Like buttons on a wheel are, but to use them inconveniently: the button of the answer to phone call, for example, is in the bottom of a wheel, where normal drivers of hands do not hold and to press, it is necessary to look around for it. Or the same navigating system, which screen it is located too low, has the bad permission and it is nasty read.

but with what ease and even negligence it is possible to go by this car on country roads, to move down from them in the field, to clamber on abrupt river coast, moving down to the water. The main thing not to risk thoughtlessly, not to plant Mitsubishi Pajero on a belly, not to tear off to it thresholds and not to spoil bumpers. The off-road potential of this car is really great, but to realise it as - that bojazno.

the Person who will dare to buy such car, should find answers to questions which I for week of the test to find and could not. If really you love rest on the nature if it is pleasant to knead a dirt and to get more deeply into a thicket, the car which is terrible for scratching branches what for is necessary? And if you want comfort, capacity and solidity, what for to choose the car which is mediocre dispersed, rustles, is shaken, heels and jumps on hollows? Serious all-wheel drive off-road transmission and a suspension bracket it is all - taki not simply applications to spacious salon, the big luggage carrier and the third row of seats. It that it is necessary to suffer day by day and to apply efficiently it will turn out only off and on. And then, a leah is sense to buy for big enough money the new old car when there are new modern? However, after all there are also fans like my friend such it are pleasant whom.

cost of the annual insurance kasko on test Mitsubishi Pajero 3. 2 DI - D about 100 thousand rbl. a year for the program without the franchise, OSAGO 6336 rbl. year, the transport tax 9 thousand rbl. a year. Periodicity THAT once a year or 15 thousand in km of run, cost THAT from 12 thousand rbl. Taking into account expendable materials. The price of the complete set of winter rubber of the size 265 / 65 R17 30 - 40 thousand rbl. depending on model and the manufacturer.

Mitsubishi Pajero 3. 2 DI - D

Dimensions: length / width / height (mm) 4900 / 1875 / 1900
the Drive full
the Engine, type the Turbodiesel
Volume 3,2 l.
capacity 200 l. With.
transmission 5 - step AKPP
the Price from 1 969 000 rbl.

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