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In Russia in comparison with last year expenses on officials have increased almost by 40 percent and as experts of the consulting company FBK have counted up, each inhabitant of the country spends hundred dollars a year for the maintenance of all this bureaucratic machinery, that is on the average 3276 roubles.

" has decided to make experiment. Having remembered, as abused for kantseljarizm and bureaucracy the power Soviet, we have compared, the structure of the modern administrations which have come in the stead to executive committees has how much changed. And for a basis took two regional directories: " Executive committees of local advice of People`s Deputies and their departments " for 1984 and " Enforcement authorities of the Volgograd region " for 2009 - j.

It has appeared that for twenty five years the power has acquired new departments which at Advice was not and in pomine, and on change to usual departments committees, managements and departments have come. For example, in 1984 the Volgograd regional executive committee as - that consulted without Committee of natural resources and preservation of the environment, Management of a fire service and civil protection, Management of highways, veterinary science, the hunting and fish economy.

Committees such were not, and roads were, and vetsluzhby worked, and for illegal hunting and fishing punished not less, than now. Certainly, all it watched, only not separate departments. Functions have been scattered on other departments which, by the way, it is successful enough with it consulted. Nowadays, for example, in the Volgograd region four departments are engaged in building and housing questions at once: committee on building and housing - to municipal services, architecture and town-planning central administrative board, the state housing inspection and management of the state building supervision. First also you will not understand, to whom to go in case of need. Though earlier all functions have been distributed between three departments.

But the departments supervising agriculture and the industry, now much less, than in 1984 - the m. Then was engaged in the chemical, oil and gas industry one department, agricultural mechanical engineering problems - another, and light industry and consumer goods - the third. But now, when factories and factories have passed in private hands, and at the state only small share, the need in these departments has, seemingly, disappeared. On their place there was only one committee. One more important department - the account and floor space distribution has disappeared. It and is clear: earlier every second stood in a queue on apartment, and eventually received it, and now to distribute - that especially nothing.

does not remain also a trace from the device of the representative on religion affairs at Ministerial council of the USSR across the Volgograd region, but there was a new committee on affairs of nationalities and the Cossacks, there is no department of the prices, but there is a Management on to regional tariffs, and for change of department of propagation and CPSU propaganda the committee on the press and the information has come. And departments of foreign communications and organizational party work also have at all disappeared, as past vestiges.

But work at heads of devices became, most likely, more hard. That is why without zamov there, and here If earlier the chairman of executive committee managed five assistants the present governor has got at once twelve, the Volgograd mayor is more modest, manages only nine zamami. If and further will go, and the quantity of officials will continue to increase every year, soon on each citizen it is necessary on one official. Perhaps it also is that light future?



Vladimir Atopov, the chairman of executive committee of the Volgograd city council with 1974 for 1986, the honourable citizen - the hero of Volgograd:

- Now we see unjustified increase and quantities of various committees, departments, and officials. Let there was no committee on youth affairs earlier, but these functions were carried out successfully VLKSM, there was no separately a committee on wildlife management - this work was carried out within the limits of other department.   It seems to me, as now it is necessary to carry out reorganisation. Each department should be responsible for the work accurately. Before structures, before people it is necessary to put accurate problems about instructions of terms execution, instead of simply to register duties of this or that committee. And now departments function, and result it is not visible. Persons of heads, and here periodically flash that the army of the officials, standing up for does by them, it is not visible to the simple people. Was so Earlier: has set for the assistant a problem, has designated terms, let carries out. And everyone knew that if the result will not be, it can lose the place. After all differently it is possible to stay to pension on a free place so anything and having made.            



Alexander Popkov, the deputy of the Volgograd regional Duma:

- that there were committees - to the contrary well. This status allows department to cover much more problems and questions in which it is engaged. Certainly, there are among officials, approximately 15 percent, and such who badly consults with the duties, but, and in other establishments, their firms in any way it is less, and even it is more, especially in the large commercial oil or gas companies.    


the Comment of the political scientist

Alexander Strizoe:

- In general growth of bureaucracy and increase in expenses at its maintenance should call concern all of us. Certainly, structures, for example, responsible for rational use of natural resources, maintenance of preservation of the environment, are necessary, but other question as this structure is better for issuing: in the form of committee or management or to create department of inside already existing department. But anyway now work should be directed on decrease in quantity of employees of administrations.  



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