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Cash back on a trifle

This summer more and more the Russian banks carries out actions on popularisation of plastic cards when to the map bill comes back to 10 % of the means spent through it. However, business is not has reached full altruism — numerous restrictions in small print are registered in descriptions of actions. But if to watch closely offers from banks, it is possible to save not bad.

in Russia not the first year there are maps with function cash back which allow to return on the bill from 0,5 % to 10 % of the means spent with their help. During a summer season a number of banks has started special actions for shopogolikov and tourists. For example, on conditions of the action of Citybank which will last till August, 1st, to holders of all credit cards of bank 5 % of the sum spent for purchases abroad if it exceeds 15 thousand rbl. However, will come back there is a reservation: the maximum size cash back makes all 1 thousand rbl.

Is at banks and more interesting offers, allowing to save on purchases. For example, on credit Europe bank till the end of summer operates the action on all credit cards: the bank returns 100 rbl. from each transaction for the sum from 1,5 thousand rbl. (6,7 %) and in addition plays " smart rest ".

As to maps with a constant option cash back on the average banks return to clients on bill 1 % of the sum of purchase a minus of 13 % of surtax. Cash back does not extend on operation on removal of cash in a cash dispense and on transfers of means from a map. Thus some banks designate certain categories of purchases for which the raised percent are charged. For example, VTB 24 returns on bill 5 of % from the sums spent in one of following bonus categories of shops: " Autorefuellings " " Restaurants, bars, cafe " " Drugstores " " cosmetics Shops ". And at payment of all other categories of purchases only 1 %. The maximum size cash back in a month makes 15 thousand rbl. Choose for itself other bonus category the client time in three months can. As mark in bank VTB 24, such maps use special popularity at motorists.

" the Renaissance the credit " unlike VTB 24, itself monthly chooses a category of trade enterprises, after purchases in which the raised returnable percent are charged. At first the bank charged 10 % for operations on the gas station and 1 % at payment of the goods and services in other points. Next month 10 - percentage cash back extended on purchases in supermarkets. Then there was an action with return of the raised percent at purchases on the Internet. In July of 10 % are charged for the operations made on a map in cafe, restaurants and in a public catering of fast service. However, at bank the limit on cash back and #150 is established; no more than 1 thousand rbl. a month.

bank " Tinkoff Credit systems " (TKS) twice a month chooses two categories of shops, after purchases in which returns to clients of their expenditure of 5 %. In April - May it there were restaurants and tourist agencies, in June - July both #150; supermarkets and the gas station. For August - September is planned raised cash back at acquisition of fuel, medicines and books. In other cases cash back makes only 0,5 %. Distinctive feature of thematic maps of bank TKS all of them debit. And to receive such it is possible, only having issued in bank the contribution a minimum on 30 thousand rbl. Thus on the rest on a map to 200 thousand rbl. 10 % annual are charged.

other principle of charge of percent uses bank " the Russian standard ". After the first purchase through a map the bank returns 10 % of the spent sum, but no more than 1 thousand rbl. For all subsequent purchases the bank charges 1 %. However after the total sum of purchases on a map within a year will exceed 1 million rbl. cash back increases to 3 %.

Unlike the majority of the banks paying compensation once a month, bank " Opening " lists cash back on the maps " Blju skaj " following the results of day next days: 0,7 % on standard maps and 1,4 % on " gold ". A limit cash back 1 thousand rbl. it is established for each operation.

not all banks are ready to leave ready cash, therefore they think out different variants of return of a part of the means spent on a map through points, bonuses and other schemes. For example, bank " Uralsib " returns 3 % of the sums spent through a map (a maximum of 5 thousand bonus roubles in a month), but only on the mobile phone bill (telecommunications operator any). However, today mobile operators give weight of services for any payment of services and the goods from the mobile phone bill. So to use this money Not a problem.

bank " Coherent " for each purchase on all universal maps pays off with points under the program " Coherent - club ": 1 % of cost of purchases on usual maps and 3 % on bonus World MasterCard. Points can be used as a discount in " Coherent " and at other partners of the program in a principle " 100 points 1 rouble of a discount ". Today in the list of partners about 20 retail companies. " judging by statistics, points it is adequate replacement high-grade cash back, our clients write off almost half of saved up points, tells the vice-president of board of bank " Coherent " Evgenie Davydovich. the indirect certificate of popularity of charge of points results of our actions within the limits of the program of encouragement of clients " can minister; Always 5! " starting in January, 2012 ". Under this program the bank defines every month a category trading - the service enterprises, in which clients receive five points for operations on the spent rouble (5 % of cost of purchase). " In the raised charge of points in a certain category the quantity and volume of transaction considerably increase (on the average on 20 - 40 %). That is clients watch bank offers, accumulation of points as one of advantages of a map " is interesting to them; Evgenie Davydovich speaks.

the credit Europe the bank lets out map Megacard to which 1 % (comes back at calculations by own means) and 2 % (at calculations credit) expenditure in any shops of the world in the form of bonus points. Points can be spent in the shops located in TTS " Mega " at the rate of 1 point / 1 rbl.

As are marked by bankers, maps with function cash back are got to themselves basically by very attentive clients tracing all offers of banks. And it is necessary to watch not only actions of banks, but also behind that shops sent authentic data in bank. " Cash back it is charged automatically under list MSS (Merchant Category Code), confirmed by bank - the emitter of a map. In case of large payments for full confidence that keshbek will be added, it is necessary to take an interest at the seller who MSS to it has appropriated bank - ekvajer. Some shops use incorrect MCC. Though in overwhelming majority of cases MSS at sellers correct " vice-president TKS Oleg Anisimov warns.

anyhow, popularity of maps with function cash back grows in our country. For example, the Citybank which has offered the first a map cash back in the Russian market in 2007, for five years has let out an order of 110 thousand maps and has returned to clients as compensation more than 200 million rbl. And VTB 24, practising as it was already told, raised cash back on certain group of purchases, only for half a year has returned to clients of 62,5 million rbl. of All since May, 2010 VTB 24 has let out more than 57 thousand maps.

the map with cash back if will not make you rich then will not be burdensome: if to spend on a map monthly at least 10 thousand rbl., it is possible to pay back at least expenses for its annual service. In a case with classical maps it on the average 600 - 900 rbl.

For this reason some Russian banks with constantly operating function cash back are sceptical about idea of maps. " abroad function cash back on maps at first has been claimed, but in due course has lost appeal and has turned in some kind of the internal tax for bank - the emitter. As a result the product with cash back instead of stimulation of turns lowered a margin for bank. Yes, maps with possibility cash back help to keep the client in bank, but the price of such deduction is great enough. Therefore we adhere to the scheme of time actions with cash back as it allows to interest clients during certain seasons " the chief of department on management of a portfolio and development of plastic cards the Credit Europe of bank Peter Popov argues.

Besides, introduction cash back very difficult technological problem. " realisation of such product demands from bank of the big level of automation of processes that assumes serious level of capital investments in the software " tells the deputy chief of management on work with sector roznitsy the Absolute - bank Anton Pavlov.

at the same time advantages which give such maps in struggle for the client, force banks to concern with all attention a question of introduction of function cash back. So to start in the near future maps with cash back have declared recently two more large retail banks intention: JUnikredit - bank and HKF - bank. And last promises to surprise the market in percent of returned means.

maps with function cash back

*Карта stands out in regional branches of bank.
** means are enlisted on the mobile phone bill.