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It and in Africa a hedgehog

People can sympathise with hedgehogs because those very lovely look. But if our hedgehog situated near Moscow actually a being gloomy enough and cold, African dwarfish belobrjuhy a hedgehog darling not only outside, but also in a shower. Small, in size with not too gluttonous porpoise, it easily finds room on a palm, whence trustingly looks at the world the clear round eyes and sometimes even like as smiles, that is informidably shows teeth. Shows not in sense to bite these mini - hedgehogs almost never bite, and so, as salution: the African hedgehogs are considered almost as the most benevolent and easily tamed representatives of the family.

purposeful cultivation of dwarfish hedgehogs has begun about twenty years ago in America. For expired short time transatlantic ezhezavodchiki have managed to achieve much, especially in sense of a variety okrasov: Initially modestly - greyish, now " Africans " please an eye directly - taki with a rainbow of colours. Now they happen angelski white, happen spotty, and also okrasa " pepper with salt " " chocolate " " cinnamon " " an apricot " red-eyed " shampan " well and that will be further we learn in due course wherefore selection work on microhedgehogs still proceeds. At us the first small Africans have appeared only some years ago.

the dwarfish hedgehog weighs nearby 300 - 400 grammes (however, it can be fattened and to kg but to whom from it it will be good?) . And weigh ezhihi and #150 so much; hedgehogs of a male still subtilnee. Besides the main ornament of any hedgehog, that is sharp needles, these Africans have still round ears, soft sherstka on a muzzle and a stomach, a small tail and touching short pads. Though when what kavalerstvennyj the hedgehog begins to look after the lady it, wishing to show the enormous growth and excellent to become, very much rises on paws and it appears even more ridiculously usual. Thus some enamoured hedgehogs also sing publish something like the bird`s trills (in usual life they usually pofyrkivajut, porykivajut or simply keep mum). By the way, these hedgehogs also almost topochut. However, to that there topotat - that? Three hundreds grammes?

on a broader scale - that hedgehogs beasts night, in the afternoon they need to sleep. But many dwarfish hedgehogs change to the natural habits and are awake at least a part of day, than improbably please the owners. They are and still especially recovered at night here at them and appetite becomes aggravated (for a night other hedgehog can knead meal in third of body weight), and to gambol it it would be desirable then when all members of household already sleep. That the hedgehog has not grown fat and did not miss at the long lonely nights, at its order the wheel and that the measured night scratch of a wheel has not demented you should be indispensable, do not forget to grease this equivalent of a racetrack properly.

the cage should be spacious simply speaking, the more, the better. In a cage it is necessary to be to a small house with tjufjachkom (to make tjufjachok it is not necessary, you give to a hedgehog hay and he will equip all in the best possible way), well and, of course, to a drinking bowl with a feeding trough. And still some dwarfish hedgehogs very much love toys pishchalki, rattles, balls and other in this spirit. Some of them even behind a ball run truth, back they to you will not bring it, do not hope. However, a leah is not enough It is uninitiated it seems that all hedgehogs are identical, but actually customs at them very different. And if one hedgehog simply sits hours, beholding the navel, and spits on owners sticking to it another is literally on heels goes for people, demands from them attention and plays in quite dog games for example, it is perfect on - bultererski seizes teeth a rag, hangs on it and wildly rejoices.

that before cage cleaning, in this sense the African the present gift of destiny: the terrible orderly person, it suits a toilet exclusively in one corner especially fallen in love to it where it is necessary to put a special box or lotochek which needs to be cleaned every day. And it is possible to change all other laying of time in two weeks.

the African hedgehog, naturally, is thermophilic, to it it is good degrees at 22 - 25. Is Hardly colder And it becomes languid and sad, well and if round it there have come frosts (that is something nearby 15 above zero) it aims to lie down in hibernation. To what many experts on hedgehogs advise not to lead up: there is a risk that your pupil simply does not leave hibernation. So, if becomes cold, put in a cage a thermorug.

from time to time the hedgehog nevertheless should be let out to run about on the house. As it walks usually without consequences a wire does not gnaw, wall-paper does not scratch, it is simple tychetsja on corners and looks that there is the interesting. However, any fur products from ezhinogo attention can suffer a little: the thermophilic hedgehog will try to nibble and carry away them pulled out in a small house. And in a cage this intelligent being comes back on toilet needs or is simple if it wanted to call him it is useless: probably, hedgehogs also know the name, but to come on call and on a broader scale to execute any commands they hardly will be. However, in circles of experts legends about dwarfish hedgehogs who manage on a broader scale without a cage go, are on the first call, bring to the owner of a toy and even sleep with them in one bed where get on specially for them to the constructed short flights of stairs, but such endowed Africans meet infrequently. More correctly, patient enough people infrequently come across to hedgehogs: training of a hedgehog basically is possible, only she demands patience in one thousand times more, than training of a poodle. A leah

dwarfish hedgehogs of the owners love? We do not know it. But that they distinguish the from strangers, it is exact: let sight at hedgehogs not all that well, but hearing and sense of smell excellent, so a master`s smell they with what will not confuse. And having scented the stranger, the hedgehog is usually turned off in a ball, but it is literally on pair seconds after all it is interesting to it to learn, who there has come. And a leah will give this someone to it something tasty, that is any worm or a cricket. Or an egg slice, or a little a boiled chicken, or a droplet of fruit, or simply dry feed hedgehogs are ready to try everything that badly lies. And here dairy products it is not necessary to give to them, fish, an onion, avocado, and also any smoked products, salinity and a sweet will not do the African good.

to Make friends with a recently acquired hedgehog simply, only it is not necessary to operate with impudence. At first simply plant it near to itself on a sofa, accurately, without wails and an agiotage, stroke it igolochki, offer it something tasty let will get used and will understand that dialogue with you is not dangerous and even it is pleasant. Will pass literally some days, both your grown soft and self-assured hedgehog will substitute willingly to you a defenceless paunch and to insist on that you scratched it. And if you scorn a hedgehog it dexterously will get on your feet and rassjadetsja at you in a lap And as at a hedgehog is kogotki to its owners there is a sense to go in trousers, and that will scratch.

hedgehogs usually co-exist with other animals easy, that is simply do not pay to them attention. However, it costs nothing to them to visit another`s bowl or to try to tear out from a dog or a cat of a few wool (on purpose umjagchenija the bed) here the main thing that oshchipyvaemyj not too was indignant and has not given to the impudent African a good dressing-down. Well and as to small children it is better to them not to give a dwarfish hedgehog for certain the senseless baby will start a hedgehog to squeeze, will prick, razvopitsja and will drop an animal, and to fall to hedgehogs it is not recommended.

But to it it is recommended to float usually dwarfish hedgehogs adore water entertainments, hours lap in a bath which cross good sports style, from time to time having a rest on a back. Water basically very much is pleasant to them, and if in its drinking bowl it is not enough, the small hedgehog sits down the sad column, all kind symbolising a despair abyss. However, these hedgehogs on a broader scale like to sit often on the priest many of them accept this suslichju a position, even when them photograph, probably, considering that so they look still neotrazimee.

the Amusing, naughty, lovely and harmless, dwarfish hedgehog lives in bondage of years six, and even ten. And sometimes even breeds; by the way, recently given birth happy mother it is unique ezhinaja a form in which they do not need to be touched: can and bite. In a word, leave a family for any time in rest, let ezhata will grow up, and you while think, where them to attach, in sense who from your acquaintances is worthy such imperial gift, as young belobrjuhy a hedgehog. Well and if the dwarfish hedgehog still remains your dream then you should be called (926 119 4824 And, probably, after that fatal call you for any 5 - 10 thousand roubles we will find the pupil of your dream.