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Chelindbank credit cards have gone to the people

Communication news

And at you will check up gas

In Khabarovsk there has come a season of attractions

Bashkiria 4 billion distances on building of schools, repair of roads and a pulling down of shabby habitation

" Spartak " and CSKA leave on Brazilians

The Ufa doctors can make out a social mortgage out of turn

Business details about an attack on children in the lift: in apartment at the mistress - avengers have found sulfuric acid

" Czechs of ours for flaws Have punished! "

For victory in League of champions of Mourinho will receive 30 million euro

Sergey Levitsky resigns

Kuznetsova there was on protection of Paris

The Daghestani who has raped 16 - the summer Izhevsk schoolgirl, have expelled from native places

Have branded!

Sharapova comes back to win " Rolan Garros "

Unique collection: " Great artists ". Delacroix

New unique collection " " the Russian bards

On Altai the family of the front-line soldier of 20 years after his death achieved the put monument

" the Dynamo " asks the help from businessmen

The Barnaul basketball players the best in Siberia!

Habarovchanka has seized money at energetikov for the bought counter

The businessman from Buryatiya has sent the former teacher to have a rest to Cambodia

Pushkin theatre DVGTU has collected friends of Vietnam

Ten Krasnoyarsk citizens become participants of show " Minute of Glory " on the First channel

In Krasnoyarsk search for terrorists who want to blow up HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION?

" has found Azov kioskera which has sold the ticket in cost of 18 million roubles

Across the Rostov region the elements

The public prosecutor from Komi became the hero of scandal, having passed in the plane without examination

Faculty for creative and ambitious people

FGUP " Rostehinventarizatsija - Federal BTI "

Theatres of Volgograd

Changes are made to regional decisions about rest of children

The Omsk mayoralty has reported to deputies about results of anti-recessionary measures

The crown has found the queen

Vladimir has noted last call

Irkutjanka was born in one day with "

Museum - a panorama " Stalingradsky fight "

street Chujkova, 47, t.: (8442 23 - 67 - 23, 23 - 72 - 72

Tickets: adults - 70 roubles, nurseries - 40 roubles.


At an exhibition 50 front pages of some numbers " are presented; " published in   the period with   1941 on   1945. On them the basic marks of the Great Patriotic War are displayed: speech of Molotova from   22   the June, become by the official announcement of the beginning of war for all inhabitants of the country, parade on   Red Square 7   the November, 1941, which majority of participants at once   went on   front, victories of Red Army, a capture of Berlin, signing " the Certificate about   capitulations " 8   May, 1945, the contract with   allies about   a post-war reorganisation of the world and   many other things.

6 - 12. V - with 10. 00 to 16. 00, the day off - Monday .



Townspeople leave on celebratory running

the Volgograd marathon will pass on Quay

on May, 10th on the Central quay of Volgograd will pass a sports feast " the Volgograd marathon ". Running distances on 1, 3, 10, 42 km and arrival on roller skates are offered participants. To take part in runnings, to receive prizes, a charge of positive emotions and support the stamp of the most track and field athletics region in Russia each interested person can. Participants and spectators are waited by the big entertaining program, performance musical and show - groups, competitions. Everything which have made an application on participation till May, 9th, will receive prizes.

the Central quay of Volgograd, on May, 10th the beginning in 10. 00 . The information and check in by phones : (8442 38 - 12 - 53, 8 - 906 - 400 - 89 - 47 and on a site www . volgamarathon . ru .



Elizabeth Seigniorial and Sergey Bezrukov will act in Volgograd in a Victory Day

Townspeople will see a comedy " Sirano de Bergerac "

Directors Sergey Bezrukov and Alexander Sinotov will present in Volgograd classical interpretation of a comedy " Sirano de Bergerac ". Brilliant suits, unique accessories, multimedia, fascinating mass and battle scenes, enchanting tricks and star actor`s ensemble guarantee success to performance. Leading roles in a comedy are executed by Sergey Bezrukov and Elizabeth Seigniorial.

a recreation centre " the Chemist ". on May, 9th , the beginning in 17. 00.

a recreation centre " October ". on May, 10th , the beginning in 17. 00.

Booking by phones: (8442 981 - 621, 312 - 130, (8443 27 - 64 - 72. Cost - 800 - 3500 roubles. organizer - agency " art - Volga ".


the Moscow dolls invite children and adults on laser mult - show

Spectators will see a premiere of a season - a comedy " Above clouds "

In performance " Above clouds " it is a lot of music, humour, special effects. The intrigue is saved to the ending, and children take active part during the investigation. During performance spectators will see: shows with disguise from Penelopy, focuses from Grishi, laser animation from Are brisk also the present laser show from a dragon -   the Puny creature. As spectators all hall take part in game " bu - ri - me ". And, certainly, the performance culmination - indelible fireworks from a streamer and confetti directly over auditorium.

the Regional philharmonic society. On May, 15th , the beginning in 10. 30 and 13. 00 .

Booking by phones: (8442 312 - 130. Cost - 150 - 400 roubles. organizer - agency " art - Volga ".


Denis Shvytov will give a unique concert in a native city

On the Volgograd scene the saxophonist the musician,   did not act more than two years
Recognized in the country and abroad; the virtuoso   improvisations   Denis Shvytov       on May, 19th   in     philharmonic societies.   our eminent   the fellow countryman   not   played   before   Inhabitants of Volgograd   more   two   years.   for   it   time   it   gave concerts   with     with   Big - a band   Igor   Butman,   Yury   Bashmet   and     its chamber ensemble   " Soloists   Moscow "     in   the best   halls of cities   the USA. In our city the saxophonist will present own   the project   " Music   ours   dreams,   or   ¾   happiness ".   In the program - compositions       L.Armstrong,   D   Ellingtona,   CH   Parker,   F.Sinatry, melodies   from   cult   domestic   films.

the Regional philharmonic society, on May, 19th, the beginning in 19. 00.   Club " Mega Space " on May, 20th, the beginning in 20. 00. Booking by phones: (8442 98 - 95 - 70,   500 - 609. Cost of tickets - 200 - 1000 rbl.

the Duet " nepara " will present in Volgograd the new program

Admirers will hear hits from an album " Doomed/ Betrothed "

Group " nepara " in Russia for a long time has occupied the musical ambry - sings songs for those who has some for 30. Songs " nepary " - about love, about life, about difficult human relations. They unboundedly sound on radio, and at their concerts always the notice. This year " nepara " has let out the third album under the bill with the name " Doomed/ Betrothed ". You will hear new compositions of group, and also old hits at their concert.

the Regional philharmonic society. 27   May, the beginning in 19. 00. Booking by phone: (8442 50 - 15 - 50. Cost of tickets - 500 - 2000 roubles. Organizer - agency " the Wind of changes ".  


In Volgograd the Chorus of a name Pjatnitsky

Legendary collective of Russia will act will sing and will dance on scene TSKZ

on May, 14th in Volgograd the legendary Chorus of a name Pjatnitsky - the oldest collective of Russia will act. It has entered for the first time Russian country song into sphere of high art and has glorified it for the whole world. Ensemble performances did not leave at all times spectators indifferent. the Basis of repertoire of collective - songs and dances of different regions of Russia which not only are sung, but also " are played " executors . the Modern chorus of a name Pjatnitsky is the big collective consisting of choral, orchestral and dancing groups.

TSKZ. On May, 14th , the beginning in 19. 00. Booking by phone: (8442 50 - 03 - 50. Organizer - agency " All stars ".

" the White square " and the flying batman met visitors of night of museums in Syktyvkar

You do not want to study in the summer?

Tatyana Knyazev, the director of commercial department of the Children`s improving centre and Base of rest " the Wood pearl ": " Any child of our region can receive a vacation package on travel for children "

Victor Loginov: " I try to stifle in myself to Bukin`s Gene "

The euro has fallen to level of April of last year

Shamans have asked for the owner of Irkutsk of well-being and happiness

" the Father then to me has told: " Even in the war I will be with you "

In Syktyvkar it was not possible to open from the first a monument to a wood-grouse

" " - 85 years

Reviews of films

From viagra it is possible to become deaf!

Tomorrow last call will sound for 5 000 schoolboys

Directory of the tourist the Part 2 - I