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Not inveterate past

in the Spring of 1595, after unprecedented 70 tours of voting, in Venice have chosen the next doge elderly and rich, as all decent doges, Marino Grimani. It corrected ten years, was remembered by generosity, cunning, taste to Homeric festivals and an uncompromising position in the conflict to Vatican about the Republic sovereignty in church affairs. It is decent, but for a place among the main directors of world history as - that is small. And, naturally, nobody could assume that crowning of this doge approximately 400 years later will appear an occasion to one of the most surprising adventures in the history of a sound recording.

the ringleader of this adventure the Floor of Makkrish, the British conductor who last years often enough can be heard executing the Glitch, Mozart and even Berlioz, but began it as the expert in music of the late Renaissance (first of all just Venetian) and early baroque. The expert zealous; it is not so clear, a leah is still such now, but in the early eighties such were, and demand for them was, so based Makkrishem ensemble (Gabrieli Consort a vocal part, Gabrieli Players tool) for some years it was possible to deduce in number of the most interesting " authentic " commands of Europe. In 1990 - m, definitively fixing this rank, there was their first record devoted by that " the Venetian crowning " 1595.

the most superficial purpose of this album was as if even boring. A certain set of the liturgical music written for the Dignity - Marko two composers, the uncle and the nephew Andrea and Giovanni Gabriels. These are very important for the end of XVI century composers, their style in many respects dictated by acoustic conditions of the Venetian basilica and its ceremonial, for some time any Monteverdi has entered then into a fashion across all Europe, but all taki they not, and to imagine an excessive demand for the next collection of their compositions a little difficultly.

and here what way was selected by the conductor. We take any big ceremonial event of that time the same crowning of Marino Grimani about which it is known that it was very magnificent. We will pick up music both Gabriels which theoretically could sound during a coronation mass. But the most important thing we will add with its all that remains outside of notes, we will recreate that magnificent sound environment, which " author`s " music Gabriels was only a part. Let in the same row with motetami and " decorative " Mass numbers in acoustic conditions approached to the Venetian original sound, as on vsamdelishnoj to a mass, Latin prayers, the gregorian choral, bells and fanfares.

this approach has a special name " liturgical reconstruction " and, strictly speaking, Makkrish has not invented it. To this idea have come a little earlier that in the general channel of interest of that time to " correct " from the contextual point of view to execution of ancient music it was very natural.

after all as we represent to ourselves " composer " a sacred music (take for an example everything, though " the Coronation mass " Mozart, though " the High mass " Beethoven, yes though " the Liturgy " Tchaikovsky)? On records and concert executions where this music sounds without any context, as though groundless. From the point of view of usual academic practice which underlined in these things is sterile nondenominational, as though the absolute beginning, it is normal. But from the point of view autentistov, very much proving to citizens that those or other musical masterpieces have not fallen down from the sky, and lived in very certain atmosphere it is awful. And ink on the proof of it for last years twenty it has been exhausted nemereno. Resorted to simple arguments: a pier, you will not consider as a full dinner a meal where to you have submitted only fua - gra and sweets, and about soup and all the rest as - that have forgotten (it I quote quite serious booklet to same " rekonstruktorskoj " records responsoriev Karlo Dzhezualdo). Referred on authorities for example on Mendelson. Under his letters Rome left that well-known " Miserere " Allegri for the sake of which on Passionate sedmitse to Rome, in the Sikstinsky chapel, music fans from all Europe were flown down, by the effect it has been obliged to that finished long service during which time sounded strict both monotonous odnogolosie so the moment when the first chord of canticle of Allegri at last was distributed, will - bondage was conceived as sharp shock.

but Makkrish and it Gabrieli Consort and Players have made these most liturgical reconstruction by the fact of the big performing fashion. Their albums in this genre regularly baked not any " garage " a label for freaks, and company Deutsche Grammophon, that is, on conditions of the ninetieth and the beginnings zero, the grandee from grandees. They also gave concerts with these programs more often, for the clear reasons, not in concert halls, and in cathedrals. (In 2006 Makkrisha with its musicians waited in Moscow where they should execute all the same Venetian coronation mass in a roman catholic cathedral but the invention has broken.) To them imitated, and it is sometimes successful.

that only it was not reconstructed in all these on what not similar projects! Celebratory masses in the same the Dignity - Marko, Christmas vespers at court of Saxon kurfjursta at the time of Henry Shjutsa, a requiem mass on the Spanish king Phillip II, ceremony of betrothing of the doge with Adriatic Sea, a mass on the Epiphany feast in bahovskoj Tomaskirhe, crowning of English king George II with Handel`s music any phantasmagoric list of the big and small historical events which were recreated now with the greatest possible degree of purely sound persuasiveness. Tone continued to set Gabrieli Consort and Players, at which " an audiopicture " it was lead up to almost maniacal detail. In their records it is possible to hear during the put moments and censer clanking, and a ring of a hand bell of the sacrist, but there is more to come. The Bogojavlensky mass in Tomaskirhe opens not clear sounds of crowd which under introductory sounds of body takes seats in church, coughing and exchanging words in a whisper. In reconstruction of a Christmas mass in a cathedral church of Salisbury of times of Maria Tudor once if to listen, it is possible to distinguish a fragment in a low voice said " secret " prayers of the priest. Each such record appeared a result of the big scientific work, and not only musicological, but also istoriko - liturgical, and philological: the pronunciation of church Latin in this corner of Europe during this period was diligently specified, for example. There was also a small professorial hooliganism. So, there is a reconstruction, too a Christmas mass in the Dignity - Marko of years edak 1600 - h where the mass " sounds, in particular; Praeter rerum seriem " CHipriano yes Rore. This mass is known for that the composer vplel in a polyphonic fabric a separate voice which all time repeats the same churchless text " Hercules Secundus, dux Ferrariae quartus, vivit et vivat " (" Erkole the Second, fourth duke Ferrarsky, is well and long live henceforth ") . Makkrish has crafty replaced this text, as he said, on " more modern "; most likely, there wish to be well to Elizabeth of the Second, but precisely to catch this phrase it was possible to nobody. Though numerous investigators I want to remind, all it dispersed in the mass editions hazardously tried.

in general, " look a picture, listen to a plate ". Some of these records, as if any " a rose Name " were accompanied planchikami corresponding cathedrals mentally to watch a route of celebratory processions. There are odd fellows who reconstruct historical battles but it is an invention vulnerable: it is clear that properly to recreate Borodino or Austerlits, it is necessary to be Bondarchuk with thousand soldiers - supernumeraries near at hand. And here every time personal " factory of dreams " limited only abilities of imagination and supported musically - a sound picture. Besides in the ninetieth all it very much was necessary to a court yard because on popularity of such undertakings everything worked, from poststructuralist intellectual fashions to nju - ejdzherskogo interest to religious arhaike.

But it is the ninetieth. Since then all, apparently, have agreed that interest to these reconstruction has come to naught that else recently doing weather autentizm at all that that was blew off, but has passed in qualitative other stage with absolutely other priorities. Also that basically so freakish and piece product in sense of a sound recording of prospects has no.

and here please Gabrieli Consort and Players celebrate this year the 30 - letie, and Pol Makkrish celebrates this date not than other, as all the same Venetian coronation mass of 1595. Not reprinting that you, and new record. Where, in general - that, all the same, but a little differently executed (in several numbers instead of chorus the ensemble of soloists on one on party sounds) and differently written down with more rolling acoustics and with brighter immersing in a context. The first track, say, reaches sensation almost cinema " 3D " representing following dozheskoj processions on St. Mark`s area with crowd noise, modulations of natural Venetian bells, ceremonial music and a weapon roar of salute. If it would be desirable sensation of any stability and continuity of times there is no release is more pleasant, because on a question on that, this what for was necessary " a remake " the conductor very quietly responds: well as, for these years so much opening have been made, the new found manuscripts allow us to imagine much more precisely practice of trumpeters of the end of XVI century. Here in language spins, of course, sardonic " And as we only lived without this invaluable information " earlier; spins, but does not fly. Because there are no more projects in which so inescapable new European fight for the past and #150 declared itself; any past, last as the existence fact, and istoriko - art (Vinkelman, eclecticism, miriskusniki), and individually - psychological (cookies " Madeleine " lime tea). Costume cinema? Has gone. The stylised arts? Plainly. Nostalgia on the lost social reality? Reactionary. Oddly musical researches round the doge and which stones were scattered, appear for a long time where are more viable.

Andrea and Giovanni Gabieli
" A New Venetian Coronation 1595 "
Gabrieli Consort and Players, Paul McCreesh
Signum Records / Winged Lion, 2012