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Mikolas Orbakas: " We with Alla destiny has dared for seven seconds "

Before visit of president Medvedev on a cruiser " Peter the Great " shaved blankets

The national actress of Russia Nina Urgant: " I very much was afraid of Kadochnikova "

The head of Komi has earned 2,5 million

The poster for kirovchan

The Georgian company on manufacture of mineral water « Borzhomi » has opened in Lithuania the first representation in Europe

Estonia does not intend to take credits from financial institutions

People who have surprised us

State of emergency in Kaliningrad: " All under the law, and the daughter has died "

" Directors " houses of veterans have left behind a lattice

« Leopards » will gather in the end of May

Indemnification for a garden will count on - new

To whom the ARIES

will carry this week

Three revolutions for a week

Exhibitions of Petersburg from April, 16 till April, 22nd

The question - the answer

To pay a telecommunication service - it is easy!


on April, 16th, 20. 00

Opening of the new project “Russian evenings in Bo - Bo”. Now every Thursday in “Bo - Bo” sound the best romances, author`s songs, pass poetic and musicales, meetings with known actors and creative people of our city and not only. Visitors can try tasty dishes from very democratic "Russian" menu.

the Input free.



Water polo. " Spartak " - " Storm - 2002 "

on April, 20th and 21 water polo players Volgograd " Spartaka " will lead the first matches of the ending of the championship of Russia.

water polo players from Chekhov situated near Moscow become Rivals of inhabitants of Volgograd.

a Series will last to three victories. After two matches in Volgograd, two games in Chekhov are planned. And if after these matches on victories there will be a drawn game 2:2 the solving fifth match will pass again in Volgograd.

Covered swimming pool " Spartak " a stop " the Central stadium ".

on April, 20th and 21, in 19. 00.

the Input - free.



" the Time machine " will give a heat in Volgograd

At the Volgograd admirers there was a chance in live to hear songs of a legend of Russian fate - groups " the Time machine ".

In structure " Time machines " in different years such musicians, as Alexander Kutikov, Evgenie Margulis, Peter Podgorodetsky have become famous. From - for a considerable quantity of composers the group genre is eclectic and uses elements of classical fate, fate - n - a beater, a blues, bardovskoj songs. Admirers of creativity of Andrey Makarevicha and its command for a second will not regret that have come on a concert. The live sound, the first class music, light registration will leave nobody indifferent.


on June, 1st, the beginning in 19. 00.

Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50.

cost 800 - 5000 roubles.

the Organizer " All stars ".


Valery Garkalin and Tatyana Vasileva in Volgograd will start " the Boomerang "

the Comedy - an impromptu on motives of the French play will play on scene TSKZ.  

each Person has a dream. Dream execution as anything else allows the person to feel the PERSON. Only each of us on - to a miscellaneous aspires to carry out it. This performance - about the Person who has given all that at it was, if only the dream has come true. In performance are involved Tatyana Vasileva, Valery Garkalin, Elena Torshina, Andrey Butin, Ilya Blednyj, Irina Losev. Duration of performance - 2 hours of 40 minutes (one interval).


on May, 13th, the beginning in 19. 00.

Booking by phones (8442 50 - 55 - 11, 33 - 49 - 34.

Cost of tickets 600 - 2500 roubles.


At actors of theatre " Lenkom " - " All is paid "

Performance with such name will be seen in June by inhabitants of Volgograd.

Provided, elegant and charming mse Alexander Amilkar solves by means of a round sum available for it, to create to itself illusion of without what, it appears, there can not live the man in the dawn of forces. Namely without the unique friend, without the loving wife and without adored fumes. For an embodiment of the imaginations mse the Odd fellow invites in the brand new apartment of the vagabond on a surname Masha, jobless actress Eleonoru and young woman of easy virtue Virzhiniju.

In roles Inna Churikova, Andrey Sokolov, Alexander Sbruev. Duration of performance - 3 hours.


on June, 22nd and 23, the beginning in 19. 00.

Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50.

cost 800 - 5000 roubles.

the Organizer - agency " All stars ".


Larissa Dolina will present “Benefit performance encore!”

Inhabitants of Volgograd can take pleasure in the best hits of the singer.

Larissa Dolinoj`s Vocal gift can leave nobody ravnordushnym. Its professionalism and constant pressing forward to self-improvement amazes. For it musical critics have nicknamed it “always going forward”. The national actress of Russia, whose talent has merited a recognition of music fans of the whole world, will act in our city and will sing for you the best songs.

the Regional philharmonic society

on April, 30th, the beginning in 19. 00.

Booking by phone (8442 23 - 90 - 75, 23 - 42 - 02.

Cost of tickets from 600 to 2000 roubles.


Why Stalin has forbidden to kill Hitler

Clubs of Petersburg from April, 16 till April, 23rd

Theatres of Volgograd

Who will help to find the anti-recessionary decision?

Pictures from an exhibition

Repertoire of theatres of Petersburg from April, 16 till April, 22nd

Concerts in Volgograd

Soon Easter!

" Nika ": victory over crisis

Hit " Two stars " Pugacheva with Kuzmin the first time have sung in Chernobyl

When for the first time it is necessary to show the child to the gynecologist

The summer resident! Readiness number one!

From - for personnel shifts INZHEKON can become " small high school "

The revision committee has confirmed reliability of the reporting of Open Society " MRSK the Center "

The beauty on - gollivudski

To the first map of the Earth of 65 million years?

The Perm orphan became the first beauty of staff the Sort - Ajlend

In Astrakhan the father forced five years the native daughter

Natalia Morar have planted under house arrest


To Kirov have brought an atypical pneumonia?

Financial instability - open road to corporate raid?

Work mechanisms dilingovogo the centre in the market Forex

In Moldova for one day in road accident was lost four persons

" Agatha Christie " has acted in Kirov last time

Kaliningradka will sing on " to the New wave "

On what heroes

The Volgograd schoolboys were defined, what Unified State Examinations will hand over

The Oryol official has distributed apartments of persons included in a waiting list between the colleagues

Jokes in number

We prepare, as you love, in the Light feast of Easter

The Russian Moslem hired tambovchan on " sacred war "