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Our labour migrants in Russia can lose a vote on a referendum

At syktyvkartsev will ask where to construct the Central polyclinic

Novosibirsk champions begin morning with tvorozhka

Who will pay to businessmen of indemnification for the crushed business?

Museum - a panorama « Stalingradsky fight »

street Chujkova, 47, t.: (8442 23 - 67 - 23, 23 - 72 - 72

Tickets: adults – 70 roubles, nurseries – 40 roubles.

« GIFTS to the COMMANDER-in-chief And the HERO TOWN »


27. V - 2. VI - with 10. 00 to 16. 00, the day off – Monday .




Rechport, 2 - j level; t. (8442 38 - 10 - 74, www. pirana. ru

Tickets: 100 - 500 rbl.


on May, 27th

Unique video a number on 4 - h carriers, the other-wordly club space, a special musical set from DJ ’ s ADUARDO GUSTAVO and YORK. Sovereigns of music and their grasping performance - show!


on May, 28th

Effective a sensuality - show, fantastic Go - Godanceshow « Psi - Factor ». In epicentre of temptings and pleasures the present provokers &ndash work; glamour geeks – MS Ghana and Don.


on May, 29th

the Special visitor of a party -   DJ GRAD (Moscow). Sensational styles and genres, masterful data, authoritative musical taste! In GREEN TO 23. 00 - FREE!!!


street Working - Country, 2/ 1, t.: (8442 95 - 64 - 50, www. clubcalypso. ru

the ticket Price: 100 - 300 rbl.


on May, 28th


on May, 29th

If at you birthday in May, you and three thy friends – kings of a party. An input in club for you – the free. Do not forget the passport!


on May, 30th



the Duet « nepara » Will present in Volgograd the new program

Admirers will hear hits from an album « Doomed/ Betrothed »

Group « nepara » in Russia for a long time has occupied the musical ambry – sings songs for those who has some for 30. Songs « nepary » - about love, about life, about difficult human relations. They unboundedly sound on radio, and at their concerts always the notice. This year « nepara » has let out the third album under the bill with the name « Doomed/ Betrothed ». You will hear new compositions of group, and also old hits at their concert.

the Regional philharmonic society. 27   May, the beginning in 19. 00. Booking by phone: (8442 50 - 15 - 50. Cost of tickets - 500 – 2000 roubles. the Organizer – agency « the Wind of changes ».  


In Volgorade Grigory Leps

the Singer will act there will arrive to our city with the new program

the Most unusual and extraordinary actor of the Russian platform Grigory Leps will appear on stage of a regional philharmonic society. Inhabitants of Volgograd are waited as new songs, and all by favourite hits, and also the unique scenic image, tremendous musical arrangements, light special effects. A combination of unusually strong voice to a special manner of execution and obligatory sincere dialogue to a hall do its each concert by a feast. In an arsenal of Lepsa – fate, a jazz, a blues, romances and simply music as a hobby.

the Regional philharmonic society. on June, 3rd, the beginning in 19. 00. Booking by phone: Booking by phone (8442 23 - 90 - 75. Cost of tickets - 3000 - 7000 roubles .


On the eve of the City Day experts of Krasnoyarsk regional service of state statistics " have written " the portrait of Krasnoyarsk - in figures

In Kirov have stolen tea on two million roubles

In Stavropol students - millionaires have received for 5 years of imprisonment

Krasnoyarsk officials and in a heat carry jackets yes ties

" Writers - emigrants sent us the manuscripts in usual parcels post "

As fitness, baths and massage return to Siberians the form

The best students and post-graduate students - in Oryol GAU

CRICOVA: new soar or new risk?

In Omsk the builder on whom the plate

Officials officials will force popotet

" to Find the Shred all our big family " wants;

In Penza at Grigory Lepsa`s concert the doctor

On June, 9th day of memory of Martyr Feraponta

The European Union has offered the scheme of start a diesel engine - trains " Kishinev - Odessa " through Dnestr region

The Polish pedophiles compulsorily castrate

Gentlemen`s set of the entrant: the passport, the admission, the black handle

« the Present lawyers on columns of announcements do not hang up! »

Tatyana Vorobeva, the head of department of social protection of the population of the Oryol region: " There is such trade - to help people! "

Actors sing songs about Stalin and dream of a leather raincoat

Zodiac horoscope for a week from June, 14 till June, 20th

In the summer Russia and Europe will fuse from abnormal heat?

How samartsam to go abroad in holiday without superfluous efforts?

The Oryol doctor spread diagnoses of patients which did not want to pay to it

Serdjukov the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdjukov has promised armies a quarter of one million contract employees

Edward MALOFEYEV: " I Will support Englishmen "

Opera, ballet and fountain - all nearby

Anita Tsoy has fainted at a lesson of an opera vocal

Advice on morals wants to check up Eltona John`s creativity

On June, 9th in the history of the Tula edge

Road to the future

Vladimirtsy will support Brazilian national team

In what theatres of Kishinev to descend from June, 10 till June, 17th

The chief of protection of Magnitogorsk high school has beaten the teacher

The Kirov teenagers earn, looking after for aged or invalids

Rosbank introduces a preferential procedure of payments of the commission for a payment of cash money resources

Governor Oleg Chirkunov invites to walk on " Live Perm "

Vyacheslav Gajzer types friends " packs " and Episkop Pitirim deletes virtual gifts

The subjugator of Atlantic in a way did not eat 40 days

In Vladimir replace phones beginning on " 24 "

Fantastic uik - end in " SHingari "

Madumarov worries for " obolvanennyj the people "...

How to arrange intrigues to the room thief

After kvass alkotester shows 0,16 promille

In Novosibirsk there will be tens new athletic fields

Joint-Stock Company OPH " Anapa ": the Quality which has been checked up by time