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Troitsk canning industrial complex: traditions and innovation
the Troitsk canning industrial complex makes 12 million banok in a year.

95 - the summer enterprise continues to surprise consumers with the novelties

Many consider that tushenka is a product of tourists or gardeners - summer residents. And it is vain. In daily life weight of the reasons to use on own kitchen production of Troitsk canning industrial complex. Here, for example, that skilled mistresses advise:

- I for preparation meat soljanki take not only smoked products, but also tinned stewed beef, it impacts the sated relish, very rich broth turns out, - Svetlana Potapov speaks cheljabinka.

the Assortment of Troitsk canning industrial complex totals 43 units, and among them not only canned food habitual to us from beef and pork, there is also a mutton, a horse-flesh and even a venison (!) t there are products for gourmets. And recently at the enterprise have mastered output from meat of a turkey.

Canned food from meat of a turkey - a dietary product

Nikolay Luzin, the financial director of Open Company « Troitsk canning industrial complex »:

Nikolay Luzin.

- In 2009 we have mastered manufacture of tinned meat of a turkey. Now this ruler is presented by seven names. In assortment of our enterprise - « meat of a turkey in own juice » « meat of a turkey in jelly » pastes, a ham. And in October this production has been noted by medals of a prestigious All-Russia exhibition « Mellow autumn - 2009 » an estimation of professional jury has confirmed high quality. Also at the enterprise manufacture of canned meat from chicken meat and geese is mastered. The non-polluting raw materials arrive to us from Bashkiria, from a poultry-farming complex in the city of Meleuz.

Vladimir Korchagin, the head of department on development of poultry farming of the Ministry of Agriculture of area.

Vladimir Korchagin.

- Canned food from meat of a turkey - very perspective product. After all this meat has weight of the dietary properties similar to chicken meat, however on a consistence it is more approached to beef. In it a bottom which maintenance of cholesterol, fat - only 2 - 5 %, and here irreplaceable fiber - to 28 %. For comparison,   at chickens of broilers - 19 %. It sharply allocate a product among among other meat products. Meat of a turkey for children is especially useful. In the world food-processing industry exists more than 60 kinds of production from indjushatiny and more than 400 names. The turkey is very popular in the western countries, 54 % of manufacture of products from this meat provide the USA and Canada, 34 % - Europe. In Russia 8 %, or 70 thousand tons are made only.

We consider two platforms for farm building on cultivation of turkeys in our area - an integrated poultry farm « Kamensk » in Uvelsky area and in Krasnoarmeysk area. So it is very good that our manufacturers have already mastered release of deeply processed meat of a turkey. It is assured, consumers will appreciate this product.

That consumers speak?


- I also did not know, as canned food from a turkey can be such tasty. Meat the most gentle, especially is pleasant to me that in it there is not enough cholesterol. Therefore I eat, and   I feel, how ozdoravlivajus, that is this meal in the blessing to my organism.


- I always loved indjushatinu, I prepare it on - French in mustard. And a family washing has got used to such meat. Therefore I will necessarily buy it and in the form of canned food to make a dinner quickly.


- I remember that in the childhood simply adored macaroni on - flotski. When in a plate tasty fibres of beef came across. Recently on a summer residence have again prepared macaroni on - flotski. I have remembered at once that taste, from the childhood. It is very good that now our enterprises make qualitative tushenku what was in Soviet period.

It is time on hunting!

One more novelty of Troitsk canning industrial complex - a series « Hunting for fishing ». Already from the name it is clear that it is addressed hunters and the fisher. The product consists of low-fat grades of meat, it allows to use it even in a cold kind. A spark the product sharpness will add, it has four degrees of a sharpness: sharp, very sharp, supersharp and megasharp. Also bank it is supplied by system « easy open » (Easily opens. - a comment red.) Simply a key which helps otryt to bank without a special can opener. And at it very creative label.

Anatoly Malishevsky.

the Chief of department eating and process industry of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk area Anatoly Malishevsky:

- I the hunter and the fisherman. Has tried production of Troitsk industrial complex, it was pleasant to me, I think, many hunters will fall in love with this product. So it is good after successful hunting for a halt to warm up itself not hot alcohol though also it moderately is not forbidden, and appetizing meat.

« Haljal » - healthy meal

In the present the Troitsk canning industrial complex has started a new ruler of the canned meat made according to the standard « in manufacture; haljal ». Tinned production of industrial complex under the badge of « haljal » are the products developed according to canons of Islam and containing only those components which the devout Moslem can use in food. In manufacture the raw materials confirmed with certificates « are used only; haljal ». Manufacture process, from acceptance of raw materials before finished goods shipment, is under control of Committee of the standard « haljal ».

Production of Troitsk canning industrial complex under the badge of « haljal » people of all faiths and confessions, as in a broad sense « can use in food; haljal » means « pure ». Cleanliness in food means absence of harmful components, it is healthy meal to which now aspire all over the world. All production of Troitsk canning industrial complex made under this standard, is designated by a word « haljal » and labels are executed with use of east ornament.


to Troitsk canning industrial complex - 95 years

the enterprise History begins in 1915 when the group of local merchants has based the period of the First World War hladobojnju for supply of army by meat. In the Soviet years the Troitsk canning industrial complex was in a three of leading enterprises of the branch and its production not only delivered in many cities of the country, but also and exported for ocean, to Cuba. By the way, historical traditions of Troitsk canning industrial complex have found reflexion and in the present. This year contact to the Ministry of Defence, and now the Russian army have been concluded will receive Troitsk tushenku.

- This fact speaks about much, - the expert - the expert, teacher RGTEU Lyudmila Sofina considers. - Military department is rather scrupulous in a choice of suppliers. Also has for certain checked up quality of production completely.

And still the main consumer of canned food troichan - simple Russians. Production of Troitsk canning industrial complex is realised in many Russian regions, especially love this product in Siberia and in the Far East. By the way, and at inhabitants of foreign countries, in particular to Germany and the USA, on counters too it is possible to meet Troitsk tushenku under stamp Russian Food (Russian meal. - a comment red.) . However, generally in « Russian » shops, what trade for our former compatriots. Even there, in the countries abundant and tempted in a delicatessen, people miss habitual macaroni since the childhood on - flotski with stewed beef.

Where cheljabintsam to get production of Troitsk canning industrial complex?

Production of Troitsk canning industrial complex is presented in many trading networks and format shops « at the house ». Also directly from the manufacturer production can be got at fair near sports Palace « the Youth » which is developed on days off.


C with a liver

dish Structure: a liver beef natural - 2 banks, an onion napiform - 1 bulb, garlic - 4 zubchika, a walnut - 140 g, butter - 200 g, butter vegetative - 4 items of a spoon, a tangerine - 4 pieces

For refuelling: lemon juice, dry white wine, grechishnyj honey, vinegar, sugar, salt. For an ornament: salad leaves, a leek, a little vishenok.

a liver to lay out on a frying pan and a few to fry on a mix vegetative and butter. After obzharki liver slices to cool. On remained from mixes of butters are hot to fry the onion cut by cubes, the crushed garlic, in the end to add rublenyj a walnut. Segments of tangerines to clear of a thin skin and white membranes, to cut with cubes. In salad it is used two sauces. For the first sauce to mix honey, juice of a lemon and vinegar in equal proportions. For the second sauce to mix in equal proportions mayonnaise, lemon juice, wine and small rublenyj a leek. On portsionnye salatniki to lay out salad leaves - latuka, sbryznut the first sauce. A liver to mix with the fried onion, garlic, walnuts and tangerines. A mix to lay in salatniki, to water with the second sauce. Ready salad to decorate with greens, droblenym a walnut and vishenkoj.

Soup with stewed pork and grenkami

Structure: pork stewed (GOST), an onion, carrots, bread wheaten, parsley greens, salt.

the Way of preparation: an onion and carrots to clear, wash, chop straws, spasserovat on fat from canned food to softness and to lay out in boiling water (5 glasses). To add stewed pork, to salt soup, to finish to boiling and to remove from fire. To strew melkorublenoj parsley greens. The long loaf to cut cubes, to redden in an oven. At giving on a table grenki to put in plates with soup.  

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