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Participants " Bank of decisions " have given to a portal online - reservations Pososhok. ru a good advice on advancement and improvement juzabiliti a site. However a strategic question " Where to go further? " while remained without the answer.

Pososhok. ru one of the first projects online - reservations in Russia, it has appeared 12 years ago. On a portal it is possible to buy abijah - and railway tickets to reserve hotels and a transfer, to rent the car, to issue the insurance.

the Russian market online - reservations grows prompt rates and possesses huge potential. Recently it became very attractive to new players now in Russia function more than 200 online - agencies and specialised searchers. All players work for commission fee and, as a rule, with the same suppliers. The most part of tariffs under air tickets accumulate international GDS (Global Distribution Systems) intermediaries between sites of booking and airlines, in hotels offer the prices for placing agregatory and hotel brokers.

the basic tool in the market technologies, with their help of the company try to expand access to offers, to receive the lowest prices. " but IT - decisions stand much and before to put means in workings out, it is necessary to understand where to move " chief executive Pososhok explains. ru Elena Zimin. Other players too develop technologies, therefore sharply there is a question on competitive advantages.

in Pososhok. ru have developed a platform, allowing to create " dynamic packages " and to give to clients a discount at purchase of several services, and also to search for the best price offers in the market. Expenses on IT with which help the portal can be made more attractive and convenient for users, will make the most part of the 3 million rbl. allocated with the private investor But a leah will be it enough? While the basic sales volume of the Russian sites online - reservations is necessary on air tickets. Besides domestic users prefer to buy tickets aboard the plane and to reserve hostels on highly specialised sites. How to win fight for the consumer? Behind advice heads Pososhok. ru were converted to readers " a firm Secret " and to participants of community E - xecutive. ru.

Elena Zimin, chief executive Pososhok. ru

Thanks all participants " Bank of decisions " practically I have found something in all answers useful to myself. It is interesting that many improvements which advise to us to introduce, already for us work. It means that we badly show them, we involve in them of attention, and #150 a little; we will be corrected. Portal redesign about which necessity write some authors, we now and are engaged. On a broader scale, participants have well studied our site, such analysis for us is very important.

nevertheless many correctly notice problems, but do not offer decision ways. I put the best estimations to those participants, in whose answers except the quite good analysis there are interesting ideas. But on business strategy (about it there was a question) I have not found offers at anybody.

good offers on tactics were made by Ekaterina Scherbak, at it it is a lot of practical advice on use of tools the Internet - marketing. Server Serveriev working in tourism, also has not bad studied this question. For example, he notices that we should focus attention on dynamic packages that the person, having come on a site, has seen that the package deal can be bought at a discount. The author, as well as Herman Gorshkov, suggests to motivate people to describe the experience of trips. We do it: to each client who has bought on a portal of service, we send electronic letters with the request to leave comments.

Leonid Sulina`s decision which in detail assorts requirements of clients from business - a segment Was pleasant, makes recommendations about work with them. Business - to a direction has given Great attention both Daniel Lebedev I consider its decision as one of the best. Leonid just as Alexander Orlov and other authors, recommends to create own program of loyalty. We think over it and we will do, most likely, such program together with partners.

unfortunately, many authors badly understand specificity online - reservations of tourist services. For example, Alexander Feldman considers that we need to lift conversion to 15 - 20 %. These are absolutely unreal figures.

Victor Bondarenko, the director for development and commerce of project 360

Participants " Bank of decisions " have well analysed site Pososhok. ru, it juzabiliti and the set of offers, the name and a logo, have estimated strong and weaknesses of a portal. The most qualitative analysis and sensible recommendations, including on SEO - optimisation, the Internet - to marketing, work in social networks, in my opinion, a distance Ekaterina Scherbak and Server Serveriev.

I also have put the Appreciation to Konstantin Danilov for idea of selection of options of a trip under the filled form. The person describes an approximate route, dates, quantity of travellers, the budget, and to it select convenient variants of a trip. Approximately under such scheme we now develop new project 360. It will be possible to set or note some points on a map, then users will see various ways to reach a place (for example, plane, plane and train, plane and car), various variants of residing in one either several cities or settlements and even the plan of carrying out of leisure. It is our answer on brought by authors of a problem an attention to the question " Where to go further? ". But the similar way, of course, approaches not to all. With portal Pososhok. ru we, by the way, will work as with one of partners.

a question " Where to go further? " uneasy and, probably, main now for all players in the market online - reservations. Authors have missed it, having concentrated on the site analysis. Though advice to pay attention cross-country - to sales and partner programs, to improve service, to develop loyalty programs, to advance a portal in searchers who are given by authors, are fair. The company has a quite good resource. Working over errors, it is possible to lift the positions.

I will note Elena Oshchepkovoj`s decision. Having spent mini - research among the acquaintances, she was convinced: people really prefer highly specialised sites. Elena does a conclusion that is a price question (people think that services on such sites are cheaper) and habits. Dynamic packages Pososhok. ru, probably, allow to receive more favourable at the price of the offer, and to break stereotypes, according to Elena, the competent advertising company will help.

Tamara Veligorsky, the manager on sales and advancement of system of booking " Tariffs Online. Carlson tourism "

I Will agree with authors who write that the simple and clear interface is necessary to a portal. It is Anastas Kolenik, Alexander ShChupilina, Sergey Zajtsev. So, clients of our system travel agencies. In them professionals work, but we see, as they experience difficulties even at interaction with well thought over scheme of search and orders. My belief the easier, the better. Introduction of additional services as many authors advise, business good, but can complicate communications of the client with a site and someone even will push away from its use.

in this connection essentially important problems for a portal are market segmentation and a choice of the consumers this question is assorted by Ekaterina Scherbak, Daniel Lebedev, Alexander Feldman. For example, I with surprise have learnt that service of booking of cars, which at us is one of the most demanded (and demand for it grows), is not popular at clients Pososhok. ru. It means that our audiences (I mean ultimate users) are various. Probably, service advancement is contributed by agents, but after all and colleagues have ways to influence sales.

for someone convenience of use, to someone and #150 is important; assortment of services, for someone the price. The price, by our experience, it is far not the unique factor of a choice. So-called independent travellers who use the sites similar Pososhok. ru, in the majority representatives of middle class. About it writes also Server Serveriev: consumers are ready to pay more and for reliability of the supplier, and for service. Price wars to win not always it is possible. Though, of course, it is necessary to advance favourable offers. It agree with Elena Oshchepkovoj, Server Serverievym and others: offers " hotel plus the air ticket at a discount " now on a site " do not sound ".

I Think that Pososhok. ru also it is necessary to give more information on hotels. For example, not all hotels are ready to send the invitation for a getting a visa, and it is important for knowing to consumers. Alexander ShChupilina suggests to allocate the most popular hotels, hotels with the lowest by the current moment the price, hotels which have special offers. Interesting ideas on segmentation of hotels are at Ekaterina Scherbak.

a question of strategy very uneasy. Really, in our branch on the first place there are technologies, and any marketing ideas always rest against questions " How it to make? " and " how much it will cost? ".

Ekaterina Scherbak, the director of projects of the company " Seven owls " St.-Petersburg

1. To work with juzabiliti. To change system of scrolling of offers of hotels, to understand with " slow " a map to make an exit on page of responses of the catalogue of hotels, to enter service messages in case of incorrect filling of the form.

2. To carry out the analysis of refusals, to reveal points of an exit from a site, to find " breakages " " hot " and " dead " site zones. To spend questioning and focus - groups. To spend redesign, to think up unique selling propositions, to introduce system of bonuses.

3. To advance a site in search engines, including using search in low-frequency inquiries. To use contextual advertising. To clean group " In contact " from boats to fill with its interesting content, to offer discounts and bonuses for participants.

4. To develop partner programs and to organise constant mailing with actual offers. To make a tourist`s portal on the basis of a site www. pososhok. ru

the Place 1
the Point 21
the Author Ekaterina Scherbak
the Company " Seven owls "
the Post the director of projects
the City St.-Petersburg

the Place 2
the Point 18
the Author Server Serveriev
the Company Open Company " Anekstur "
the Post the employee of department of marketing
the City Moscow

the Place 3
the Point 17
the Author Daniel Lebedev
the Company Open Company " Power service "
the Post the commercial director
the City Lipetsk

the Place 4 - 5
the Point 15
the Author Konstantin Danilov
the Company GEA Mashimpeks
the Post the project manager
the City Moscow

the Place 4 - 5
the Point 15
the Author Elena Oshchepkova
the Company
the Post
the City Perm

a Considerable quantity of services it is good, but, can, is more favourable adjust partner relations with other resources which will give to the client a discount at transition to their site after ticket purchase.

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