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All gifts over 5000 roubles officials are obliged will hand over to the state

In Chelyabinsk there was a gone pensioner

To Blagoveshchensk there comes Thomas Anders

On " medicinal " money in the Ulyanovsk region to physicians has paid out the wages

To the Amur officials will cut down expenses on mobile communication

Montekki and Kapuletti will reconcile in Murmansk?


Children from " Lethal league " nearly have not rammed the traffic police car

Unified State Examination on Russian and mathematics becomes obligatory

GAI officers have distributed chocolates to polite drivers

Hearings about a pneumonia in Murmansk area have not proved to be true

In centre Artema tenants of a high-rise building live without heating

As the Kirov region will confront with crisis

How Georgia prepared for the invasion. Part 1

Ulyanovsk shtangistki records as nuts

Lives of air passengers have estimated in 2 million roubles

The trainer " Kuban " have dismissed from - for an economic crisis?

TV program of Ekaterinburg for November, 23rd

The Diabetic centre

Dorozhniki without demand have cleaned from roads 74 monuments to victims

Night Murmansk. What will be in night clubs?

" Ms. Smolensk - 09 " there is a man?

Cultural campaign

Eugene was cheerful and funny!

Films of week with Ruslanom VARENIKOM

Where cheljabintsu to have a rest in the winter

Drinks - means, the Senior pupil by name of the Isabella loves

In Krasnodar sell « naked » sunflower seeds also search for polar bears

There are questions on a collection « the Mount of semi-precious stones »?

The cardiogramme in Chelyabinsk now do by phone

the Aries. you Want - you do not want, and situations will force to show the character so do not hope to sit out in a shade. In the event latter half of the week can accept rough character, and emotions will start to brim over. That all it has not taken you unawares, be prepared for affairs properly and do not let out from a field of vision of important sites in affairs. Since Thursday be more attentive on roads.

a Taurus. Week will appear dual. On the one hand, stars promise unconditional good luck performed by your projects, the enterprise initiative and special attention to you on purpose to make something pleasant. But on the other hand, the decision of business, material questions conceals in itself any danger. Irrespective of the fact which you will operate with the sums - small or connected with working capital, be attentive.

didymuses. In the latter half of the week you can encounter a misunderstanding wall, feel someone`s active resistance or desire to press on you authority, to subordinate to the will. Therefore be going to show the firm character. Very much can be that it is necessary to be converted behind advice, consultation or collectively to understand any problem. Listen to advice, probably, they will help. But family calmness do not disturb.

the Cancer. the Heat in affairs and mutual relations will reach high marks. Probably, you should accept a critical decision. Intense conversation which the question stirring you, nevertheless, will clear up will take place. Carrying out a heavy physical activity, including travmoopasnuju, be more careful. If it will turn out, reserve at least the small sum of money, they will soon be necessary for you. Keep health and nerves.

the Lion. If you will manage to save diplomacy, especially in the latter half of the week, during probable disagreements, including legal financial character, means, at you perfect self-control. But financial risk exclude. Affairs though as - that connected with the documentation, legal aspects, should be under your special control. Do not aggravate problems with native and favourite, and for children strengthen control.

the Virgin. you will steep in work. There will be additional duties which weeks to the middle will force to show character most decisively: It is necessary to put someone into place, from someone rigidly to demand the necessary relation to affairs. Be adjusted on overcoming of obstacles. Such serious loading assumes also care of health. The days off are adverse for a hard work, try to have a rest better at this time.

Scales. Though star indicators of this week are in many respects negative, but for you external circumstances nevertheless will appear harmonious. Much will depend on you. You are brain and business centre occurring and mentioning your environment. Collision of opinions, conflicts, spontaneity of decisions that can lead to cancellation of arrangements, inefficiency is inevitable. Be more attentive with the documentation, the information, and also on roads.

the Scorpion. the Spirit on the decision of house problems will be at the right time as visitors are probable. The finance, expenses, debts, can become the reason of complications and will demand your resolute actions. From the raised expenses, alas, not otvertetsja. As to new obligations of personal or business character, loans, credits, financial transactions the latter half of the week for this purpose at all does not approach, it is better to wait a little.

the Sagittarius. Week will a little shake, how the car on potholes so to relax in affairs it is not necessary. But also to hesitate with performance planned it is not necessary. First half of week will appear the Most productive. Despite hindrances, success it is guaranteed. Besides in a week it is necessary to be switched to another matters. After Thursday of circumstance will push to any adventure. Think, a leah it is necessary to you. Is better properly have a rest.

the Capricorn. Any secret commotion twists around more and more, involving and you in the orbit. Probably, it is necessary to face any secrets which you will try to understand. It is not excluded that to you a certain confidential information can open or someone will open to you the soul. With all it you remarkably and correctly will understand. Try not to get into someone`s artful networks only.

Aquarius. you on - former are in a hyperactivity stage - both physical, and intellectual. Now propensity to reformatorstvu, to original ideas will with special emphasis be shown. Motions in stagnant affairs are probable. But your initiative is required. Remember only that excessive passion and any excesses is now more dangerous, than passivity. Someone from friends is a calmness irritant. Friday - difficult day.

Fishes. If you were not got involved till now in intrigues which trudge round you have patience and for this week though since Wednesday of sharp words not to avoid. Your role in a possible house problem will appear solving, therefore realise the responsibility. As to serious financial transactions, monetary investments and to that similar the latter half of the week to it obviously has not a kind feeling.


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Trailer from November, 13 till November, 20th

In Nikolaevsk area three children

Ekaterinburzhets through the European court demands to establish in a city toilets

The guy have denounced for affinity with the wife

The Legislative Assembly of Angarski Krai will be converted to Putin

In Smolensk will publish the book about those who is buried on the oldest cemetery

At shop passers-by have found in the centre of Tiraspol 10 - the monthly girl

In Tula the woman wanted " to shoot down " a cat, and has frightened gas-men

Where in Irkutsk to drive on skis and a snowboard

Krasnoyarsk has won " bronze " among the arranged most well cities

At smoljan there will be a third crane

The festival program of multi-region festival - competition " Its Majesty - a family "

To whom thy help

Soup with c

Days off in Vladivostok will be warm

Where in Krasnoyarsk to buy equipment of the fan

Stas Mihajlov Mayakovsky in day of performance   has sung the best songs with novosibirtsami

The auto chemical goods will help to get the car in any frost

What pension management company to choose in Tver? (A part the first)