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The daily log «» - NN »: on November, 25th

Frosts in Penza will strike in the middle of December

The Moldavian with " Houses - 2 " have turned out from Russia?

How much money tverichane the minister of trade and economic development of Russia Elvira Nabiullina lose in turns

In the Tver region subscriptions on suburban trains will rise in price

Where to take money for business?

All vacancies of Kishinev for November

" Uklonist " has surrendered to a military registration and enlistment office after six years of wanderings

Borrowers in Penza are denounced for not paid autocredits

The tutor of cadet school of Kazan suspect of dissolute actions

The Penza bank " Tarhany " will repay debts to investors

In Saratov the foreign car hardly has not failed under asphalt

The professor from Germany in Istobenske will write down talkative vjatchan

Dnestr region: myths and a reality

In Tatarstan for drivers there will be uniform number of a call " fast "?

The most beautiful student of the country will not pay for study

As rostovchaninu to choose correct fireworks

By the Rostov buses will draw Lenin`s order

The code about education has discouraged both teachers, and pupils

The former mayor of Kishinev has forged the letter of the president?

In Saratov the young driver has brought down children on a pedestrian crossing

The foreign trade turnover of Russia has grown to $573 mlrd

Mozart since morning - the excellent beginning of the Rostov day

The workers expelled on street, more and more

Tver power restore the technological infringements called by a bad weather

In Rostov have published the book about the Central market

Failure in the Saratov region has carried away lives five person

The spouse of the victim in the Krasnodar pre-trial detention centre of the doctor: « Why have not told about death of the husband at once? »

Mel Gibson has appeared the lady`s man

The American motorcar giants were asked for the authorities of $50 mlrd

" Really parents did not know about the diagnosis of the child? "

The Samara authorities Regional officials have developed the anti-recessionary program

it is Literally last week the whole world has celebrated Day of refusal of smoking. How much forces, nerves and health leave on getting rid of this addiction. Presently dependence is treated by narcologists and healers. But a universal remedy and have not found. And how the Soviet citizens gave up smoking? Here that inhabitants of Volgograd remember.

Amusing urinoterapija


- I was the smoker with the experience. Once was ill with a pneumonia, - Sergey Kostrykin from Voroshilovsky area, - provaljalsja in hospital remembers, antibiotics pricked, but thus ran to smoke. The doctor to me has strictly told: " you Risk, Sergey! Throw immediately! "

Tried different ways: on a sigarette each three hours smoked and no more, from a pack on three cigarettes at once threw out, from itself packs hid. A cud orange chewed, instead of a cigarette pencils gnawed . But it was impossible to me. It is difficult to throw, when nearby smoke - on work all colleagues smoked. There was at us on work a muzhik one, Ermakov Is brisk, here and he speaks to me: " There is one certain way to smoke to throw: you cigarettes in urine soak, dry up, and then only such and smoke. It urinoterapija. Helps ". Long I could not dare at such muck. But all has made everything as to me Yury ordered. It was necessary to see eyes of my wife when I made all procedure. She has declared to me, that I more close did not approach to it. Such shame should be born. Began to smoke these fragrant cigarettes. On work a pack did not touch not to be dishonoured. In couple of months has definitively thrown. At cigarettes could not look. Has told to all friends, and they " have sat down " on urinoterapiju. Has come to Jurke and I give thanks to him: " You supposedly the good fellow, have rescued thanks, life " And that already for a stomach has seized from laughter: " You that, have indeed believed in this delirium? I have joked, Nikolaich, you that? What urine, what cigarettes? " I was ready to burst into tears. But, companions, till now here 25 years I do not smoke!


Mission is impracticable!

- In 1986 - m I studied in year at institute, and there was at me darling - the Ear ring Istomin, - Marina Gritsky from Krasnooktjabrsky area remembers . - I very much worried about it. The boy did not shine with health, moreover smoked as a steam locomotive. Has decided to help it. For big for those times money has got import chewing plates from smoking. Has handed over to it with words: " Accept and fix for bolshego effect all sensations ". As a result it has transformed this business into a farce. On steam the Ear ring does a clever face and writes down: " 11:00 - I feel myself normally. 11. 15 - already it would be desirable nothing. It would be desirable, but that, I do not know . 11. 25 - much in life has reconsidered, salivation in norm! " control for my part was serious, the guy chewed plates regularly. In three days there was such record: " 9. 15 - aggression to Marina, probably has gushed, a cud has a ghost effect! It is time to finish " Here I have become angry outright. And even has threatened that if experiment will interrupt, I will cease to communicate with it. The most ridiculous was that the Ear ring brought records in a notebook regularly: " Evening. Darkly. A snowball. And at me the right hand is scratched. Before experiment I thought that it to money, now precisely I know that it is import manufacturers have decided to exhaust thus the Soviet population. Here it, the chemical weapon! " even I do not remember, how much time this humorist has received on a head a writing-book it Has held on month two. I think that on - fair did not smoke And session has then begun, Serezha has not handed over sopromat and in all has accused a cud from smoking. Last record was: " All! Experiment is finished, experimented it has appeared too weak for such serious mission ". So the Ear ring did not manage to give up smoking

  That else our readers remember:

Victoria Tcherkasov from Dzerzhinsky area:

- My grandfather suddenly has lighted " Belomor " when I was 10 years old, in 1982 - m to year. The grandmother was delighted not and was accepted to education of the husband. These scandals heard all at an entrance. And then it has given me the task to try to discover " cigarette hiding places " grandfathers. We were, as two chekistki. Last hiding place has appeared the nest of a pigeon which was at us on a balcony, on a regiment, is high over a door. Eventually the grandfather has understood that with us to struggle is useless, and has given up smoking.


Elena Bikmuhammedova from Traktorozavodsky area:

- My mum smokes very much for a long time, years 25 is exact. And all life hides from the mum, that is from my grandmother. To me so it is ridiculous behind it to observe! It, as the little girl. To smoke, leaves to take out garbage or behind sugar to the neigbour the Shaft. And then in a bathroom and teeth cleans. Simply when mum have marked for the first time with a cigarette, the grandmother has declared to it that if once again will see, will kill her on the spot. Mum, seemingly, is afraid till now. And she time stopped to smoke five hundred! And each time began anew with words: " Mum, forgive! " and after all to it already 55!

Gennady Ilyin from the Central area:

- I have given up smoking in 1980, have thought: " If we win on the Olympic Games I will throw this pity business " Children have won, and I have thrown.

Michael from Dzerzhinsky area:

- Actually to give up smoking easily, it is just necessary to want very much. My girl has laid down to me a condition that will marry me if I never touch cigarettes. Our wedding, already beznikotinovaja on July, 24th, 1983 has taken place! Till now together!

  That smoked in the USSR

the Majority of the population smoked " the Tonic " " the Aster " " the Friend " cigarettes " Belomor - the channel ". pofartit got komandirsky " Kazbek " or Bulgarian " Rodopi " " Cromwell " with menthol. And on those who was tightened American " Malboro " " Kemel " looked with envy. It was possible to get them only through acquaintances who happened abroad or in " criminal " shops. And they cost considerable money - 15 roubles.


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