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One of these days the electronic System has had a new coil of development. In Krasnoarmeysk area of Volgograd has begun the work the Multipurpose computer centre first in Russia (MVTS).

Positive results it is available

for anybody not a secret that 50 % of work of large management companies are connected with the analytical account. Contracts with suppliers of resources, the ten masters and a dispatching office now is not enough to have. It is necessary to be able not render qualitative service, correctly to calculate cost, but also operatively to trace dynamics of its change. Charges, debts, volumes of the received resources, tariffs - hundreds the figures defining the future of your management company. And taking into account speed of change of a situation in them it is easy to get confused. It is important not to miss the moment of decision-making and on the basis of authentic and actual given to draw the necessary conclusion. An exit - modern information technologies.

MVTS is an irreplaceable participant of system. It combines at once three functions: charge, processing and reception of payments. The centre offers people a network of cash desks and other methods of payment, correctly charges debts to minimise conflict situations and not to admit loss of management companies, and is the guarantor of timeliness and a transparency of transfer of the raised money. Besides, MVTS it is intended for automation and unification of work of all divisions UK, DZ, UZHK, ZHEU, departments of social protection and other participants of a city infrastructure. And it means - in MVTS the fullest database on the population is stored.

- With us have entered into the agreement seven management companies of Krasnoarmejsky, Kirov and Soviet areas, - the general director of System “the City - Volgograd” Oleg Serenko explains. - So inhabitants of southern areas of Volgograd the first will estimate all advantages of new System. As a matter of fact MVTS is a superstructure over already existing it is information - computer centres of Krasnoarmejsky, Kirov and Soviet areas (“TSKO - 9” and “the data-processing centre of housing and communal services and thermal power station of Krasnoarmejsky area”), are included into whose functions work on conducting the personal account and reception of payments from the population. This structure allows to automate reception and processing of cash and non-cash payments, to create the branched out network of points of reception of cash in cash desks and self-service terminals, and also to create a network of reception of non-cash payments (cash dispenses and terminals, the Internet, cellular telephones), working in a mode it - a line with the central server of System.

All services can be paid now in one window

Among the basic possibilities MVTS - the available housing account on balansoderzhateljam and to maintenance service, conducting personal accounts of tenants with breakdown for services and data about living (the income, check in, privileges), calculation and charge of debts on housing - to utilities, the account of all grants, calculation of indemnifications to service providers for granting of privileges, grants. Differently, here it is possible not only to pay, for example, for hot water, but also to make recalculation if service was given not in full. Naming a surname and the address or having given the receipt with personal account number, inhabitants of Volgograd can choose a certain type of service for which they are ready to pay today, and also to bring advance payment. Any change in the data becomes at once to accessible all participants of System. And n esmotrja that all described for us in a novelty, to use System very simply and conveniently .

- it is doubtless - very conveniently, - the inhabitant of Krasnoarmejsky area of Volgograd Ekaterina Romanov speaks. - I am am served by a management company of "Zhilsotsgarantija".

this month I very much was surprised, having received the unusual payment receipt. There there was no part of services. But on the back the information where I need to be converted that to me have informed on all charges and where they can be paid contained. Today I have come to point MVTS on avenue of Heroes of Stalingrada. Here advisers have intelligibly explained all to me. I not only have paid the bills, but even have paid for mum who lives in territory of the Central area. And the work schedule good - since eight mornings till six evenings without days off. Very conveniently for working inhabitants of Volgograd.

Obvious pluses in cooperation with MVTS see also management companies.

Now inhabitants of Volgograd can not run on different offices, and pay for all in one window.

- In our conducting 134 houses, - the general director of "the Krasnoarmejsky housing company” Stanislav Solomahin tells. - We one of those who has concluded the contract with MVTS. I admit, the decision it for us was uneasy. After all all new guards - as process will go, a leah will be failures... Transition from already existing system of charge of Open Society “data-processing centre of housing and communal services and thermal power station” to Open Company “MVTS housing and communal services and thermal power station of Volgograd” was discussed with chairmen TSZH. As a result we have passed the positive decision and on it we do not feel sorry. The given centre of charge allows to pay free all services to our inhabitants in one window. The information which is stored in database MVTS, allows to pay at any moment without a territorial binding any service through the terminal. And the management company in a real time mode watches charges. We receive the guaranteed and authentic acknowledgement of the information - who and for what has paid, and also we supervise and we optimise these financial streams. As a result it is easier to us to plan necessary actions. Such as major repairs of this or that house, fee of service providers and many other things.

- the Two first point MVTS in Krasnoarmeysk area is only the beginning, - places emphasis Oleg Serenko. - Till the end of the year the same points will appear in Kirovsk and Soviet areas, and then across all Volgograd and even area.

- Advantages of this System absolutely obvious, - are marked by the vice-president of the Volgograd regional Duma Vitaly Lihachev. - it is very convenient For people: not to run on different offices, and to pay for all in one window. In spite of the fact that the project the pilot, positive response at it already is. Therefore this experience is necessary for extending to territories of all area. And we, legislators, will contribute in it in every possible way.

it is necessary to notice that MVTS is a part of a federal network.

- At this project the big future, - it is assured Valery Nikolaeva, the director for development of Federal System "City" (Novosibirsk). - First of all, it would be desirable to thank service providers and the city power for this symbiosis of advanced technologies and municipal sphere. Today it is one of the first multipurpose centres on service of the population such in Russia.

Concerning Open Company work “MVTS housing and communal services and thermal power station of Volgograd” it is possible to be converted on bodies. (8442 590 - 222, 590 - 012.



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