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The girl from New York, the girl from Moscow

If it has not left Russia, today its songs would sound on radio " the Chanson " which would be perfect another, as, probably, and taxi drivers, its listening

later 23 years of life in New York the singer and author Regina Spektor has returned to Russia for the first time to visit St.-Petersburg where at her performance at festival " has taken place; Stereosummer " and to give the first concert in native Moscow.

is not present, it was not returning in that sense in which of emigration dissidents, Voinovich, for example, or Aksenov came back. Regina Spektor not the dissident though has left Moscow together with parents as soon as such possibility has arisen in gorbachevskuju an epoch. For parents it there was, of course, realised choice. And for 9 - summer Reginy shock as for any child who has already got used to certain way, and the basis of his life suddenly changes.

Its interview for the Russian press in a banquet room of prestigious hotel on Tver is arranged duly dialogue with the big western star. Strict regulations, the lists of chambers co-ordinated long before shootings. And nearby mum who looks so as if never and did not leave from here strives. The blessing, it already had possibility to visit Post-Soviet Moscow, to be convinced that risk directly with Tver to go to camp slavery nevertheless not so is great, as it seems from emigrant is far. Father Reginy who has taken out in due time a family from the USSR, has till now no big desire to come to see the native land.

even I had such relation: as it I will go to Russia and there on me will be as - that... To bellow, I do not know, tells Regina Spektor. It was saved at many people, especially at those who left in 1970 - e. We left in 1989, it was already easier, and all the same men felt here this cargo. All on the man keeps, after all so in Russian tradition it is accepted. You leave in the unknown country, and it is necessary to lay all in two suitcases, and to go at first to Austria, then to Italy, it is not known, how much will be in a way. Together with me and my parents there left still my cousin, the sister of my mum and my grandmother. My father was one on five women. To it was so hard, especially at all this customs... I have very bright memoirs. I from 5 years collected foreign coins and put them in a box from order of the Red Star of my grandfather. At customs one woman has told that it is currency. All of them poured out it and almost have not started to transmit all this money in roubles, to consider, how much currency I deduce. For me, the child, it was so terribly.

Regina Spektor, the singer and the pianist, has given the first concerts in Russia later 23 years after departure. In this time she has had time to get good education, during a trip to Israel to open in itself sochinitelsky talent, then in perfection to master a method of advancement of the music, known as do - it - yourself, to receive the contract with the major - label Warner, to marry Jack Dishelja from group Moldy Peaches and to address to a couple Obama in the White house. On its bill now of which it with own hand carried six albums, three on radio stations and distributed to visitors of the concerts in the smoked bars, and three are on sale in all shops and on all musical sites of the world. But till now one of its rules: not to leave the house without own CD in a pocket or in a handbag.

it is not assured that the moment when it is possible to cease to do it, has already come, the girl whom guitarist The Rolling Stones Ronni Wood admires speaks and whose records are played by Paul McCartney Rasti Anderson`s guitarist. I realise that the majority of people does not know my music. Any who is occupied by creativity, has a desire it to share. Especially if you meet the good person. But one business when you share music because this person can help you, another matter when you want, that you understood is better and knew.

the correspondent " the Spark " distinctly remembers the moment when Regina Spektor has ceased to be an underground. It has occurred exactly at the moment of signing of the contract with Warner on recording of the album Begin To Hope (2006). All in New York already knew that at it the big future, it has already gone on tour with fashionable then group The Strokes and registered with its producer Gordon Raphael, but she could write the letter and to call by phone. Having stepped into territory of the big show - business, it has been urged to limit contacts to an external world.

There were times when I responded literally to each letter. At me was for this time. I was discharged from office, was short of money at home at parents and only wrote songs, on 40 songs in a year. Sometimes with whom I corresponded, were good, kind people, sometimes any strange, and I appeared in strange correspondence. The moment when I have understood has come that if I will respond to everything, to read all articles I on a broader scale will not write any songs. Here yesterday I have arrived on saundchek, and I at hall doors was met by some young men who have presented to me disks, flowers, cards with very pleasant, touching words. But sometimes on autographing, simply there are no forces. In any day I can sign to 60 people disks, be photographed, and sometimes, I consider, it is better not to risk health, signing albums on a cold because tomorrow you cannot write a new song or give a good concert. It dishonestly turns out. Better I will not respond to the letter, but I will write a song or I will simply weld soup and I will invite friends. It is necessary to have the life too.

History of mutual relations of Reginy Spektor with Russian-speaking audience a strange thing. Despite typically emigrant roots, Brighton - the Scourge never was its audience. She and on - russki - that did not write, only used in one of the best songs Apres Moi of a line of Boris Pasternak, and for last disk What We Saw from the Cheap Seats has sung Bulata Okudzhavy two things " Francois Villon`s Prayer " and " the Old jacket " moreover has thought up the Russian text to the old song Ne Me Quitte Pas. And all it is completely not similar that, having sustained the big pause, Regina Spektor at last - that has solved " to hill " Russian public, that in its plans development of boundless open spaces of the historical native land. " Russian " in its albums It is not literally words, and, more likely, the extremely quivering relation to the text as to that. And most easier to assume that there is it from the plates absorbed in children`s memory which were in its apartment in Vyhine.

Why Okudzhava? I long time tried on on myself Vysotsky`s songs. But at it such voice... It is very difficult to find itself in it. On a broader scale it is difficult to me to do a cover - versions. I some pieces have made their all for all life. For example, Real Love John Lennon. When I have started to select Okudzhavu, at me it has turned out.

the success of the first tours of Reginy Spektor in Russia did not look guaranteed for the author of these lines. In Russia if where - that also it is possible to hear its songs, that, possibly, at cinema. Sometimes in import serials.

but not on radio. It on a broader scale such type of songs for which radio though the craft of bottoms - writing has obeyed Regine Spektor in it ", apparently, is not thought up; early " years. Possibly, its songs is better would look on radio " the Chanson " but on such where Stas Mihajlov would sound, as Rufus Uejnrajt, in the world where taxi drivers would discuss with you not " road you will show " and a serial " the Double ". Regina Spektor this non-standard radio and the non-standard world. And now it also undertook a non-standard musical. More precisely, it works over it some years together with the director Tinoj Landau and poet Michael Kori.

in general it is history of the sleeping beauty, tells Regina Spektor. I like how in this musical the attention to the question on beauty is brought: that it means in our world that the present beauty, and that the false? And more an awakening question. How to live in this life, having woken up? Work goes with breaks four years... Musicals are written long. The musical can prepare 10 years, and then be closed soon after a premiere. And still a minimum year of work is necessary to us. I both the director people far enough from this industry. So to us it is more difficult, than to other musicals. In this business the same as on radio and television, people love clear formulas. Love, that sounded, as something another. It is always more difficult to original things to make the way.