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Spontaneous performance

For eleven-year history of festival Stereoleto happened much. There were problems with quantity of public when in 2008 Russia took out Holland in the World championship on football. There were trials with agents of national security and Petersburg administrations under an economic forum in 2010. Action " Stereoevening " happened last week, seemingly, becomes one more similar legend. MAX Hagen at the same festival has breathed fresh air and descended in club.
now it is possible to deduce law: the companies " Light music " organising the festival, each two years it is necessary to prepare to a swagger - mazhoram. A day before the beginning all went according to plan: a platform " Air " on Krestovsky island with pool and a kind to gulf of Finland last year has proved as one of the best for all time. Headliners, the Norwegian electronics engineers Royksopp, guaranteed decent sales of tickets. Cultural rest was thoroughly damped, however, by weather. It is usual risk for any open concerts, but one rain business has not managed. In the middle of day, just to festival opening, the wind has amplified so that began to loosen the main scene and to tear tents on a beach. According to organizers, as a whole they were ready to a summer bad weather, but not to storm warning during the latest moment. Did not rescue even that the territory from a gulf has been closed by a fence with special " blown " a fabric. Knowing specificity of the organisation of similar actions, it was necessary to sympathise only. The platform and date are hammered long before final weather forecasts, and installation of scenes and constructions in territory begins for three - four days to festival. To recede was late: all possible performances have been transferred on a small scene in the closed pavilion. With Royksopp there was a history on the verge of a detective for spectators and a horror film for organizers. Having estimated conditions, the Norwegian guys have made as a whole the competent decision: not to put out at all a nose on the main scene it was the elementary risk for life. Further more cheerfully: the group has collected things and, having taken pair of bottles of alcohol is better and stronger, has sailed away goodness knows where.

to the half-ninth evening on the project " Air " this freshest air was though take away. The wind blew into public on possible shelters literally. However, fun proceeded. Finns The Northern Governors on the small scene hammered to the full warmed zalihvatskim Nordic funk. Thus on festival and there arrived the people, for which adventure only began. Just the hearing at this time has gone that concert Royksopp all - taki will take place in club " the Cosmonaut ". The people have amicably rushed to write esemeski, finding out, what yes as.

that has occurred further, was both pure luck, and fair professionalism of organizers. " The cosmonaut " this evening it has appeared it is not occupied, and the main concert have managed to organise on a new place from zero, it is literally for three hours. Royksopp with all their equipment have moved to club, and the personnel and protection were accepted urgently vyzvanivat from the house. As soon as it became clear that the concert is technically possible, on sotssetjam the information on its carrying over has been started. In time all was not possible to be in time, even thus that it was necessary to group " to cut " saundchek. The declared starting time of a concert both #150; from 22:00 it has appeared too optimistical. Those who approached to club, the hundred-metre turn and #150 met; " stereosummer " visitors in the majority have been adjusted on banquet continuation. On scene Royksopp have appeared already after 23:00. Someone, having estimated hit prospects by the underground, by this time has had time to spit entertainments, but the club has been all the same hammered densely. Svejn Berg and Torborn Brundtland after all troubles have played the most powerful concert. They as though specially were answerable for problems of this evening and quite them compensated. The stagnant people have risen on ears from the first thing, " So Easy ". Probably, club performance in this case has appeared even more by the way. Let light also did not suffice (all a projector and stroboscopes in festival tour are adjusted to the big scene), but a sound in " the Cosmonaut " garantirovanno was better, than on the open area.

Royksopp and head for the music and image revival, found out in 2009 with album Junior. Even smooth enough things from albums " Melody A. M. " and " Understanding " have been wrapped in rigid enough " electrified " candy wrappers. The couple behind samplers and keys did not miss any case to throw in a melody pishchanija filters, a ring of plates and other enough sharp sounds. With the excited crowd in the closed hall where from a scene to audience to submit a hand, such music worked approximately at level The Chemical Brothers, unless smaller volumes. Two new instrumentalki " Moduler " and " Have Another Cherry " were already direct and inconsiderate exit from territory dauntempo for which when - with that and have fallen in love Royksopp, to club " mochilkam " made, however, very inventively. To sing female parts in " This Must Be It " and " What Else Is There? " have again taken out Anneli Drekker from respectable Bel Canto command. While the basic participants basically have been fastened to the devices, the singer with relish filled emptiness on forward flank and strove to frighten the people that prividencheskim of a grey loose overall, a black bird`s mask. Torborn Brundtland too has given a little visual clowns, having spent a half-concert in a branchy mask - a kokoshnik. Svejn Berg on the first things sported any dartvejderovskim a space helmet, and the fifteen minutes frontmenstva has received on " Happy Up Here " " Only This Moment " and " Remind Me ".

Norwegians with whom throws of this evening not only have not confused, but even have encouraged, before performance have promised to organizers to play against the stop. The promise have constrained and, except two planned encore, have repeated " Remind Me " once again, already is closer to one o`clock in the morning. Stereoleto here already involuntarily entered into the usual format " from a decline till a dawn ". In the end it was possible to observe and an amusing scene: Torborn upihival for side scenes of Svejna definitively dispersed and torn back to tools and public. By this moment all storm misfortunes have been definitively forgotten. As the person from " command has told; the Cosmonaut " pulled in the day off, " For the sake of such concerts also it would be desirable to work ". The following " stereosummer " action with participation Toro Y Moi and New Young Pony Club will pass on June, 30th in the same place, on " Air ". We are reserved vetrovkami and we watch weather forecasts.