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Knowledge in a package

From free lecture to personal university one step. And it is made.

" initially we raschityvali on interest to service of two audiences organizers of actions and participants. However soon after start were focused on the most monetary funktsionale for the organisations. The interface for ordinary users have left only because it was a pity to throw out made " Lyudmila Pavlova, the commercial director of service TimePad remembers. ru, platforms for the organisation of lectures, seminars, conferences.

today in TimePad are glad that have not followed the tastes of a severe pragmatism which learns to be focused on the main thing. On supervision Pavlovoj, recently more perspective sees the rate not on the company, and on numerous army of users. The motto of changes " it is More, better, it is free ". A problem that new education fragmentirovano also is badly structured. Being involved in race behind education of new type and having tried out its advantages, the audience demands one more bonus convenience. Now, after in February of this year the company " Rambler - the Poster " has got service TimePad, the basic energies of the project are directed to creation of possibilities for users. And not only it. While one will organise new seminars and courses, others work how to transform a mosaic from educational products into high-grade personal university.

colour of a trade
in the Spring of last year Alexey Ilyin, nowadays an analyst of investment fund NovStream Internet Advisors, has made experiment. Using API service " My circle " it has unloaded the anonymous data of profiles of 1 million 174 thousand users from a social network and was engaged in their analysis " a career history ". Unfortunately, users " My circle " did not aspire to unification of names of the trades. Therefore, to unite, for example, " programmers " and " developers " laborious work on normalisation of the data was required. But as a result Ilyin has appeared the owner unique " the column of trades " convincingly shown that, truth, it was possible to assume and so. We will tell that the labour market is very mobile: average time which the person spent on one workplace, for 50 % of workers made 12 - 18 months.

the most interesting that Alexey, and #150 has found out; " migration ways ". " People pass between the trades similar among themselves more often. On the basis of these communications it is possible to construct a map of trades where similar specialities settle down it is close to each other. We " painted " map sites different codes for example, " Information technologies " " Work with people " Also started this digital paint on a map the algorithm similar on Google PageRank, observing, as it is painted and as different paints are combined in trades " Ilyin remembers. Experiment has helped to see interesting laws: for example, a trade " the manager the Internet - projects " work as the manager of others IT - projects is very close to editorial activity so, demands skills of work with texts much more, than.

changing trades, people choose, where a part claimed " skillov " (skills and knowledge) corresponds already available for the worker. Hence, on the first place in reflexions about trade acquisition, change of activity and even student`s vocational guidance there are these skills and knowledge, in other words " skilly ".

Service Smartia. ru, which Alexey develops today, just uses " skilly " as the base to conceptual constructions. Smartia creates the catalogue of trades, for each of which it is possible to specify necessary skills, knowledge, the competence. The teaching materials helping with acquisition of these skills, in turn, are adhered to them, books, courses, lectures, seminars, educational video and other. A chain " an educational content both #150; skilly a trade " it is important because the market here - here will be amazed with an educational bulimia. Promptly increasing volume of an educational content makes demands to its organisation.

educational stadiums
" For a year of work " Cybermarketing " we have trained more experts, than all players of the market for all time of its existence " Anar Babayev, the ideologist of project Cybermarketing speaks. ru the companies " Seopult ". A result an annual turnover, by estimations of the head of a group of companies " Seopult " Nikolay Evdokimova, coming nearer to $100 million

" We looked at examples successful the Internet - services, especially services Google. Have found out family similarity: here to you the robot, here to you algorithm of use plus here to you of knowledge it is desirable free. Further in - zites. We had serious ambitions, and we have decided to arrive as Google " remembers Anar history of creation of the project. The second decision which has defined a portrait and destiny Cybermarketing, to do seminars free. According to Babayev, Cybermarketing manages the companies in " real copecks " some hundreds thousand roubles a month. " it is less, than the budget on marketing at usual SEO - studios " he speaks. During the existence, since December, 2010, through the project have passed about 25 thousand persons. " capacity " last year 20 thousand persons. Business - result In the lead positions among services on automatic advancement of sites. And all only result of the mentioned formula " automation, clear algorithm, free training ".

" Seopult " is going to develop success. The purpose to finish quantity receiving a course the Internet - marketing from " Seopulta " to 100 thousand persons a year. To solve this problem owe the project " Seopult - TV " the Internet - television about advancement on the Internet. " TV channel it is a magnet providing absolutely other level of loyalty, and also spread of knowledge " Nail Baykov, the head " speaks; Seopult - TV ". Well and, of course, by means of the Internet regional restriction acts in film.

the ticket for the market
" Seopult " not the unique player who has found out efficiency of educational marketing. The quantity of educational products grows practically in each market. So, only having started in the autumn, the project " netologija " seminars on the Internet - to marketing reports today about 1 thousand the investigators who have passed its courses.

Lyudmila Pavlova from Timepad says that in a month on its service is registered about 3 thousand the events which total of participants makes approximately 50 thousand persons. By an estimation Pavlovoj, Timepad covers today nearby 5 - 10 % of the market, for last year the quantity of similar events has grown four times. The interested person can make personal university of huge volume of seminars and lectures. However the more widely the offer, the above demand for the tools, helping to search, choose and organise educational process.

today, by words Pavlovoj, at Timepad three basic sources of incomes: Sale of tickets, services to organizers (from creation a web - pages of event before work on the action) and advertising. Total receipts in the company do not disclose, but say that the contribution of these directions to the company income can be estimated as 40 / 40 / 20. In total at Timepad today about 8 thousand clients the companies placing on a platform the actions. From them paid services use approximately 500. In a month the company sells about 2 thousand tickets for actions. In total for 2011 on a platform it has been placed more than 10 thousand events.

in the beginning of this year the project was bought by the incorporated company " Rambler - the Poster " transaction cost has made about $200 thousand

According to Natalia Atjashevoj, the general director of startup EventMag started in the spring of 2012 by investment company Fast Lane, the market of corporate training in Russia makes from $300 million to $500 million " The market has strongly fallen during crisis in 2009 - m and gauging practically in 2009 - 2010. Only since 2011 - go it has started to show positive dynamics " tells Atjasheva. By its estimation, the market so also has not returned till now to former indicators. But it actually also is a certain guarantee of growth for the nearest couple of years, Natalia is assured, reminding that before crisis, with 2006 - go till 2008, this market showed growth almost 30 % annually. And at a stable economic situation can make about 15 % a year in the future. Educational actions provide more than 60 % of gain EventMag. For some first months of work EventMag has involved on the platform more than thousand various trainings, conferences and courses, having sold about 3 thousand tickets.

a rose kompetentsy
" Rozochka kompetentsy " on Michael Kozharinovu, the operating partner of design group " Metabeliefs " too the count. But any more trades, as in a case with Smartia, and skills of separately taken user. The idea to go not from a grid of trades, and from dejatelnostnoj structures has led to Kozharinova to construction of educational projects on the basis of a map kompetentsy users. For its creation " command; Metabelief " used the usual pie chart where on the axes going from the centre, estimations kompetentsy the user in points are postponed. Having connected these points, it is possible to receive a freakish polygon: a different set kompetentsy their estimation and #150 defines structure of the count, and; a configuration. For everyone it will appear individual, in process of prorolling kompetentsy " rozochka " will change. By means of the similar count it is convenient to watch such speculative things as skills, experience, to observe their progress. But not only. " We used " rozochku " for instructions of personal recommendations about prorolling kompetentsy. Also have adhered to it the navigator at courses and quests which have allowed to use this count as an original compass for drawing up of a personal educational trajectory " Kozharinov speaks.

For the first time idea realised in 2008 within the precincts of MGIMO. Experimental service suggested students to estimate their current map kompetentsy, to make wished and at training to watch how it approaches with realities. Acquisition and revealing kompetentsy is impossible without activity, therefore service filled not with teaching materials, and tasks - cases. Now Kozharinov plans to let out the project in an external world while tests the " the server kompetentsy " Devyourself. ru on various educational projects. Today the basic income " Metabelief " educational consulting and projects for big clients, for example Potanin`s Fund, Open university Skolkovo, the Autovase, Ministry of Atomic Energy and so forth

Personal university
in the Autumn of last year the professor of Stenfordsky university Sebastjan Tran has decided to organise free online - a course on machine intelligence. " I thought, 1 thousand persons will register in it " 500, well; he remembered. 160 thousand have registered in a course online - students. " people have an enormous demand for knowledge " Tran is assured. This experience of its has induced on project start

Udacity. com platforms of free courses from leading teachers. On service courses on creation of search cursors, robotic technology, cryptography and so forth

" are already created; Annually in the world start hundreds startups in an education sphere. Are created online - universities and schools, corporate universities, the tests training the applications for mobile phones, educational games are developed, video lectures " are spent; Yury Lifshits who has organised in last year the national award in the field of educational video " speaks; Attention ". Today in the award catalogue it is registered more than 200 projects creating or aggregating an educational video content.

" there comes a new coil of fight for the education market. If not so long ago we observed of a growing avalanche of an educational content today all aspire to collect it in educational courses " Dmitry Peskov, the ideologist " speaks; Metabelief ".

Peskova too have a personal educational track. Its Dmitry creates with the help iTunes University: " This the most convenient that I managed to find in this sphere. Now I pass there some courses on power and algoritmike. Duration from two about six weeks, in the end there is a possibility to hand over the test ". However more often users on - former should take over control the educational track in own hands: to mark in a calendar of date of seminars, to save mailings and to add in favourites videoclips. How to unite in uniform, smooth educational process materials of different providers of knowledge while not solved problem.

soft joining
" All educational content today the chaos sea " considers Sand. By its estimations, the set of attempts was undertaken to create the designer of educational courses. But all have rested against a barrier: standards of creation of an educational content does not exist. " and video is not enough lectures, with a teaching material it is necessary to work, Kozharinov is assured. Except a content selection educational process means check of the received knowledge, and also communication with the applied problems transforming knowledge in skills ".

Business has got used to solve such problems by means of creation of corporate universities. Think about such and in the company " Seopult ". " We think of creation of similar structure university which could join our educational modules in a complex training course. But to join our educational product to educational products from other suppliers a problem it is not necessary " Babayev speaks. However notices that to it such problem sees rather perspective, and reminds: the keystone to success automation, clear algorithm and free knowledge. The one who the first will embody this principle in the education market, has every chance to become its leader.