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Terror with oil outflow

the New acts of terrorism organised against christians in Nigeria by grouping " to Boko Jaras " and the surprising decision of US authorities not to include it in the category of the terrorist have forced observers to exorcise again about this for the present the little-known terrorist organisation. Formally it supports an establishment of an Islamic mode. Actually, as suspect many, " to Boko Jaras " more interesting not Islam, and oil.

the summer was marked by strengthening of terrorist activity of the Nigerian organisation " to Boko Jaras " (the informal name " the Western education is a sin ") . From the beginning of June some tens persons, basically the christians living in northern and central areas of Nigeria became victims of the acts of terrorism organised by it. Simultaneously with it the US State department declared inclusion in the list of known international terrorists of three leading members " to Boko Jaras " Abubakara Shekau, Abubakara Adam Kambara and Halida al - Barnaui. Thus the organisation, which official name " the People attached to distribution of the doctrine of the prophet and jihad " into the list of the international terrorist organisations made by State department, magic image has not entered. Despite numerous references of the Nigerian Christian communities and the American senators considering that " to Boko Jaras " in this list the place. According to some experts, against it the US president Barack Obama considering has acted that the authorities of Nigeria should begin dialogue with terrorists.

Interest to the organisation which acts, judging by its informal name, from the positions rather similar to positions of Talibs, " Al - Kaidy " and the Somali Islamites, grows. Main points to which experts and analysts, and #150 try to respond; members " are how much sincere; to Boko Jaras " in the pressing forward to transform Nigeria (or its north occupied mainly by Moslems) in the fundamentalist Islamic state just like Afghanistan of times of Talibs, and also how much deeply the organisation it is integrated into a network of terrorist Islamic groupings worldwide. Answers to these questions, it appears, are not too obvious.

the organisations " to Boko Jaras " now ten years. It has been created in 2001 by the Islamic active worker known in the north of Nigeria and ecclesiast Muhammadom Jusufom. Its sights fine characterises the interview given by it once BBC. In it Jusuf explained, why considers the western education and culture dangerous and even blasphemous, and resulted corresponding examples. One of such examples: Europeans learn the world that the Earth round.

in the beginning 2000 - h years in northern states of Nigeria supporters of radical Islam were on lifting. In 2000 the north of Nigeria was literally blown up by collisions of Moslems and the christians, called by desire of governors of northern states (mainly occupied by Moslems) to make norms of Sheriyat legal proceedings basis. During collisions then some thousand persons were lost. Muhammad Jusuf has managed to unite at once some Islamic groupings of northerners in one organisation, becoming its head and the counsellor. Officially the organisation has been founded in the city of Majduguri, staff of Borno.

Jusuf, obviously, has been amazed and admired by actions of Talibs in Afghanistan and " Al - Kaidy ". Soon after the basis " to Boko Jaras " Its staff - the apartment has been translated in the remote area of staff of Jobe on border with Niger. Here, far from authorities, the military camp under the name " has been created; Afghanistan ". Expansion of territory supervised by it and creation of the true Islamic state just like Afghanistan Talibs was dream of Jusufa.

while Jusuf equipped the camp, the authorities were interested in it a little. But together with popularity growth " to Boko Jaras " organisation ambitions grew also. Soon insurgents already attacked fasts of Nigerian army and police stations, gradually expanding borders of the influence. Then, confirms one of the most known experts on Islamic fundamentalism in the countries of Africa Jossef Bodanski, in Nigeria " to Boko Jaras " have started to name Nigerian " the Taliban ". Then the other Islamic terrorist organisations, including actually Talibs have become interested in it also.

By 2004 when in Nigeria interreligious collisions, " again have begun; to Boko Jaras " already played a role of leading force of Islamites in the country. Against other Islamic groupings " to Boko Jaras " and its supporters differed special cruelty. They not only took part in spontaneous collisions of Moslems with christians, but also provoked them, telling about the real or invented attacks on temples and the real or invented atrocities of similar Christian groupings.

as a result by 2005 Jusuf already was the recognised leader of all militant northerners. He continued to accurse all western that, however, did not prevent to use to it the blessings given by the western civilisation.

" JUsuf studied in the West, it extends the sights and supervises over the people by means of mobile phones and the Internet, it moves on the off-road car made in Germany with the driver and thus urges all followers to refuse all western " told about the leader " to Boko Jaras " Nigerian expert Godvin Ajdzhidiogor.

In 2009 the patience of the authorities has run low, they declared " to Boko Jaras " total war. After captains of the host of Nigerian army accused of excessive cruelty at grouping destruction, and these charges have been picked actively up not only Islamites, but also legal experts. On the Internet the videoclips which have embodied mass extrajudicial executions, spent by Nigerian military men in activity areas " took place; to Boko Jaras ". On one of them it was well audible, as the commander of group orders to the soldier to shoot to the connected person at a chest, instead of in a head as to it, the commander, the cap of a victim has attracted.

anyway, but within several months with " to Boko Jaras " as considered the Nigerian authorities, it has been finished. JUsuf has been arrested and later it is killed, according to the official version, at attempt to run. Together with it many outstanding figures of the organisation were lost. But, as has shown the further succession of events, " to Boko Jaras " has not been destroyed and only has for a while stopped the activity.

According to many experts, to revival " to Boko Jaras " many efforts were put by the organisation " Al - Kaida of Islamic Maghrib " (AKIM), operating basically in territory of Algeria. It was the sponsor of many Islamic terrorist groupings in the countries of Africa from Mali to Chad. Actually, in Chad supporters of Jusufa running from Nigeria also have met representatives AKIM who have offered them the services in organisation restoration. Many members " to Boko Jaras " have been sent in training camp in the Arabian countries and Pakistan. From Arabs " to Boko Jaras " has received money, manuals and instructions on building of underground factories on manufacture of bombs (many such factories have been found out by Nigerian military men and police later). Under some data, between AKIM, " to Boko Jaras " and the Somali terrorist grouping " Ash - Shabab " the agreement on coordination of actions has been signed. Nevertheless " to Boko Jaras " not only remained especially Nigerian organisation and has saved the full independence, but also, according to many experts, has changed ideologically.

" when with all filled Jusuf, at the heart of movement there was an ideology. At all strangenesses of Jusuf was the religious figure, Nigerian expert Robert Unongo speaks. Now all differently. There are no doubts that present leaders of the organisation are engaged in power blackmail ".

Speech, certainly, goes about more fair, from the point of view " to Boko Jaras " section of incomes of oil export. Nigeria the largest the exporter of oil in Africa. However practically all significant stocks of oil are in southern states of the country and in a part of gulf of Guinea supervised by the Nigerian authorities. In due time in the south the terrorists naming with supporters of creation of the independent state Ogoni, nevertheless after the conclusion of the agreement which have satisfied all party about section of incomes acts of terrorism in the centres of Nigerian oil extracting which were organised by separatists too operated, have stopped. Many experts consider that present heads " to Boko Jaras " Are interested first of all in oil, instead of in planting correct, in their opinion, thoughts and sights. For example, according to the International disputed group, " to Boko Jaras " " fundamentally Nigerian problem " become international only thanks to Nigerian and international massmedia which for a raising of circulations it is artificial transform " to Boko Jaras " in the international terrorist threat. " members (the organisations. " the power " ), probably, also were trained abroad, but among them there are no foreign insurgents and mercenaries that for a long time became a commonplace for other terrorist groupings salafistskogo sense, the representative of the organisation speaking on the condition of anonymity confirms. all enemies and all problems of the organisation basically local, Nigerian. And the main problem consists that the hungry person it almost always the embittered person ". About that the revived organisation it is everything, everything, but not movement of religious zealots, says also that, according to the authorities, among active supporters and even members of the organisation becomes more and more christians.

however, it does not mean that the organisation became less dangerous or less blood-thirsty. More likely to the contrary. In " to Boko Jaras " use all advantages of cooperation with the international terrorist organisations, and the co-ordinated plural acts of terrorism for which so has become famous " Al - Kaida " became firm handwriting " to Boko Jaras ".

After the revival in 2010 the organisation has made already some tens acts of terrorism in which result thousand persons were lost. " to Boko Jaras " now deliberately underlines the communication with " Al - Kaidoj " and other similar organisations. Experts consider it as the form of psychological pressure upon the authorities of Nigeria and the foreign states. If it is truth its tactics bears fruit. Under the pressure of the USA and other countries the Nigerian authorities already some times expressed readiness to begin negotiations with " to Boko Jaras ". However, the authorities also declare intention to strike on its one more crushing blow which completely and will definitively destroy it.

however does not occur yet neither negotiations, nor a crushing blow on the organisation which, in turn, does not cease to remind the country authorities of the existence by the most cruel way.

last week the president of Nigeria Gudlak Dzhonatan has sent in resignation of the adviser for national security and the Minister of Defence of the country. While, local observers, personnel shifts in the country leaders and #150 regretfully mark; The only thing that the Nigerian authorities can oppose to the co-ordinated and cruel acts of terrorism which are carried out " to Boko Jaras ".