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Refraction of Svety

the Leader of the new project of NTV television channel " the Ray of light " (the premiere on July, 21st) becomes the active worker of the Prokremlin youth movement " the Steel " Svetlana Kuritsyna more known as " Light from Ivanovo "

This news on the Internet and behind its limits discussed all the week long. The wave of indignation concerning Svety from Ivanovo was already replaced by a wave of mercy so there is in our blogs, and it, by the way, speaks well for their humanity: blogery urge not to offend to Light, because this purpose not its fault, and its misfortune. It, in general, all understand that Light, not able to connect three words, is lifted voleju general director Vladimir Kulistikova to the very top of teleestablishment (become leaders of the program peak of career of any TV man) thanks to that she is not able to connect three words. In the TV much happened, but never before did not happen so that the person there took not thanks to abilities, and thanks to lacks, in this case tongue-tie and virgin cleanliness of consciousness. It take that it was ridiculous, mister Kulistikov nevertheless the postmodernist, but simultaneously and the realist as counts on class solidarity of those spectators which identify in it " the " and in a prime - a time will be switched from the First channel to NTV. However and this negative selection bears not so much to Light, how much about most g - not Kulistikove.

However, it is all explainably and within the limits of the general " TV crisis " which cease to love. Two previous attempts have been done with misters Gennady Petrovichem Malakhov and Anna Chapmen. Them too used without giving thanks, and contrary to but if with G.P.Malakhov this number has still passed with Anna Chapmen already is not present. Use of nonprofessionals has some appeal in first two weeks, but any development then is necessary. Gennady Petrovich took the scandalous tongue-tie and denseness of sights: it was blow not so much even on age of Enlightenment, how much on Renaissance. Light from Ivanov it too blow on age of Enlightenment, but very much can be that this course rather soon vdarit a boomerang on most g - well to Kulistikovu.

I do not assert that and happens, but now Svety from Ivanovo have two ways, and here already many depends on it, from its character, and here already a little that depends on NTV heads: it after all just now seems to it that it completely supervises to Light from Ivanovo.

the classical girl from suburb where consider sincere that with the advent of a personal motor vehicle and a mobile phone (and at their Svety already two) life has improved. As has informed itself Light, the aggregate profit of their family (mum, the father, itself Light and younger sister) makes approximately 27 thousand roubles. Its natural impulse to protect the native land from those who wants to deprive of seven Kuritsynyh of 27 thousand monthly and to sell them in slavery to Americans, it is supported all by the same TV which this is constant most and inspires. To light from Ivanovo has picked up the selective social lift: it differs from usual that time most part costs is immovable, once a year or is more rare without the prevention joins exactly on one trip and lifts on a whim of the lift attendant of one lucky beggar on glory top.

but an error g - on Kulistikova and other " lift attendants " that as they think, they take an immutable and strong material, and it at all so. Light from Ivanovo 20 with something of years, and the normal person at this age changes kazhdodnevno.

day when she will get the first wages becomes the Beginning of internal transformation for Svety. I know that father Svety from Ivanovo concerning the sum though I can not reproduce it literally will tell, but precisely I know that along with admiration in this word the easy disappointment that for monthly spinning will sound also... It is possible to receive so much, how much for all life you will not turn out in Ivanovo.

then Light from Ivanovo will receive the second and, god, the third salary (there are no doubts that the project will exist a minimum half a year) will give. That big shock for Svety from Ivanovo will be that the people receiving the salaries on NTV why - that not too are proud of a place of the work. Pair of conversations in a smoking-room or stolovke Ostankino, a remark of the operator on much will open eyes Light though first it and will be shocked. She learns, how it is a lot of people in Ostankino Navalnogo are among themselves voiced about the power more abruptly. In parallel new girlfriends and after all they will appear at Svety Will acquaint her not only with brendovoj clothes, but also with some simple secrets of a survival and a prosperity in Moscow. Some examples will jar on representation of Svety about perfect, and others will shake its belief in the native land. Light learns practical word meaning " recoil " " raspil " and " censorship " and also that the majority of its colleagues do not watch TV, and scoop the information from social networks. That the chiefs abusing at all Gosdep, for themselves use for a long time only American and European, and children send to study there, and intend to live there after service. But the main shock for Svety will be how actually concern on television inhabitants of Ivanovo and thousand other places. She learns a word meaning " cattle " in highly specialised sense as the term which designate target audience. Also that the main task consists in that this audience to save in the same pose at any cost. But after all both #150; paradox will think already grown wise Light, they merit such relation (itself Light mentally will already separate from them). And a year later, having met lovely girl-friends of the childhood who will ask it, a leah truth that Malakhov with Kirkorov of that, Light, having been surprised to itself, will think that correctly them name cattle though it and is not absolutely politically correct.

god will give, and education of Svety too will recover. Having visited abroad, having gone on exhibitions and pochitav newspapers, Light from Ivanovo will learn words " a postmodernism " and " a discourse " and there and to links to Lakana nearby. But it too will not pass all for nothing: during the next conversation with the producer of Light suddenly will understand that between its increased level of knowledge of the world and requirements of a format a current - show arises the contradiction which does not act in film any dialectics. Also that, roughly speaking, from it it is required to remain within the limits of the same lohovstva, in an opposite case it has a chance to return to native Ivanovo this month. By then a word combination " returning in Ivanovo " will frighten to Light the same as frightens the majority of inhabitants of Moscow. On the other hand, she will understand that all these a current - its shows as - that already start to soar. And here it is possible to make Light an important choice: or to remain to work professional razvlekatelnitsej suckers, or to change a karma.

very much can be that Light will choose the first and then it is uninteresting further: companion Paramonova, as in a song of Galich will grow from it such. But it is possible nevertheless and other variant: will meet Light in the company of any oppositionist (and him to meet in Moscow easier, than no matter where), will fall in love its all sincere soul. And if suddenly to Light in a week will dismiss from NTV, this very day to Light there will arrive TV channel " the Rain " Radio station " Echo Moscow " will call in the program " Without fools " and magazine " the Big city " will make with it the big interview. It will be called " Kulistikov forbade me to say a name of Navalnogo ". Then Light from Ivanovo will pass to work on TV " the Rain " will write the book " As I worked as the silly woman " and the opposition will say that Light " has very much grown in the human and professional plan ". So it will turn to the girl with unpleasant, but instructive past on this way have already passed both Xenia Sobchak, and Masha Drokova, and even Christina Potupchik who now writes memoirs.

Kavalergarda of eyelids is short, but the century of the young man from the Prokremlin movement is even more short. As sang BG if the tree grows it grows upwards, and from " prokremlja " people why - that very quickly grow. And all understanding about this power, young men will use it in the same way as it uses them: to the first stop. So I in every possible way would greet occurrence of Svety from Ivanovo on NTV; to watch its fast internal transformation and will be the most fascinating show of a season.