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Power branches will be stretched in the Communard

Moving of federal authorities for limits " old Moscow " it is quite real also money from the budget will not demand, and the settlement the Communard can become a new administrative centre. The corresponding document, under data " " prime minister Dmitry Medvedev has directed to Vladimir Putin, having reported on performance of the presidential commission. Now only on the consent of the president depends, a leah a leah will take place moving and all state bodies will move on a new place.
the white house has kept within that term which was established on April, 12th this year by Dmitry Medvedev when, being the president, has charged to Vladimir Putin`s government to work a question on a re-deployment for MKAD of offices of the federal ministries and departments. All state structures should direct till July, 9th to the Kremlin the variants " plans of re-deployments ". The report " about a course of performance of the commission " as informs a source " " In the government, it is directed the president on July, 9th. Under data " " Dmitry Medvedev who heads now the government, has informed Vladimir Putin that the question is worked, and state structures, as well as assumed " " (see " " from June, 20th), the prime minister has suggested to place in settlement the Communard.

it is a question of settlement which though is located in 5 km from MKAD, but enters into the territory which has passed on July, 1st of this year from Moscow Region to Moscow. There, under data " " the ministries, Presidential Administration, governmental body, the State Office of Public Prosecutor, Investigatory committee and Audit Chamber should move. For them the complex of office buildings will be built up. By data " " the complex total area will make about 3,5 million in sq. m, building will manage in 350 mlrd rbl. (that is 100 thousand rbl. for 1 sq.). From the federal budget moving will not demand money. The government, according to the source " " suggests to build on extra means, and then to return them at the expense of sale Moscow the buildings, which officials will release after moving to the Communard. To erect office settlement it is planned in 2013 - 2016.

to start realisation specified on the area and project cost, the consent of the president is required to the government only. But the fast consent of the Kremlin it is not expected. " while prematurely to speak about any degree prorabotannosti this idea " has declared " " zamglavy presidential administration, a press - secretary Dmitry Peskov. As he said, while there is no the full clearness, what state bodies should move. " first of all there is no clearness, how much it will cost, and there are many other questions demanding detailed preliminary study " mister Peskov considers.

However, under data " " Offers of the prime minister contain concrete figures. Now in Moscow, by estimates of the Ministry of Finance, federal authorities (without investigatory committee, the Ministries of Internal Affairs and power structures) occupy in 4,9 million in sq. m from which by superfluous it is recognised almost 700 thousand in sq. m. Therefore Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov in the end of June in the letter to the first vitse - to prime minister Igor Shuvalov supervising in the government moving of officials to New Moscow, suggested to construct for MKAD of 4,2 million in sq. m., on what would be required 419 mlrd rbl. But now the government has decided to reduce the area to 3,5 million in sq. m and, accordingly, expenses to 350 billion rbl. One of officials of the Ministry of Finance has explained it to that additional surpluses are found out in federal bodies in Moscow. " it about 500 thousand in the sq. m, which federal bodies rent basically at the Moscow mayoralty, the official marks. on the maintenance of these buildings the budget annually directs to 2 mlrd rbl. ". Nobody will allow to sell to federal bodies these buildings to direct the obtained means for new building. And if departments want to hand over these objects in subrent to the third parties, the mayoralty, according to the interlocutor " " can oppose.

" the questions connected with carrying over of authorities, demand the deepest complex study, and the more detailed it goes and the information collects, the opens problems which are necessary for solving more. Including, concerning the further use of released buildings: who will buy them also a leah will worsen this status of an infrastructure in Moscow? " has declared " " a press - the secretary of the president operating affairs Victor Hrekov.

questions of transport and an infrastructure for a new administrative complex are simultaneously analyzed. " when all these questions will be really worked, on results will be reported to the country leaders " Mister Hrekov has specified. In an environment of the prime minister abstain from forecasts when it is possible to expect the presidential consent. However, the Ministry of Finance already was engaged in scheme working out on which will be financed design and civil work. And Ministry of economic development and trade has received the task to develop standard documents which would regulate moving. The president has the right and not to give the consent, but " while such nothing foretells " has assured " " the high-ranking official in governmental body.

meanwhile in departments to New Moscow do not hurry. The high-ranking source " " in the culture Ministry has informed that at one meeting at the minister a question on moving " did not rise and was not discussed ". The high-ranking sources " " in Ministry of Justice also have confirmed that " open discussion " this question with participation of heads of divisions it was not spent. Thus, according to interlocutors " " its transfer to St.-Petersburg by an example of the Constitutional court can appear more probable for Ministry of Justice the scenario. As to prospect of moving of department in settlement the Communard one of officials of Ministry of Justice has asked it " not to frighten ". In its opinion, the decision " to send people on vyselki " it is thought insufficiently over and will turn back by loss of experts.

a question on that, " what structures will move, it is necessary to discuss separately " the vice-president of the Duma commission on building of buildings and the constructions intended for placing of the parliamentary centre, the United Russia party member Elena Panin considers. And the speaker of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin, having referred to opinion of the deputy majority, it was voiced yesterday against moving of members of parliament for borders " old Moscow ". The State Duma has sent the president in the end of last week the letter in which has refused moving basically, recognising as expedient only such variant at which for MKAD federal bodies of all branches of the power and #150 will move; legislative, executive and judicial (see " " from July, 9th). According to a source " " in the White house, neither the State Duma, nor federation Advice do not appear among state bodies which the government has included in number moving in the Communard. But if also members of parliament too to transport, expenses, according to the interlocutor " " in the government, will increase only on 3 - 5 %.