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" Russians are capable to win more than 25 gold awards "

the President of the Olympic committee of Russia (OKR), the first vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Alexander ZHUKOV on the eve of start of the Olympic games in London in interview to the correspondent " " VALERYS MIRONOVOJ has explained, under what conditions the Russian team will manage to realise all potential and to become the third in informal command offset. He also has assured that each Russian sportsman will be protected from all possible troubles, except unfair refereeing.
the medalnyj plan of Russia in 25 gold awards figure real? A leah you have got excited with the minister of sports Vitaly Mutko?

I not the optimist, I the realist. And the forecast accurate, by the way, did not give, because I consider what to make medalnye plans business ungrateful. Has told only that in the summer World championships of last year Russians have won 27 gold medals And it gives the grounds to count 25 - 27 Olympic victories. In sports nothing repeats, therefore victories can be both more, and it is less. But potentially Russians are capable to win more than 25 gold awards. Provided that will approach to start in optimum sports and morally - the psychological form. Usually in the beginning of Games pass not our kinds, nevertheless mass-media from time in time force depression and search for the guilty. It is wrong. About what aiming at victory there can be a speech if all around predict to you a failure?

representatives of some federations complained before the Olympic Games about separation of commands, absence of uniting idea and, present, " a rating "...

and how a seeing-off of sportsmen in the Kremlin where they were addressed in informal conditions by the president of Russia Vladimir Putin? It is convinced: this moment for Olympians became very important. And to me about it told many. And commands prepared how considered it necessary. After all to collect on one base of all it is impossible. And such nobody put problems. But now all live in the Olympic village together. Therefore it is very important to create there a normal psychological climate. I talked to sportsmen from different commands: at all mood exclusively fighting. After all we have not brought tourists to London. The overwhelming number of Olympians is counted by medals.

and still on the third place in informal command offset. Unsportsmanlike methods from owners the main our competitors on it be not afraid?

with British we wait for Direct rivalry in several kinds. For example, in female boxing, gymnastics and cycling. There would be here Natalia Ragozin would defeat boxing at any, even the most unfair refereeing. In this kind of the Russian almost for certain will challenge medals with British in two categories from three. Unfortunately, the judicial factor in boxing very strongly influences result: one blows set off, and another no. All is very subjective and in gymnastics.

we will admit, there will be in London disputable or even a swagger - a major situation. Heads of the Russian delegation will react in time and will protect sportsmen?

Each such situation unique. In any cases it makes sense to submit the protest, in any no. But each our command knows, to whom and in what cases to be converted behind the help, and knows that will be protected from all nespravedlivostej, except, perhaps, biassed refereeing. Anybody is not guaranteed against it. Gymnast Alexey Nemova in Athenes was supported by all stadium and even the whole world, but, alas, it has not affected result. But Alexey has become famous in Athenes more than for all four gold medals. That episode just also became a celebration of the Olympic ideals and an example of fair game. Many people why - that consider that sportsmen go on Games only behind millions bonus. It not so. Ask any, and he will tell that will not exchange the Olympic gold on what. I am assured it is truth. After all the Olympic medal top for the sake of which the person stuck tens years. The Olympic champions are not born. That them to become, it is necessary to work how as another and did not dream.

in a case if Russians will not enter into a three, to respond someone it is necessary?

Silly to go on competitions to thought on a failure. It is better not to go at all. If we work on prospect and we want, that our sports developed, any result demands the serious analysis. Only then it is possible to do conclusions and to take measures. Good luck and failure alternate, and at whom has got patience conquers and wisdom to sustain a correct line under any circumstances.

Who the first was visited by thought to appoint the standard-bearer tennis-player Maria Sharapova? Representatives of some federations confirm, as if this question was not discussed with them...

both #150; Paul Kolobkov and Nikolay Tolstyh talked to all federations. Perhaps the information also is not has reached someone, but I did not hear other opinions. In my opinion, the most known should bear a banner in the country and the world the athlete. At us it is Elena Isinbaeva and Maria Sharapova. At Lena competitions in second half of Games, it at opening will not appear. And Sharapova the leader of world tennis. Before standard-bearers reluctantly agreed for this role, and Maria, despite weight of procedure, even was delighted. Eventually Russia a feminine gender and if its flag will be incurred by the woman it is a good harbinger of our performance.

how to get out of crisis medaleemkie swimming, cycling and boat racing?

It is necessary to restore detsko - youthful sport schools. Not on an empty place champions appear? In kayaks from a canoe the federation began to work better both #150; and business has gone. Have put into operation some new rowing channels in Kazan, Krasnodar, Nizhni Novgorod, and at them have earned DJUSSH and schools of the Olympic reserve. Means, will pass time, and there will be strong oarsmen. In swimming at us serious traditions, as in the USA and Australia, no. Therefore and stars it is a little. Galina Prozumenshchikova, Vladimir Salnikov, Alexander Popov, Denis Pankratov and Evgenie Sadovyj here, perhaps, and all. Now leaders Julia Yefimov and Anastas Zueva, are quite good volniki. They, it is assured, will be overcome. In rowing and tradition cycling is. But the track and the channel long were in an individual copy only in Krylatsky. Already and tracks modern are under construction for example, in Omsk and Sochi. In 2006 we have confirmed the federal target program, and it yields results, including in the form of new sport bases, sanno - bobslejnyh and mountain-skiing lines, stadiums and fizkulturno - improving complexes. Mass children`s competitions are revived also.

that is at any exod of Games it is not necessary to panic?

it is not necessary to Panic under no circumstances. We have program and accurate representation about principles and directions of development of sports. Certainly, on this way will be both victories, and defeats. However we should support the sportsmen only. And to wait.

whom you will watch here with special sincere thrill?

Favourites at me are not present. But I know many sportsmen personally and I communicate with them not only in official conditions, but at competitions and on trainings. They speak about the needs, and we solve, than we can help. The barrier between us does not exist. I will not hide the especial predilection for game kinds. But it is pleasant both track and field athletics, and synchronous swimming, and gymnastics. It was very pleasant in the World championship in Taegu a gold medal to Anna Chicherovoj I handed over. So I will endure both about it, and for its colleagues - vysotnikov Andrey Silnova, Vanju Ukhov, for prygunju with a pole Lena Isinbaevu, for begunju Maria Savinov, for throwers of a disk Darya Pishchalnikovu, spears both #150; Maria Abakumov and a hammer Tatyana Lysenko, for sinhronistok and for all other our sportsmen whom has not listed. They at us remarkable!

C what feelings you have arrived to London?

the grandiose sports feast and consequently as to the passionate fan it is interesting to me Here is expected. The London Olympic Games not the first in my life, but the first on which I have arrived as the president of the Olympic committee of Russia. To Turin, Beijing and Vancouver I went, being the first vitse - the prime minister of the government responsible for sports and heading committees on preparation to Olympic Games. But day and night, as it is necessary here, all - taki did not work, and was ill more. If there were the questions demanding operative intervention of me as one of heads of the government, I would interfere. However in Beijing such situations were not, and, for example, in Turin I advanced the demand of Sochi, communicating with figures of world Olympic movement. In London I since July, 25th and now before the termination of Games in the answer for all activity of our staff which is round the clock obliged to solve all questions connected with abiding here of Olympians. Questions, I expect, there will be a set: from participation of sportsmen in competitions before their restoration and medical support; From meetings in the Russian house with journalists, fans and with stopped to compete medallists to a large quantity of contacts to representatives the IOC and national Olympic committees. Well and, of course, every day I will be at competitions.

you as president OKR have already written down what concrete affairs to yourselves in an active?

On this fast I have come with the extensive program. Its main section advancement of the Olympic ideals and sports development. To involve youth we have solved among other things on examples of outstanding sportsmen. The Olympic champions Svetlana Zhurova, Alexey Nemov, Natalia Ishchenko, Vyacheslav Yekimov and many other things have spent at country schools already more thousand Olympic lessons. They told about the Olympic Games, about the kinds, showed that are able. And each time I saw delight in children`s eyes. The second section support of the sportsmen who have finished career. To people for 30 uneasy to find a way to lives. Frequently it is necessary to train them in other trade. And in it one of faculties of Academy of a name of Plehanova, for example, is engaged. And for those who wants to become the trainer or the sports manager, we have opened the international Olympic university in Sochi. Building of its buildings comes to an end, but some faculties already work. The rector is appointed, courses of lectures are read by leading experts, including foreign, and, to arrive, the entrant should sustain competition.

we managed to adjust partner relations between OKR, the Ministry of sports and federations. A question who glavnee from the summons it is removed. And all programs on preparation of sportsmen for London and Sochi at us with the ministry are co-ordinated. Experts in the area of federations and the state work in a uniform staff. For example, the Center of sports preparation has accepted the additional program which finances OKR because the state finance it cannot. OKR pays foreign trainers and buys the additional special equipment. So, in front of London we have executed demands of many federations: have bought boats for oarsmen and the equipment for trainings on rhythmic gymnastics, and also regenerative complexes for sportsmen from other kinds and all preparations necessary for athletes. Today to our work any federation of claims has no.

and what becomes, that trainers at us were the, instead of foreign?

Business not only that in Russia foreign experts work, but also that set of ours in 90 - e years have moved on earnings abroad and since then have prepared a large quantity of champions - competitors. Especially in figure skating and sports gymnastics. And so, we have created conditions for their returning and they began to come back. And in attraction of strong foreigners I do not see anything shameful. Especially in those kinds where there are no the. For example, in mountain skiing and shorts - a track.

be not afraid, what with Pierre Ljudersa`s ward to bobsled secrets Sochi sanno - bobslejnoj lines will be known by all Canadians?

At all. Ljuders " ours " the Canadian. Let studies.

a leah is at you sensation, what the London Olympic Games behind the Sochi were lost?

competitions Will begin, and all will change. Including in mass-media which last years much more attention gave to the house Olympic Games. Grandiose Sochi building involves. But Games in London not less grandiose event, therefore against Sochi " the stepson " they precisely not will. I hope, it will be proved also by performances of our sportsmen. Anyway their preparation for London from - for Sochi has not suffered, about what during a seeing-off in the Kremlin and me all Olympians spoke to president Putin literally. In particular, they asserted that such remarkable sports bases, as our on lake Round in Novogorske and in Sochi, in the world is not present more. I happened on bases abroad, in particular in the USA, and I bear: we are indeed equipped under the higher category.