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Dmitry Medvedev: " We understand, who is now ready to stick is a youth "

Allen Klein, the former producer « has died; Beatles » and « Rolling Stounz »

The action " started; Be proud, Saratov! "

Svetlana Medvedev has visited on a feast of love, a family and fidelity

On Ob the boat with journalists [the list gone]

Poet Andrey Dementyev: " Tarhany is a holy site "

The country completely will return debts to Gazprom by November

Kirovchanka has won athletic tournament Moscow Open

Relatives Zykinoj: " It was favourite singer Kim Ir of Hay! »

Half a year you are registered on the unemployed - go to be retrained

The ambassador of Russia Alexander SURIKOV: " We do not close the market from Belarus. Some markets are closed "

On vjatskom Arbate of the car approach on establishments " the goat tracks "

The Ukrainian politician - the nationalist has killed a lightning

In the Kirov markets " cherkizovsky " the goods while are

As kirovchanam receive 12 thousand roubles from the parent capital

QUESTION of DAY: a leah Gain you discounts in crisis?

The tanker with spirit has rammed the dry-cargo ship with uranium raw materials

What prevents to conquer to the Kirov football players?

How to save on utility bills in the summer?

Leah it is necessary to pay extra for the diploma of the expert?

11 - summer Serezhe Ljubchenko needs expensive medicine

These people are waited by the family

Sharp rice with fish

Actresses have shown Russian silhouette

In Volgograd the locust has left farmers and summer residents without a crop

For not given dolzhok I will take away a pie

The city authorities will save on schools, hospitals and repair of houses

From 1300 rbl. (residing, 3 - a single food, treatment)


the Basic profile - zheludochno - intestinal diseases, infringements oporno - the impellent device, nervous system


Dubovka, street Volga, 8. To drive from the centre of Volgograd on a minibus 193, from the Tractor market on a minibus 124 or by the bus from the Central road service station

Sanatorium "Ergeninsky"

Ph.: (8442 44 - 58 - 86, 44 - 59 - 02


900 rbl. (Residing, treatment, a food)

Diseases oporno - the impellent device, respiratory organs, digestion, kostno - muscular system


Volgograd, the Kirov area, street Building,   1. To reach on any minibus or the bus which go to Krasnoarmejsky area. To leave near church

Sanatorium "Kachalinsky"

Ph.: (84467 5 - 84 - 45, 5 - 84 - 44, 5 - 84 - 35


1 - local number with treatment - 1152 rbl., in 2 - local with treatment - 1000 rbl. (Residing, 5 - a single food, treatment)

the Cardiological direction, infringements oporno - the impellent device, a diabetes, postinsultnoe and postinfarktnoe a status


Station Kachalino. To drive by bus Volgogad - Three-Ostrovsky, transport stops at sanatorium gate

Sanatorium "Volgograd"

Ph.: (8442) 42 - 17 - 38, 49 - 01 - 53, 42 - 39 - 60, 42 - 41 - 39


1 - local - 1915 rbl.; in 2 - local - 1685 rbl., number a suite for two - 4130 rbl.

Infringements oporno - the impellent device, zheludochno - intestinal, skin diseases, respiratory organs, sight, cardiology, neurology, endokrinologija, gynecology

Volgograd, settlement the Mountain Glade. From the centre on all routes which go to the Kirov area. Then in I will shift the Mountain glade. To leave at turn on sanatorium. Each half an hour from a stop of people is taken away by the bus which goes to sanatorium


Balneogrjazevyj sanatorium "Elton"

Ph.: (84492 5 - 69 - 85, 5 - 69 - 88, 5 - 68 - 54, 5 - 69 - 83 (fax)


the Vacation package for 13 days in a double room - from 13 647 rbl. to 14 609 rbl. (The raised comfort), for 21 day - from 21 339 rbl. to 22 893 rbl.

Diseases of joints, an ear - a throat - a nose, gynecology, strengthening of health, immunity and another.


Pallasovsky area, settlement Elton. From the Central road service station the bus daily goes. Departure in 11. 30


Deserter Dmitry Artemyev has decided to remain in Georgia

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The father has thrown daughters before the ending

The prince of Monaco has untied " the Big loop "

In a Year of youth in Saratov have forgotten about the Bottom of youth

500 - thousand subscriber Webstream lives in Barnaul

At tylovikov - a feast

Nonna Mordjukova. From the memoirs dictated last months of life: " I with Slavkoj Tikhonov was gave smacking kiss so very quietly... "

" Shining " steels bajkershami

Program schedule on Monday, on July, 6th

Where it is possible to have a rest on Gidigiche

Boris Titus, the head of the all-Russian public organisation " Business Russia ": " At us in Russia circle of Pikalevo "

The two-year Russian has run in whom in Greece

Ask at "

The plane with the Russian health-resort visitors put on " a foamy pillow "

The Altay entrants aspire in economy


Ask a question to the expert!

The opposition slogan: " The worse for Moldova, the better for it "

Krasnoyarsk " the Metallurgist " has conceded to miners

TV program for Barnaul and Altay territory for July, 6th, Monday

Has got!