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They will be the first

From the London Olympic Games, as well as from any another, it is necessary to wait in addition and various curious statistical achievements. Some of them simply amusing, some if will take place, will have, it is possible to tell, almost historical value.
the list of potential champions of the London Olympic Games heads, undoubtedly, same person who headed also the list of potential champions of the Olympic Games Peking. Those who think, as if American Michael Felps has already beaten all great records, fine are mistaken. Yes, having gained in Beijing eight victories, Felps has surpassed Mark Spittsa. Before occurrence of the phenomenal swimmer - the compatriot it since 1972 was the owner of a record by quantity of the gold awards won on one Olympic Games: in their Munich at Spittsa was seven. Yes, after the Chinese triumph of Felpsu is not present equal and on total of the Olympic titles 14. But which in what it still the second.

On number of awards of any worthiness won on the Olympic Games, Michael Felpsa is advanced by great Soviet gymnast Larissa Latynina. It nine times became the Olympic champion, five times silver and four times the bronze prize-winner. Differently, at it 18 medals. At Felpsa 16: those 14 gold and more two bronze.

and, of course, chances that a record Latyninoj will fall, are represented huge, even in spite of the fact that after the Peking Olympic Games Michael Felps has passed on so we will tell, a little more sparing mode, and in a national team of the USA has ripened to its level one more swimmer - the versatile person Rajan Lohte. Felps it is all the same good. In the World championship of 2011 it took four gold medals, on selection superiority of the USA in the end of June the beginning of July as much. And the program in comparison with Peking Felps has reduced not strongly, having thrown out from it only 200 - metrovku freestyle. In other seven disciplines it will be among favourites, and a variant that in six of them it will fail so that will float by a pedestal, to tell the truth, something from fantasy area.

almost as it is popular, as Felps, in Beijing there was a phenomenon from other royal Olympic sport track and field athletics Usejn the Bolt. And the sprinter from Jamaica can quite achieve very curious statistical achievement in London.

100 - metrovka main from the point of view of interest of public in track and field athletics discipline it is remarkable that does not suffer long hegemony. It is present at the program from the first modern Games, since 1896, and only one sprinter managed to win it on two Olympic Games. Great American Charles Lewis has flown behind gold in 1984 - m and 1988 - m.

However, it were two, a leah that, not absolutely high-grade triumph. The Olympic Games in Los - Andzhelese, as it is known, boycotted the socialist block (well OK, in it of sprinters of level of Lewis it was not observed so can to be paid to its absence the attention). And after four years, in Seoul, it de - fakto finished the second, and to the first has turned after disqualified Canadian Ben Johnson caught on a dope.

Usejn the Bolt, the fastest person of a planet, should write down in an active two successively absolutely high-grade Olympic triumph on 100 - metrovke. Or all - taki should not? After all in the championship of the country of this year it has suffered shattering defeat from Johana Blejka. Blejk, still recently seeming something like secure for the leader of the national team, has outstripped it and on two distances both #150; and 100 m, and 200 m. On 100 - metrovke with remarkable result 9,75 seconds, truth, 0,17 seconds to a world record of a symbol of Jamaica nevertheless the conceding.

British on these Olympic Games will wait for a record from Chris Hoja. Cycling, despite program width, showed very few numerous Olympic champions. Hoj at present takes the second place among the most titled racers in the history, a few losing to Dutchwoman Leonten van Morsel: at them on four gold and one silver award, and at van Morsel is still bronze. But van Morsel has already finished career, and Hoj in 36 years continues it and is going to leave, certainly, in individual leaders.

in spite of the fact that with the years it has a little bit handed over positions, the veteran of a track is quite capable to make it. In April in Melbourn passed the World championship, and Hoj on it looked convincingly. He has won kejrin, and in sprint has taken the third place.

though one more British can become the champion among bicyclists in London. Bradley Uiggins who have just won most prestigious highway mnogodnevku Tour de France, was when - that well-known trekovikom and has in a track record six Olympic awards three gold, silver and two bronze. Despite weariness after Tour, he has declared that will try to flash and in London. And in races with separate start it equal has not enough.

Before these Olympic Games achievement of one more British sportsman though it hardly probable will get to statistical directories merits a mention. Speech about Rajane Giggze.

By quantity of the various awards received for two ten of years in professional football, Giggzu is not present equal among the British players. For example, he has won the championship of England of 12 times, League of champions twice. In the prime minister - league the halfback " Manchester United " number one by quantity of the goal passes made in its matches.

and at this Rajan Giggz till now never acted on topovyh tournaments for football national teams. And the reason that the International federation of football includes not the British association, and independent federations of four components of the state England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Wales, using possibility to expose separate national teams. Valliets Giggz, making a choice for whom to act, remained it is correct to roots. And the command of the Wales remained, having got it, is correct traditions not to pass qualification on the European championships and the world: all - taki as a whole the structure at it, despite pair presence - three of stars, always was ordinary enough.

to meet a career lack of Giggzu has helped to give the decision of the International Olympic committee Games of 2012 to London and the decision of four associations managing football in territory of Great Britain, conforming to the rules the IOC, at last to unite for the sake of participation in them, having remembered that on a broader scale - that the uniform British command played the Olympic Games and earlier both before the Second World War, and after it. By the way on two of eight (truth, ancient 1908 and 1912) it has won gold.

the structure of the resurrected national team included, of course, basically players molodezhek such is the Olympic football regulations. But in it vacancies are provided and for three football players is more senior. So there has come to be 38 - summer Rajan Giggz, in 2007 had time to declare that fastens with football at level of national teams. And it became its captain.

Rajan Giggz he/she is the boy in comparison with Ianom Millarom. Canadian konniku, specialising on overcoming of obstacles, 65 years. And it nevertheless has appeared claimed by an Olympic team of the country and for it have reserved the ticket to London.

than Games for Millara have ended, he already should consider itself(himself) as their triumpher. Before there were only two athletes who have taken part already in nine Olympic Games, It yes Austrian yacht changes Hubert Raudashl ploughing water areas on Games with 1964 for 1996. For Millara London will be the tenth. Raudashlja it has outridden.

its Olympic debut has taken place 40 years ago in Munich. And at present the Canadian already could be, by the way, the individual champion, if not a policy. For this period it was necessary just ten Olympic Games, but Moscow 1980 konkurist has passed from - that its native land has supported boycott.

the most surprising that about Iana Millara it is impossible to tell, as if it goes to London giving food to fans of the entertaining facts. Surprisingly, but the highest success of Millar has achieved on the ninth Peking to the Olympic Games, already having stepped 60 - a summer boundary. To it medals at it were not, in China he has earned silver as a part of the Canadian command.

Millara, naturally, have asked, what result it (on horse Star Power) will consider comprehensible in London. That has shrugged shoulders: " Well, on - to mine if you do not want to win the Olympic Games you simply do not need to act on a broader scale on it ".

In the Russian delegation there is a sportswoman, whose longevity admires actually not less, than longevity of Iana Millara. Evgenie Estes`s volleyball player (it is is better familiar to many fans under a former surname Artamonov) for the first time has played on the Olympic Games in 1992 for a national team not Russia, and the CIS. London becomes for Estes with whom in July 37 years, were executed by the sixth.

it is formal not a record, but achievement actually the unique. In the Russian female volleyball never was a lack of young shots, national team updating occurred regularly, always there was a serious competition for a place in structure. Also it seemed that Estes who treated time and again serious traumas which had long pauses in career, including more recently without which the national team has managed in two gold World championships 2006 and 2010, it will not be claimed any more.

but the Russian volleyball players have failed in the last year`s European championship, before them the prospect not to be selected to London both #150 has loomed; and in the spring Estes have returned in a national team: it was found out that talents at it a heap, and the reliable volleyball players who are able both to attack, and to accept, it is not enough. And it will depart to London precisely not the tourist, not the player, whose problem not to forget to take a place on a bench and therefrom to encourage partners. If not Estes, is not known, how there would be for a Russian team a final stage of the Olympic qualification in Tokyo. There it was its leader. And seven successively victories gained in Japan by Russians, have given the grounds to think that it on forces to win in London even gold the first in the biography and Russian national team and, naturally, her the skilled volleyball player, this biography knowing by heart. While in a collection Evgenii Estes three silver 1992, 2000 and 2004.