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Extinguish secular

on July, 26th has opened The Bosco Club where many shone, and in club the English authorities have extinguished light only before the prince Danish. The special correspondent " " Andrey KOLESNIKOV from the heart of London.
visitors have started to gather to club before appointed, that is to the half eighth evening. The first I have seen known Russian - English doctor Vladimir Nikitin with its English - the Russian son. Company Bosco first aid di Ciliegi in case of an action failure has already been provided. Nevertheless in some minutes the company has joined them from several doctors, this time purely English which mister Nikitin has jealously introduced as colour of the British medicine. Among them the Englishman Asian, of course, appearance to which even here, before doors The Bosco Club, the turn was built was allocated.

I only have then understood that it is turn from invited to club opening. Aside there were two persons whom, can, someone even does not know by sight, but should feel: misters Killi (Jean - Claude) and Felli (ZHilber), two functionaries the IOC who are responsible for the Olympic Games in Sochi. These sacred people tried not to involve the general attention (they and in the work are guided, on - to mine, first of all this rule and that to us and roads), and some time it was possible to do it.

near to them the assistant to general director ITAR - TASS Michael Gusman told a fresh joke. The joke has appeared good, and there was only one spoon of tar: at it there was too much an English humour.

to whom he told this joke? Certainly, to general director ITAR - TASS to Vitaly Ignatenko.

In turn on an input in club paternal - that told about football much, it is exclusive in connection with purpose by the head coach of Russian modular Fabio Kapello which as - that has badly left English national team.

I not for that money which to it a distance, it is ready to train, and on a broader scale all for four million a year, I from turn heard.

and I for three can, someone has responded.

roubles, someone has assumed still.

no, not roubles, the firm answer has followed.

conversation on football proceeded. About English weather to talk there was no sense: it was atypically good.

There was an out of breath president of organising committee " Sochi - 2014 " Dmitry Chernyshenko. It would be possible to assume that he has not recovered the breath still since then when bore the Olympic torch across London. It was a pair of clocks back, and I witnessed this event. On one of the central streets of London mister Chernyshenko held the yet not gripped torch as neopalimuju a candle, and waited for the turn. But it surrounded with enthusiastic crowd of citizens, first of all from among employees of organising committee " Sochi - 2014 " and so it was already absolutely happy.

annoyed that do not admit them close to a body, townspeople, however, too pressed, and mister Chernyshenko, suddenly having turned back to me, with a false alarm in a voice has told:

If only a torch have not selected.

a torch have not selected. Moreover, the head of organising committee " Sochi - 2014 " has told, already standing at an input in club that this torch at it now on all life (it has managed to it in some hundreds pounds) and that it is unexpected for itself was got, when with it the Black - the animator has started to dance.

Mister Chernyshenko was ready to develop this subject, but here to it have shown misters of Killi and Felli in their constraining position at ogradki The Bosco Club, and it has rushed to them, discouraged, probably, that people who are treated usually kindly by human attention, are urged now oblaskivat by it each other.

meanwhile on an input head Bosco di Ciliegi Michael Kusnirovich welcomed visitors. This procedure occupied some time, consisted of hand shakes, embraces, exclamations and photographing, therefore and the turn on exclamations was formed.

at first in this turn punctual foreign visitors, that is first of all Englishmen prevailed. There were then Italians. Through mister Kusnirovicha have passed families of Strotstsi, Etro, Kenzo, Ermano Shervino (all the basic structures) and mister Juan Antonio Samaranch - ml., the day before the IOC selected in executive committee. There have arrived some more its new members later.

And here our visitors from Moscow come nearer! mister Kusnirovich ascertained.

Visitors, however, have tarried near the steps, the first was sustained by TV presenter Oksana Pushkin and with words " If someone does not begin!. " the beginnings, that is attacked mister Kusnirovicha. Behind it not so triple Olympic champion Irina Rodnina, well and then and other visitors has safely come nearer: the representative by the rights of children Paul Astakhov and his wife Svetlana, head " IMA - a press " Andrey Gnatyuk, actor Sergey Garmash, businessman Vadim Dymov, actress Ingeborga Dapkunajte, head " the Capital Renaissance " Igor Kamensky and his wife Natalia, the councillor of federation, and actually the Olympic champion Svetlana Zhurova and more many other dear people who have arrived under the invitation of head Bosco di Ciliegi.

And musician Igor Butman was for a long time inside and breathed fresh air on a terrace.

Invited rose upward in various drawing rooms: Spanish, Ukrainian... If someone thinks that in Ukrainian on tables there were no sandwiches with fat, certainly, will be mistaken. They did not become only in half an hour when visitors have cleaned plates. Do not intend to hide that especial enthusiasm the family of Etro differed.

Exists here and the Russian drawing room (without caviar, red and black, at least while), and English (with books). The Bosco Club it seems huge both outside, and from within, and indeed. To the Olympic Games it there was a museum of conceptual art. Kontseptualnosti it was added: now dummies by which it and so was is filled, equipped in the Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian form. They soar in air, lie in armchairs... And full-chested Mrs. on a harp executes it tonkostrunnuju a classical melody with such professional scandalous toskoju that, apparently, they and in air have stood, having listened with delight to a harp.

it is possible that mixture of all styles and kitchens only has aggravated atmosphere kontseptualnosti the museum forms edited to the Olympic Games and values.

the girl in the meantime has approached to Paul Astakhov, with a sigh admitted that has just read its new novel " the Bride ". The girl and itself looked at least not the wife. On persevering inquiries of mister Astakhov, what impression on it the book has made, only is fair, the girl responded that most of all it was impressed with an epigraph: about that the woman both #150; and a snake, and an apple simultaneously. It seems that the girl did not guess till now it.

on an extensive verandah of visitors the next entertainment, but slow pass through drawing rooms much waited it was gave hardly, and the majority hurried to sit down, instead of to eat. Chairs any more did not suffice, and I became the witness more or less fierce struggle for one of them between two young men: one tried for the sake of the father, another For the sake of the head of the Olympic committee of Russia Alexander Zhukov. Everything including young men, and the father and mister Zhukov still for a long time exchanged comparative characteristics of numbers in the Olympic village, different one bathroom on some boksov, and stadiums in London as a result have sat down, erected specially to the Olympic Games and consequently sometimes reminding not stadiums, and their metal breadboard models - skeletons full-scale.

behind other table clever Russian argued about hidden, though also the extremely aggressive advertising of a tobacco smoking in London. It razveshana hardly probable not on each house and if it is necessary for you to pass, for example, to The Bosco Club it is necessary to go on Danhill - strit to turn to Chesterfield, to pass on Pell - Mell, to curtail on Malboro...

in general if to struggle with tobacco smoking advertising in a city, it is necessary to forbid half of London.

about what Englishmen behind the next table at this time spoke, was not audible, and words " The union - Apollo " " the Tonic " and " Java Gold " also did not sound.

however, the opening The Bosco Club on an open verandah and on fairly won chairs longer proceeded, the appeared the merited reasons to praise London more.

a landing " the First channel " led by its general director Konstantin Ernest has brought, certainly, additional revival. Mister Ernest though hurried from a production meeting on illumination of opening ceremony of Games on meeting on illumination of a closing ceremony of Games, has had time to tell that saw a picture of rehearsal of opening and considers that ceremony in Sochi has prospects.

both #150; Denni Boyle good, of course, the director, but questions all - taki is, mister Ernest told. pauses between statements last on five - six minutes, and it does not hesitate of it. Will show fragments from films.

to the Main striking power of the London ceremony to queen Elizabeth II the general director " the First channel " in Sochi intend to oppose something adequate.

there was a night, but visitors were waited still by a disco below. In spite of the fact that some visitors still wanted to be in time on a party with which the same evening mister Blavatnik arranged in London, the majority has gone on a disco. Among them there was also Ralph Lauren, the president of the firm with the same name which has sewed in China the form for an Olympic team of the USA, and many other things. There was on a scene even executor Peter Nalich with the group though some time it did not suffice. However, Andrey Gnatyuk, for example, has explained that at those who has reached a disco, Peter Nalich with its music and so in a shower.

thus a part of visitors as Alexey Nemov with the wife and Irina Rodnina with Oksana Pushkinoj, remained in English library above and more long told about Shakespeare`s tragedy.

It is not necessary and to speak, probably, that the prince actively participated in discussion Danish Frederik.

And a leah irony of destiny what he the last has left at o`clock in the morning The Bosco Club when the English authorities have without batting an eyelid turned off the light.

and a leah it is necessary to say that the prince Danish has promised to be in The Bosco Club every evening as soon as will start to darken.

the main thing now that together with it the shade of his father has not started to go.