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" Mum does not speak, who my father, but I believe - he searches for me "

Hockey " Kuzbas " opens talents

Veniamin Smehov will act in Petersburg against pathos

For the first role at cinema Yankovsky was put down by a cognac box

The blonde with a black belt on karate

pjatiklashka from a Zelenodolsk has died at an open lesson of biology on hands at the father

The Kaliningrad rescuers have left without the motor, watchmen - without the car

Kaliningrad " Baltic " has won the team of Premieres - leagues

New roads should minister till ten years

In Khabarovsk the flower-show

Demand for counterfeit diplomas has sharply increased in Irkutsk

In Bashkiria the guy became the robber for the sake of a beloved

Why inhabitants of Irkutsk do not hurry to move from shabby habitation in new buildings

That will be in Bashkiria with price of bread

Krasnoyarsk citizens can well save on journey to electric trains

Zemfira sells apartment

The inhabitant of Irkutsk

Habarovchanin for theft of vegetables has killed the person

New rules of an accomplishment of Ufa: Garbage - there are more 50 grammes on square metre

The maximum rate under contributions to Russia - Bank has grown to 16 % annual in roubles

" the Piracy bay " the Swedish firm " is live

Two primortsev have got under wheels of the car of the militiaman

Barnaul " the Dynamo " has pulled out victory at leaders of the second battalion

Support of small-scale business in Magnitogorsk: to torture checks and to declare the illegal immigrant

Today day of memory of Venerable Thomas

Shop Metenkova in Ekaterinburg sell

Really medicine till now the poor?

To wood allow while to go

Failure under Vladimir: six have suffered, one was lost

Great composers in Omsk. Volume 18

Kovrovchanka became the world champion on track and field athletics!

In Vladimir beer can become the expensive

" Volga " has subdued Siberia one left

The man bore the girl on hands and shouted: " Help! She dies! "

At the bottom

It will pass farewell to Savvoj Jamshchikovym in the Pskov memorial estate

Date in the history of the Tula edge: on July, 20th

In Bashkiria the serial pedophile has got off with a colony - settlement

Estonia - one of the most expensive European Union countries

Yury Kopylov not against to stand in vitse - governors

Owners " one-armed gangsters " suggest vladivostoktsam to play a lottery

Lithuania does not know, how it will finance the share in project NordBalt

  How much to catch

the Maximum daily norm ulova is cancelled. The main rule - that the small fish was not less established   for its kind of the size (for example, for the tiniest bull-calfe it is 10 sm). The resolved sizes see p. 3.

it is necessary to pay For non-observance of rules the penalty.

  Penalties for illegal vylov and for vylov fish it is a lot of fish:

From 17 - 25 roubles (for a perch, a vobla, small fry, etc.) To 5000 - 12 500 roubles (for sturgeon - a sterlet, sevrjugu, belugu.  

- For travmirovanie the fishes, not led to its  destruction, the fisher is fined on half of established rate.

- the Penalty for vylov females with caviar (from the forbidden list, and also any other fish in spawning) doubles.

- For each kg of caviar sturgeon, salmon and sigovyh it is collected in addition 1 - 2 rates of the penalty for vylov fishes of a corresponding kind.

- For destruction and illegal vylov fishes in territory of the state natural reserves, national parks and security zones the penalty trebles.

(the Decision of the head of administration of the Volgograd region Nikolay Maksjuty in edition from 09. 11. 2005 N 1131 “About rates for calculation of the size of collecting for a damage caused to water biological resources of the Volgograd region, and also the full text of the Order of Federal agency on fishery from January, 13th 2009   ¹   1 " About the statement of Rules of fishery for Volzhsko - Caspian rybohozjajstvennogo pool " and the Order of Federal agency on fishery from September, 8th 2008   N   149 " About the statement of Rules of fishery for Azovo - Black Sea rybohozjajstvennogo pool ")

  it is forbidden to catch These fishes:

  - cancers - from January, 1st till September, 14th and from December, 1st till December, 31st;

- sturgeon kinds of fishes, belorybitsa, a herring - chernospinka.

- fish less than admissible size:

  - zhereh, a sazan and a pike perch - 40 sm;

  - leshch - 25 sm;

  - a pike - 32 sm;

  - a catfish fresh-water - 90 sm;

  - a cupid white, silver carps - 50 sm;

  - cancers - 10 see


If to you nevertheless has got any of the forbidden fishes, you should live release it back.

  Where and when it is impossible to fish:

On Don:

- in lock channels;

- on distance less than 500 m from dams, bridges and ferries;

- on channels nerestovo - vyrostnyh economy, except for channels or their parts given for the organisation of amateur and sports fishery.

  - from January, 1st till May, 31st - a reliquary fresh-water; for the Tsimljansky water basin - from January, 1st till September, 15th.

And - from May, 1st till June, 1st in the Tsimljansky water basin: from a dam to/ d the bridge at Spoon farm;

- from April, 25th till June, 1st - in the river Don: from the railway bridge at Spoon farm in the Tsimljansky water basin to administrative border of a village Three-Ostrovsky, except for extraction (vylova) water bioresources of one poplavochnoj or a ground fishing tackle with one hook on one user, a spinning from coast without use of all kinds plavsredstv;

In - from April, 20th till June, 1st - in the river Don with all its inflows, sleeves, channels and polojnymi lakes on a site above administrative border of a village Three-Ostrovsky except for extraction (vylova) water bioresources of one poplavochnoj or a ground fishing tackle with one hook on one user, a spinning from coast without use of all kinds plavsredstv.


On Volga:

G -   in top befe the Volga HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - on distance less than 0,5 km from a dam;

    - in bottom befe the Volga HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - from a dam to Volgo - the Ahtubinsky channel (on                 to the left coast,   including the lock channel) and on the right coast to a river mouth       Wet Mechetka.

D - from May, 1st till June, 30th - in the Volgograd water basin with the rivers running into it, except lova one poplavochnoj or a ground fishing tackle, a spinning from coast with total of hooks no more than 2 pieces.

D 2 - from April, 25th till June, 30th - in the river Eruslan and its inflows from village Beljaevka.

D 3 - from May, 1st till June, 15th - in the rivers Volga, Akhtuba below a dam of the Volga HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, in water objects rybohozjajstvennogo values of Volgo - Ahtubinsky pojmy, in Sarpinsky lakes (Sarpa, Tsatsa);              

  - from April, 25th till June, 25th - in water basins of Volgo - the Don ship canal.

-   to catch cancers - from January, 1st till September, 14th and from December, 1st till December, 31st.  



Near reservoirs, to which fishermen the way is reserved, there are warning indexes “Fishing is forbidden” and the distance on which extent it is impossible to shower fishing tackles, or from what to what settlement is specified. They should coincide with places registered in rules of amateur fishery.

If you doubt, a leah is registered the fish caught by you in the forbidden list, release is better. Images of fishes, vylov which under a ban, see p. 3.



If go on fishing with the boat (load-carrying capacity over 225 kg *) it needs to be registered in advance. Be for this purpose converted into division GIMS in a residence permit place, in the same place specify cost (in Volgograd the check in price fluctuates from 50 to 500 roubles, depending on a class of ship).

What documents to take:

- characteristics sheet on a boat;

- if it with the motor - the passport on the motor;

- the document confirming the property right (the check, the purchase and sale contract).

your actions:

- bring documents to the inspector. He will look at them and will give requisites for state duty payment;

- with requisites go to bank;

- the paid receipt give to the inspector;

- appoint date of the basic technical survey (agree with the inspector about a bottom, when it will arrive to you to examine your vessel);

- if claims have not arisen, to you write out the ship ticket.

the Boat should be registered anew if you have replaced a residence or have replaced the motor. If a boat new on check in you have a month, and if it at you for a long time already, 2 weeks.

By a boat necessarily there should be accurately written number.

If hire a boat already on a place, it means that it is already registered, and to you of what it is not necessary to care.  

to keep around:

- the rights to boat driving;

- the ship ticket.      


* load-carrying capacity to 225 kg it is not necessary to register rubber boats.


Where it is possible and it is impossible to float by boats:

It is authorised:

- on navigable reservoirs from opening before navigation closing, and on non-navigable - after recession of flood waters to ledostava, with some restrictions.

It is forbidden:

- calling in places of a mass congestion of fish below a dam of the Volga HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION to an alignment between the entrance channel in the river   Akhtuba (the left coast) and border of Krasnooktjabrsky and Traktorozavodsky areas of Volgograd (factory ZHBI - 3, the right coast);

- movement along the right coast of the river   Volga on sites from a high-voltage electric main of factory " Red October " to a mooring elevatora and from an alignment jara " Nasonych " (3   kilometre more low with.   the District city) to Ushakovsky volozhki. Crossing

on the specified sites should be made by small size vessels of a ship course on a beam of bases (constructions) for their parking;

- movement from a dam of the Volga HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION on distance 500   metres upwards on the Volgograd water basin;

- swimming on water areas and in the areas declared closed, and also during the forbidden period;

­ - movement and operation of small size vessels on reservoirs of the Volgograd region within a month from the moment of the announcement of the spring spawning forbidden period;

- movement of small size vessels during the internavigating period when navigable conditions do not operate.


Camp sites

1. A camp site "Neptune" , Sredneahtubinsky area, settlement Fishing, phones: 8 - 960 - 873 - 59 - 94, 8 - 961 - 085 - 08 - 80 http:// www. bazaneptun. ru/.

2. "The Harmony" camp site , Sredneahtubinsky pojma, near settlement Kuibyshev, phones: 8 - 902 - 361 - 61 - 00 and 8 - 927 - 502 - 36 - 62, http:// www. turbazalada. com/.

3. A camp site "Breeze" , Sredneahtubinsky area, settlement Kalinin, phones 8 - 902 - 311 - 01 - 93 and 8 - 909 - 378 - 90 - 09.

4. Country club "Manor" Repino ”, Volgo - Ahtubinsky pojma, farm Repino, phones: 8 - 905 - 332 - 69 - 05, 8 - 904 - 409 - 19 - 00, http:// www. repino. com/.

5. Fishing base"Pokrovka", Lenin area, village Pokrovka, phones: (8442 98 - 84 - 15 and 23 - 05 - 95, http:// www. poyma34. ru/.

6. Base of rest"Dubrovsky", Sredneahtubinsky area, settlement Great October, phone 8 - 905 - 433 - 15 - 15

7. A camp site of"Visas", Sredneahtubinsky area, settlement of Kalinin, phone 8 - 904 - 756 - 98 - 65.  

8. A camp site"Lyudmila", Kalachevsky area, farm Rjumino, phones: 8 - 902 - 382 - 36 - 62 and (8442 97 - 54 - 44 (managers).

9. A camp site "Health" , Sredne - Ahtubinsky area, settlement Kuibyshev, phones: 8 - 919 - 986 - 28 - 17 and (8442 97 - 54 - 44 (managers).  

10. Base of rest of "Ilovlja" , Ilovlinsky area, phones (8442 64 - 73 - 93, 8 - 903 - 377 - 65 - 33 and 8 - 927 - 501 - 21 - 22.  

11. Base of rest “Don volnitsa” , Gorodishchensky area, farm Vertjachy, phones: (8442 73 - 11 - 51 and 8 - 902 - 312 - 68 - 37, http:// www. turbaza. vgrad. ru/

12. A camp site "Den" , Ilovlinsky area, near farms the Broad gull and Viltov, phones: (8442 50 - 28 - 82, 50 - 28 - 72, 38 - 74 - 10, 8 - 904 - 439 - 33 - 25, http:// www. ber - loga. ru/.



Residing - 200 - 7100 rbl. from the person.  

a Food - 100 - 600 rbl. a day.

Hire of boats, catamarans and boats - 50 - 300 rbl. at an o`clock.

Hire of fishing tackles and spinnings - 15 - 250 rbl. a day.

Services of the huntsman - 400 - 1700 rbl. a day.

the Bath - 120 - 1000 rbl. at an o`clock.  

the Pool - 300 rbl. at an o`clock.

Tennis - 100 rbl. at an o`clock.

Service ohotoveda - 2000 rbl. a day.

brazier Hire - 50 rbl.

the Transfer Volgograd - a camp site - Volgograd   - from 1000 to 11 000 thousand (for the car).

Useful phones (8442)

Rybnadzor across the Volgograd region, FGU "Nizhnevolzhskrybvod" - 70 - 89 - 02.

Management of the hunting and fish economy - 30 - 97 - 13, 30 - 97 - 66.

Committee on tourism - 30 - 74 - 20.

the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs - 30 - 44 - 44.

the Ministry of Emergency Measures - 39 - 99 - 99.

Railway station - 90 - 21 - 75.

the Airport - 31 - 73 - 97.



"Fast" and rescuers can be called with mobile, having called on number 112.






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