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a panic Syndrome in a city of fires
the Author: Matej Vishnek
the Publisher: Ad Marginem

Recently on - russki there were some collections of plays of appreciable Romanian writer Mateja Vishneka living in France. Now its first novel " is translated; a panic Syndrome in a city of fires " simultaneously an ironical utopia, attempt to transfer to a native language an extract of the French literature of the XX-th century and the phantasmagoric autobiography of the writer.

the hero of the novel, the playwright and poet Matej Vishnek, comes to France in the end of 80 - h, not for long enjoys independence then gets to aura of an attraction of the excentric publisher mse Kamberlenga. That collects round itself(himself) a community from writers who, most likely, never will publish the forgotten emigrants, megalomanov, erotomanov and simply easy schizophrenics. The purpose of Kamberlenga creation of essentially new literary relations: Withdrawal of texts at authors and their transfer to the general using, destruction of borders between writers and characters. Heroes of the novel in the novel the bank employee who was turned out by own cat, the barman who has run into destructive dependence on mass-media, both others also become a community part. Mse Kamberleng tries to construct something like misterialnogo the literary communism the despaired fugitives from the countries of communism real become which basis. A leah will crown its project by success, remains to unknown persons, but precisely it turns out to force to have Paris hidden mysterious hesitations.

" a panic syndrome " gracefully built kollazhnoe a narration about the literary odd fellows, reminding Boris Vian half-and-half with Rajmonom Keno. In addition it is equipped by easy antitotalitarian pathos and a short educational program on postmodernist philosophy (texts are independent of authors, news are made on a template at intellectual factory and stifle the person and etc.) . And, basically, it is the quite good book. It has one problem correctness, usrednennost clowns. It is written as the textbook on " strange " to the literature. It is possible to assume that in the Romanian context such novel for any reason is necessary, but for the foreign reader it seems not that that bad, but a bit superfluous.

Vasily Dmitrievich Yermilov. 1894-1968. Materials to the creative biography of the artist
the Author: Vasily Dmitrievich Yermilov
the Composer: Alexander Parnis
the Publisher: Gallery PROUN

During a Thaw time " the Ukrainian Picasso " fairly shabby, but nevertheless not shot as bojchukisty, for a formalism, Vasily Yermilov was for Kharkov the same, than Ahmatova for Leningrad. On prostration to it went all and drove everything, from Vagricha Bahchanjana to Edward Limonova. However, in 500 - the page volume made by Alexander Parnisom, the philologist, the expert in futurism and the collector on friendly terms with Velimir Hlebnikovym Yermilov, places for mythology were not. The purpose published to the exhibition of Yermilov first in Russia which has been made by gallery PROUN in Moscow Multimedia Art Muzee, the collection to clear the biography and a legacy great konstruktivista of legends. From mythological in the book it is admitted unless Boris Slutsky`s poem " the Kharkov Job " pathetically describing  destruction of frescos of Yermilov in the occupied Kharkov. The cleaning sense has and occupying about third of book similarity of the catalogue - a reason, made by Olga Portnovoj, where with the signature " the site is not known " have entered remained only in photos " counterreliefs " and " arhitektony " whereas much from this that to Yermilov is persistently attributed now, not included. And certainly, memuarno - a research part with correspondence, diaries, autobiographies, articles of contemporaries - avant-gardists and memoirs of friends, pupils and critics - the dissidents, the first ventured contact to the disgraced artist. About the theory of art, pedagogical system, a fantastic workshop on one Kharkov attic, arranged more difficult John Soana`s house, about the project of a constructivist wedded bed and other ermilovskih eccentricities. " once I have noticed ermilovskuju a pictorial work on a canvas which lay on the piece of plywood beaten to a floor under a crude sexual rag at an exit... Vasily Dmitrievich has responded to my puzzled question: " And I punish it " ".

Poems and poems
the Author: Igor Jurkov
the Publisher: Publishing house of the Pushkin house

Meeting of almost forgotten Kiev poet 1920 - h years. Igor Jurkov who has died in 27 years has had time to let out one collection only small part of a huge poetic file. Its texts tragically - infantile, talented, though hardly podrazhatelnye verses of the young man with good taste (Mayakovsky cleared of a policy, unostentatious Yesenin, Pasternak). Occasionally in them easy surrealistic shift dawns. Almost so in 1960 - h will write young SMOGisty, and during the best moments Jurkov as if asks through decades for their company. In the basic its verses the promise of the interesting poet is faster. There is always an especial pressing pleasure in such certificates of not happened future not happened doubly: do not die Jurkov in 1929 of a tuberculosis, he all the same could not write still for a long time how wanted. Its verses are not adjusted on resistance, marginalnost. It is the conscious modernist mainstream only in the long term seeming unusual. Though, of course, the collection publication in " To library of the poet " where it is accepted to print classics (conventional and potential), the decision strange. " assorting letters of handwriting in the evening, / As if in writing-books of our contemporaries, / Fluent notes of old men, / You with despair notice what to live there is nothing, / That life from you has left far. / yes where this life to seize by a throat / This life! but the street is silent and empty. / as to spite, from a drugstore before militian fast / water in lavatories Flows. / and any more without noticing anything from rage, / you Get a hand to the next cosiness. / where young ladies complain also men sing, / And haughtily the old age " grows stupid;.

too big to fail
the Author: Andrew Ross Sorkin
the Publisher: Corpus

the documentary best seller of the correspondent of The New York Times has a second big name " Insider history, how Uoll - strit and Washington struggled to rescue a financial system from crisis and from itself ". It is the most detailed for today reconstruction of financial crisis of 2008. Andrew Ross Sorkin prointervjuiroval two hundreds persons financiers, heads of the companies and politicians, access has got to weight of the confidential information and has painted crisis of the American economy literally on hours. Thus " too big to fail " more likely not the impartial chronicle, and the extremely topical documentary novel.

my Moscow. Photos 1985 - 2010
the Author: Igor Mukhin
the Publisher: Trimedia the Content

Photographer Igor Mukhin the main reporter of a heroic epoch of Russian fate, and in 1990 - h razduharivshegosja the modern art. It The most expressive sots - the actor in the photos, removing slow leaving in a non-existence of plaster pioneers and stone Ilyiches, and later one of the best dokumentatorov meetings and protest actions of all grades and the author impartial vymorochnyh a nu. All it, actually, also makes an album something like summarising of quarter-century history of relations of the photographer and a city. The author`s text in " To my Moscow " no, but there is an essay about muhinskih photos of Zahara Prilepina.

the House on Container - roud
the Author: Mejv Binchi
the Publisher: the Word / Slovo

Popular writer Mejv Binchi the author " Italian for beginners " and others it is ironic - sentimental novels about life in the Irish remote places. Under its book of 1998 " the House on Container - roud " there is a film with Oliviej Williams and Andy MacDowell whom in Russia why - that is called " Love on an exchange "; The novel have translated just now. Two women of average years, Irish Ria and American Merilin, get acquainted on correspondence. Both are unfortunate. Ria has found out that to it the favourite husband changes, at Merilin the son - the teenager was lost in accident. To cope with a grief, heroines decide to exchange in places. The American goes on a time residence to Dublin, and the Irish to Connecticut.

a sensuality
the Author: Lu Salome
the Publisher: the Cultural revolution

Seems, biggest of collections of the major heroine of the European intellectual history of the end leaving in Russia XIX the beginnings of the XX-th century, intimate girlfriend Nitsshche and Rilke, Freud`s schoolgirl, the femme fatale and the pioneer of female sexuality. Here the main work of Lu Salome, the tract of 1910 " the Sensuality " a number of less known philosophical works, memoirs on great friends and even is a little prose. Second half of book is occupied with the volume biography of Salome written by the translator and sostavitelnitsej of the collection by Larissa Garmash.