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About national pride velikobritantsev

Having walked across London where opening of the Olympic games, the correspondent " today will take place; " ALEXEY of the ARMOUR has found out that, yet without having begun, they already had time to change Great Britain and its capital. At least by sight British.
in the Preolympic London hot. Very hot also it is stuffy. Almost as four years ago in Beijing. And from the person of the elderly person in a snow-white suit which has just finished short, in pair hundreds metres, but such difficult for it the piece of relay race of Olympic fire, a stream flew sweat. Holding in one hand a torch, another it constantly wiped it, waiting, when operator BBC, at last, will adjust the chamber to interview, and greedy drank water.

for ten minutes before I observed a small drama. On a parapet over an input in podtribunnye premises Wembley, whence there should be a grey-haired gentleman, having clung to a handrail, there were tens people with cameras and smart phones in hands. Among them a young pair. When the gentleman left gate, and the girl has made the picture, the guy where - that hurrying, has pulled it a sleeve: " Everything, we will go ". She has awesomely looked at it: " You that, I are obliged to see, how he will run! Same Gordon Benks! I more, probably, never will see it... " the guy has surrendered. And the girl together with all still for a long time shouted for pleasure, having seen that he all - taki really runs.

Benks, the greatest among English football goalkeepers, then told that when to it have suggested to participate in this relay race against the greatest among all British stadiums on which he in 1966 has won the World championship (46 years ago; Before recent reconstruction it, however, looked differently), to steam of seconds fluctuated: and a leah can it in the 75 be dishonoured? Can refuse is better? It has, of course, rejected aside these doubts. And now said that such happiness as this minute when surrounded, it appears, still too well remembering who it such and that has created, compatriots, did not test davnym - for a long time. Perhaps, since that 1966.

he said that it after all is healthy that the Olympic Games will pass in London: " Because children will look it and will understand that sports it is a remarkable piece. Also will be engaged in it. Unessentially football cycling, field hockey... " he said that is glad to that itself has fitted on that as - that these Olympic Games to help. And that now when costs with a torch in front of the chamber, feels sorry only about one: " I so would like, that with me there were my partners Alan Ball, Bobbi Moore... " he has looked upward, there, where before an input for spectators the monument to Moore and #150 is established; to the captain of that national team 46 - summer prescription, unlike Benksa, before the Olympic games 2012 - go not lived. Also has again wiped an eye sleeve. Only, apparently, it was already at all sweat.

I have risen back to a monument in the company of three women which have come to look at Benksa, three typical inhabitants of area Herrou where it is located Wembley (to it on the Olympic Games to accept football, and to a covered hall adjoining arena both #150; badminton and rhythmic gymnastics). And at typical inhabitant Herrou swarty skin colour both #150; and its ancestors were born nearby not from London, and, say, from Delhi or the Valve.

one of them both #150; Ejsha from height showed to me as here, in their small world where the destiny has brought a football temple, all has changed before the Olympic Games.

here see building under us? It will be shopping - the centre. There a huge new parking. Plus the new underground...

it means, to you the Olympic Games have brought happiness?

the woman has suddenly reflected:

Well, but the prices have grown. Have not grown have flied up... You know, what such the allocated strip for the Olympic transport? And so, if you call in on it, the penalty £ 120. £ 120 pounds!

she has sighed. Then has added:

But to us have promised that under the Olympic Games will create new workplaces.

have created?

Ejsha was confused:

Personally I search till now for work... But you do not think that we against the Olympic Games. Is not present - is not present! Same a feast. And problems they always were and always will be.

from Wembley I have gone to the centre of London last place where it is necessary to search for signs of the Preolympic agiotage. In Gajd - park where will compete triatlonisty, as a thriathlon, for example, and did not smell. Round lake Serpentajn not sportsmen and their trainers trying water area, and escaping from a heat on a grass half-naked Londoners. And associations with a thriathlon called unless dozen local fat geese who had easy a rest on berezhku, but taken by surprise the cheerful doggie, decided to play with ridiculous kljuvastymi fat men, also rjadkom as if on a shot of a starting pistol, have flopped in water and have smartly floated far away from an impolite animal.

at gate in barracks of Royal horse guards that in five minutes from Westminster, two steps away from an office of premieres - the minister, did not smell a scourge - voleem in which will play very soon the big area before them. Did not smell, while the minibus has not approached on them and it did not leave two dressed in shorts and topics with the Brazilian flag of the girl, whose figures The strongest argument for those who considers beach volleyball as the most aesthetically attractive sport. ZHuliana and Larissa more titled, than this pair, in it is not present. Many are assured that there is no also more beautiful.

gate, as usual, protected two guardsmen in regimentals relying by it at sparkling on the sun, as if gold medals, kirasah and, naturally, top. Sideways from everyone on a wall the inscription strictly warning has been attached that it is impossible to touch horses: can ljagnut or bite.

Zhuliana has seen also it, and such nice horse muzzle directly before itself. And it is unexpected, as if the small whimsical girl, has rushed to the guardsman: " Well please, I am possible it I will stroke! " she has smiled so lovely that as it seemed to me, in the answer have smiled both the guardsman, and its horse. They have thawed instantly. And Zhuliana after instants already nestled the cheek to horse and ironed a soft mane. Also has left to train, seemingly, having received the same full bowl of happiness, as well as Gordon Benks in that morning.

further in my program Stratford, that is, as a matter of fact, the Olympic park where will take place almost third of competitions from the program of the London Olympic Games and #150 appeared; we will tell, on track and field athletics, swimming, bicycle races on a track and where its main stadium is located. To it, truth to get uneasy. At first it is necessary to rise from an exit from the underground on the escalator. More correctly, at first it is necessary to get on this escalator because by the evening about it the impressive crush was already formed. Stormed, clearly, not so much Olympic park, how much the grandiose trading complex which has become by its integral component. But also the Olympic park where just prepared rehearsal of opening ceremony including.

Two lovely visitors of a complex Llanos and Melani, standing in zagonchike for smokers with packages in hands, admitted to me that after shops will necessarily go to park and that tickets for basketball and thekvondo have already bought.

On track and field athletics, of course, we want to descend. But on it so it is heavy to get, Melani has sighed.

I have asked them, a leah they divide the point of view that the Olympic Games it is a gift to London and their country. And Llanos without a pause as if long rehearsed this speech, has begun to prove that, certainly, a gift.

have paid attention to my name? I from the Wales. And earlier when me asked, who I on a nationality, I responded vallijka. Not the Englishwoman, not the British... Great Britain actually the separated country. Unfriendly, cynical, malicious. When passes the World championship on football, defeats of Englishmen simply savour in newspapers: " About, they have again lost! " and the Olympic Games I am amazed has transformed it in this sense beyond recognition. We for the first time the uniform nation.

national pride so it is called, its girlfriend has interfered.

yes - yes, national pride. Believe, couple of years back you would have a sensation that London an unfriendly city. And today all not so, correctly? At least for the sake of it it was necessary to spend the Olympic Games.

and the money spent for it? They huge billions pounds.

anyway I see, on what they are spent, and I understand that not for nothing. The unity also should cost much.

and they have gone to the Olympic stadium in hope to learn that will be on Friday at the opening ceremony which plot on any Olympic Games try to keep a secret. Through steel azhur arenas music and #150 rumbled; hits 1960 - h from The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Beatles: And someone could assume, what will do without them? The guy working as the volunteer at stadium, danced under " My Generation ". " About Russia! he has noticed accreditation. Voldemar Klichko! I adore boxing ".

When I have specified that Klichko on a broader scale - that Vladimir and on a broader scale - that the Ukrainian, it has thrown up the hands: " My God, so oblazhatsja! But at you in Russia all the same good boxing? "

David was local, from Stratford. And, leading round a hand asphalt open spaces of the Olympic park, said that it has arisen on a terrible place:

Here there was a dump, the small business, any smoking factories. Ist - End. All from here have expelled, have cleared soil. Such beauty has turned out. All are happy.

except, probably, small business which have expelled, I have told to it.

well it where - the same has moved... About, look, rehearsal of ignition of Olympic fire.

against erected near to stadium of the torch similar to a roller coaster which the athlete - the giant has braided a plait, still tuzhe having bound rails, there were really clubs black - prechernogo a smoke. Burnt where - that in steam of kilometres from park. That is, probably, not everything that smoked and polluted air, from East London nevertheless had time to take out.

in half an hour I sat in cafe with Steve Scott, the familiar journalist from ITV News, and was interested at it, a leah the correct has developed impression that Great Britain, such like self-sufficient, needed paternal - that these Olympic Games. Scott confirmed that needed:

About unity of the nation to you have already told. It is a naked truth. There is one more circumstance.

he has pointed a finger at the TV screen. Creeping line it is disturbing shouted that " the British economy is compressed " and " Economic indicators from April till July have appeared on 0,7 % below planned ".

At us recession, crisis. It is felt. Affairs are bad, mood at the people the nasty. The Olympic Games were necessary to distract people from bad, to present it a positive, to excite. If this problem is executed, I will consider that to accept it we have won the right not in vain.

Saying goodbye, I have set to it one more muchivshy a question:

Here we in Russia have a habit to measure success of the Olympic Games and on the won medals. And at you, British? You pay attention to command offset? For you it is important, that houses Great Britain, let us assume, for the first time was ahead of Russia, has entered into a top - a three?

listen, my personal opinion not very well. To me all the same, tenth we or the second. The main thing that any moments were late in memory. You want, believe, you want No, but I cannot tell, what places Great Britain occupied on the Olympic Games, though it basically my work. But I fine remember, how conquered Kelly Holmes or Dejli Thompson.

so it is important or not command offset?

Scott has taken a break:

No if you have understood so that at us to consider medals do not gather, forgive. Will consider. The house Olympic Games as - in any way.

National pride, I have prompted.

national pride, he has agreed.