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Games within the limits of allowed

the London Games quite keep within for a long time developed tendency according to which each following Olympic Games should be indispensable more expensively the previous. Olympic Games carrying out in the British capital, under the official information, will manage approximately in the sum hardly more £ 9 billion On informal in £ 24 mlrd ($37 mlrd). And if it so we deal with the most expensive Olympic Games in the history.
to spite of the neighbour
At the London Olympic Games the interesting story is enough. After all, strangely enough, in 2002 the British office has come to a conclusion that carrying out of the Olympic games would be an awful error. But everything as quite often happens, any anonymous clerk ministering in the ministry has spoilt, supervising has put cultures, mass-media and sports. This hero has submitted on consideration of the boss Tessy Dzhouel dokladnuju from which followed that London blood from a nose needs to fight for the Olympic Games. The madam the minister, by the way, the old co-worker of British prime minister Tony Blair of that time (to it the phrase is attributed: " For it I under the bus will rush! ") Was so it is impressed by the prospects described in the document that has developed extremely rough activity. So that could press through the necessary decision. The basic argument thus, speak, there was a statement that if London will not receive the Olympic Games, it becomes humiliation for all nation. Simply because Games will get to Paris which was really considered as the favourite of the Olympic race. Thus the British authorities were stopped even by that against giving of the Olympic demand so influential politician, as Gordon Brown (the future prime minister of Great Britain, and those years the Minister of Finance in Blair`s government acted). Mister Brown warned that carrying out of Games will urge the country to cut down expenses on many social projects, such as, for example, building of schools. By the way, and the independent experts who were carrying out by request of the government the economic analysis of an invention with Games, have come to a conclusion that financial return will not be any and speech can go more likely arranging to London a feast, and to speak about the Olympic Games as about business - the project it is not necessary.

And nevertheless Great Britain was got involved in the Olympic race and has won it. It was thus supposed that expenses for preparation of London to Games will be quite moderated £ 2,7 billion Besides was considered that the state budget of expenses almost will not incur, and means will be involved from the incomes brought by the National lottery. Later the demand has been corrected also expenses are increased to £ 3,9 billion Essential gain, but for Great Britain such expenses as to incur them it was required within seven years, are absolutely insignificant.

however it was only the first increase in the Olympic budget. By the way, under the similar scenario there were also the cities which have spent summer Games to London. Traditionally at the first stage the budget approximately in $3 mlrd is declared, and already is then found out, it was necessary what to spend in times more.

Here it is necessary to make a reservation and notice that at the Olympic games in essence two budgets. One business the organising committee budget. That is the means going on maintenance actually of carrying out of Games. It on a broader scale - that is filled at the expense of receipts from sponsors and transfers from the International Olympic committee (IOC) directing the most part of a receipt of the rights to teletranslations of Games on carrying out of the Olympic Games. This budget is always balanced, and its excess is observed extremely seldom.

quite another matter expenses for infrastructural projects. And here a situation traditionally other. As one of the most interesting examples it is possible to remember the Athenian Olympic Games of 2004. It on an idea of the Greek authorities should manage in 3 mlrd, but cost as a result 13 mlrd and has struck notable blow on and without that not to the strongest Greek economy.

under the similar scenario the history developed and in London. It was quickly enough found out that originally declared figures simply are made up. And committee-men of the House of Commons on culture, mass media and sports have found out it. The audit spent by them in 2007, has revealed that constructed in using not the best glory the London area Ist - End the Olympic park to which should become the centre of Games, " suddenly " has risen in price on £ 900 million also will manage to the country a minimum in £ 3,3 billion And it only expenses for building actually objects. " clearing " territories, that is the repayment of the ground areas, resettlement of inhabitants, indemnifications to business and other stand in total £ 8 billion Thus, we will notice, the London demand provided that on vysheoznachennye it is required to the purpose of all in eight times less. The authorities, however, insist that all the same were going to shake up area, and offer £ 8 mlrd to the Olympic expenses not to carry. However, leaves not so convincingly.

" we not any Third World country "
Already to the beginning of 2008 nobody remembered originally declared figures. After all recalculations it has been declared that the Olympic Games will manage Great Britain in £ 9,3 billion From them actually on building of sports objects and updating of an infrastructure £ 5,3 mlrd, on an accomplishment of Ist - Enda £ 1,7 mlrd, on other expenses, including unforeseen £ 2,7 mlrd, on safety £ 550 million and etc. However, and these figures, seemingly, not the definitive.

in the Spring of this year broadcasting company SkySports has made own investigation on purpose to find out the true price of the Olympic Games. Reporters dispatched inquiries with the requirement to give the demanded information, referring to the British law on information disclosing. Interesting details also have emerged. It has appeared, for example, that programs on the Postolympic use of objects of Games will manage in £ 826 million In particular, reduction of constructions of the Olympic park in a kind, suitable for use in an everyday life, will demand not less £ 300 million It was found out also that £ 600 million, put on safety during the Olympic Games, most likely, will not suffice. The British government has responsibly approached to safety issues and has solved in addition to 12 thousand the policemen which attraction was planned for a long time already, to employ also private security firms. In particular, security firm G4S employs 10 thousand The person which work will pay from budgetary funds. Plus the army will be involved in protection of Games in total 17 thousand persons. It more than all British contingent in Afghanistan. As a result it is not excluded that the general expenses on security can come nearer to £ 1,3 billion Separately it is necessary to tell and that specially under the Olympic Games budgets of various special services into which problem the non-admission of acts of terrorism enters during Games have been increased. The increase has made £ 4,4 billion

Besides it is also weight not so impressive expenses which at addition pour out in great sums. For example, 13 thousand machinists of the London underground and drivers of buses will get a rise in £ 500 for work during the Olympic Games. In total leaves £ 6,5 million Or to follow such example. In Weymouth where will take place competitions on yachting, to Games there was the sculptural composition called " Stones of the Jursky period ". Local residents, truth, prefer to name it " the Small group of stones on sticks ". It And so cost £ 335 thousand and to whom it is necessary, not clearly. There are also more interesting examples. In the Olympic park there is a tower called ArcelorMittal Orbit (on an idea of the city authorities it should become in due course for London to the same, than for Paris Tour d`Eiffel is). On a broader scale - that was supposed that expenses on its building will be incurred by one of the richest people of Great Britain, metallurgical magnate Lakshmi Mittal. It has really given £ 15 million, but they have not sufficed, and the city had to add still nearby £ 4 million that a tower (ill-wishers consider that it is similar to Russian hills which have thrust in unichtozhitel garbage) to complete.

in investigation Sky Sports it is noticed also that is far not on all inquiries it was possible to receive answers in time. Considering it, the broadcasting company concludes that total expenses for preparation for Games can make £ 24 mlrd ($37 mlrd). And if so the London Games will block a record of Beijing - 2008. After all the Chinese authorities have spent for the Olympic Games hardly more than $30 billion

in general, it is no wonder, that Tessa Dzhouell which have communicated after opening ceremony of the centre of water sports (it should cost £ 76 million, but has managed in £ 280 million) with reporters, has declared: " we Would be got involved in the Olympic project if in advance knew, what means and efforts will be demanded by its realisation? Definitely is not present ". Later, truth, madam Dzhouell has declared that its words have been taken out of context, but on it of attention already nobody converted.

other figurant of the Olympic history, Tony Blair, at all does not consider that the price of Games is excessive. Answering a question, a leah it was necessary to struggle on a broader scale for the right of carrying out of the Olympic games, he has told: " Here set, for example, to David Cameron (the present British prime minister. " " ) or on a broader scale to any who has been connected with our project, such question: " If you had a possibility to click fingers and to send the Olympic Games to Paris instead of London, you would test what feelings? " variant A: " Simplification ". Variant B: " My God that we have done! " I assure you, all will choose variant B. Because we Great Britain. We not any Third World country. We presume the Olympic Games ".