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Culinary directory

  every day we prepare for our family. We use the same products, we have already got used to them. Though many of them not so such banal as it seems at first sight. When - that for a long time they have come to us from - for the seas and have taken a worthy place on our table.

And to some, primordially Russian products, unfortunately, to the contrary, every day we give ever less attention. And already they become for us exotic.

There are still products which slowly but surely win a place on our table and, certainly, in our heart. Though while they also are not too extended, we can confidently tell that after a while they necessarily become for us the most usual.

Give concerns products which we prepare how they merit that. Let`s learn their history.


Peanut paste

Peanut butter

the Artichoke

Balsam vinegar


Vasabi (a Japanese horse-radish)



Brown rice (and also basmati, arborio and other kinds)

Kunzhutnoe butter







Radikkio (radicchio)



Rice vinegar (Sou)

the Roquefort cheese

the Tofu

Reed sugar

Frisse (a frieze, endivy)

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Etiquette and table layout

Except the rules of reception of visitors standard in our country there are every possible ceremonies and etiquette: tea ceremonies in China and in Japan, coffee and wine etiquette, rules of an arrangement of tableware, flood of alcoholic drinks in special glasses (wine-glasses, pialy, mugs, glasses and etc.) . Instructions for use that or other tableware, rules of an ornament of a table you will find the description of all these subtleties In this section. But at first about the general principles of a feast.

Behaviour behind a table, and also behaviour on a visit or to the contrary when visitors have come to you, are described by several simple rules.

we will consider rules of behaviour hardly more low, and at first I want to tell about that as, from my point of view, the mistress or the master of the house receiving at of visitors should behave.

I consider that the most important thing when visitors come, it not to be afraid to leave their one instead of to rush about between visitors and kitchen. If any dish at you is yet ready, it is better to finish begun up to the end, and your friends will find in the meantime, than itself to occupy. It seems to me that even it will be easier to people to accustom to a new interior when of them does not observe a vigilant eye of the owner, especially, if they the first time in this house.

If visitors to you come for the first time, it is better not to risk and treat them with that at you turns out well. Well and if to you close friends it is possible to treat them and something exotic come. If at you something also does not turn out, people, it is good you knowing, will forgive you this small oversight.

Transplanting visitors behind a table, do not forget too some rules. Masters of the house usually sit the friend opposite to the friend, in the centre of the long parties of a table. Places on the right and left hand from the owner are considered as the honourable. Men and women should to try be seated alternately, and married couples usually separate, except for newly married and celebrating anniversaries of matrimonial life. Well and if reception is connected with someone`s celebration this person should sit in a place of honour in the table centre. Sitting down a table, the man should help to sit down to the neigbour.

Probably each of us in the childhood learnt to sit directly at a table and not to put elbows on a table. From the childhood of nothing the rule has changed also remains in force.

it is frequent someone, having seen enough foreign cinema, the beret from a plate a rag napkin and puts it for a collar, it is wrong. Before giving of meal the napkin needs to be put on knees, and after meal, it put on a table to the left of a plate.

If you eat bread it is considered uncivilized to bite off from the whole piece. To break off small slices more correctly.

And more it is necessary to refuse habit to incline a plate to eat up the soup rests, leave a small amount in a plate. A spoon never put on a table: both during meal, and after meal, it should be in a plate.

it is necessary to eat the Bird by means of a knife and a plug, and for example rublenye or meatballs eat cutlets only with a plug, without a knife, separating small slices. Fish eat or only with a plug, or a special shovel and a plug, and a shovel hold in a right hand, and a plug - in left.

Seafood, such as cancers, crabs, molluscs or lobsters, usually eat with hands or special devices: nippers, a plug for lobsters or a knife for cancers.

If you had to eat with hands be not stirred, after a meal to you will submit a special bowl with water and a lemon slice in which you can rinse fingers.

If to you have offered compote, keep in mind that it do not drink, and eat with a spoon. And, if at compote there are berries with a stone they need to be spat out accurately in a spoon, and then to combine on a saucer. Very much the bad form considers to drink compote, and then to eat fruit.

I Hope that these rules will help you to feel natural with any company.

Pleasant to you of appetite!

Wine etiquette

Wine accessories

As I lay the table

the Chinese tea ceremony

Japanese tea ceremony

Subtleties of coffee etiquette

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