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" Thought, there will be a concept, but not here - that was "

Director TSPKiO of a name Bitter Olga Zaharova has told to the head of creative agency Leo Burnett Group Russia Vladimir Tkachevu as visitors steal squirrels living in park, what for the state puts experiments with people and why the present changes in park just begin.

Olga Zaharova adores history of Park Bitter memoirs of the first director of park Betti Glan of a steel for it the reference book. So the trip on park with Olga on an electropenalty is similar to travel to time. It begins in 30 - e years of last century when the architect - avant-gardist Konstantin Melnikov has constructed is exemplary - indicative Soviet park. Visited it those years writer Herbert Wells has told: " you have created factory of happy people ".

After reorganisation " factory " owners of attractions and cafe occupied. " All gushing area has been forced " shaurmoj ". A roar, din. It was the real horror " remembers Zaharova.

For example, on a place of a volleyball platform the attraction " took place; the Horror story " and the lawn has been occupied by a huge warehouse of tenants. Vladimir Tkachev who has asked porulit elektrokarom, tries to go round in the meantime numerous, despite a torrential rain, visitors.

new life in park has begun one and a half years ago when it was headed by the person from the command of oligarch Roman Abramovich Sergey Kapkov. It has cleaned all attractions and cafe, has started grandiose reorganisation of park. In October 2011 - go Kapkov has gone on increase, having headed capital department of culture, its place was occupied with Olga Zaharova.

the First results of a new management are that. Interest of Muscovites to TSPKiO has grown on an order: if two years ago the park for the summer day off was visited on the average by 10 thousand The person now 100 thousand Instead of beer festivals here take place exhibitions of the modern art and hipsterskie festivals. The park became the card of the new mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanina. In 2012 Moscow has allocated For its reconstruction and the maintenance 1,5 mlrd rbl. Jurii Luzhkov park lived on own account.

as well as what for the park changes, Vladimir Tkachev has decided to understand. He lives and works as a number so all occurs on his eyes.

" has arrived, has eaten shaurmy, has driven on attractions. All "
Vladimir Tkachev: If to conceive our meeting as journalistic exercise, for me this format unusual. I have decided to present that ours with you conversation it is a briefing with the client. Usually before start of a scale advertising campaign managers and owners of business tell about the child that behind their brand costs.

Olga Zaharova: Well, park it not a brand. It is a way of life. mini - a city. If to lock park it will fine survive. Other Moscow is not necessary to it. There is a transport, there are services technical, and the meal is...

VT: that you have told, partly and is strategy of development of a brand. It would be desirable to learn more in detail how you realise it last year. Let`s begin one after another. How you have got to this history?

OZ: I on life startaper I adore to develop new projects. Worked with the radio station founder " the Silver rain " Dmitry Savitsky, was the managing director in fashion - business. Then Natalia Sindeeva (the foundress of a broadcasting company " the Rain. Optimistic Channel ". Council of Federation ) has invited me to be engaged in its new project TV channel " the Rain " where I was the chief executive. But after three years of work on " the Rain " something began not to suffice me. The husband all time asks me: Well when you will calm down? Now - now, suffer, I respond. But as soon as it " now - now " on " the Rain " has come, to me it became uncomfortable. All like well goes, but further - that that?

VT: And how to Sergey Kapkova`s command have got?

OZ: has casually seen in a press that is planned to involve the known western companies for building of the updated Park Bitter. About, Has cool! registered in reception, has come to Kapkovu Sergey Aleksandrovichu take me for work. He so has looked at me " something strange occurs ". Has asked: " And what you are able? " " all I am able ". Sounds strange, but I always was engaged in all: both accounts department, and the finance, and the organisation of actions. I passed all through myself.

VT: the park has a prototype? It is under construction proceeding from the concept in someone`s head? There is an ideal representation, to what go?

OZ: I am primary too thought that there will be a big concept, the general plan and forward. But not here - that was: the park works till now in a manual mode. We walked with Sergey Sanychem on territory, and I have asked: " What to do - that it is necessary? " " Yes I do not know " he has responded. Business was in April, 2011, circle of a mount of snow, tent, terrible attractions. And the summer season already begins, and it is promised that there will be a new park. Kapkov has agreed, that urban services have started to help park: to take out attractions, to change asphalt, illumination. All urban services were connected. It were unbounded columns of cars.

VT: One moment all attractions, tents had owners. How with them?

OZ: Terminated contracts, had legal proceedings. Courts go till now. Tenants here with 1990 - h years. They thought: The next power was replaced, but anything, we will agree as - nibud. To agree it has not turned out. To the last they did not believe that all we will take down.

VT: That is you at once cut off all sources of the income of park?

OZ: Yes, have begun that have cancelled an entrance fee, and it is the basic source of the income. About 40 million rbl. a year the park earned. From attractions received copecks. There there were such contracts that all incomes remained with tenants. There were big delays on payments. But also state financing was not: the park existed on own account. The authorities conceived park as a platform for lessors and entertainment for visitors. Basically the nonresident. Has arrived, has eaten shaurmy, a shish kebab, has driven on attractions. All.

" the park should bring pleasure to people. They taxes pay for it "
VT: you took and have changed business - the concept?

OZ: Yes was not any business - concepts. Simply took and have cleaned all. As in apartment: to make good repair, it is necessary to take out all and anew to construct. It was the stress for townsmen and for us. Us have filled up with letters: return attractions. Later all of us - taki have established some attractions for children, but not so that they have captivated all park.

we and did not understand, in what direction we move. Attractions have cleaned, and further - that that? Then we have decided to do park for rest. Have released lawns, have established chaise lounges, the padded stools, different small things which creates rest atmosphere. As a whole we have decided to build park by principles 1950 - h years. We try even to return a lay-out of beds.

have then thought: time is city centre, here people can work. We have made free sockets and the Internet. It has given absolutely other audience: people come with laptops and work.

money for all innovations did not suffice: Budgets are formed in the end of the year, and we last year had not time to submit documents any more. Sponsors have helped.

VT: What now to park brings the basic money?

OZ: the Public catering. All buildings of restaurants belong to us though professionals operate them: Ginza Project, Mitja Borisov... We participate in their creation up to registration of the menu and clothes of waiters. At us the politician, what not everyone in itself, and all of us together. We work on concession: restaurants pay the fixed minimum sum plus percent from a turn. From park services most of all the income rent of bicycles and catamarans brings in the summer. In the winter a skating rink. Now a gain of park 25 million rbl. a month.

VT: Everything that you speak, these are correct commercial things. And you assert that the concept is not present.

OZ: we do not have purpose to receive money at any cost. If we decide to earn now on all, it will affect the end user. For example, we have established fontanchiki with potable water. From the point of view of business it is silly. People buy waters at restaurants less. But if I now go by the way of maximisation of incomes I will turn to a platform which was here in 1990 - e.

There are capital expenses they are incurred by the state. And there are operational. For example, from the beginning of year we have already spent 770 million rbl. Well if with them it will turn out to work in a zero. But a main objective the park should bring pleasure to people. They taxes pay for it.

" everywhere it is possible to sit and nothing to do "
VT: How you have collected the command?

OZ: When I have come, it was necessary to replace almost all operating command. And now, as soon as I hear that the person was engaged in parks, I do not want it to take for work. To me it is not necessary zashorennyj a sight. This experience is not necessary. Here an example. We have a magnificent greenhouse there there is a nursery of plants. Earlier it has been fenced by a huge fence, and behind it the present dump. I have replaced this fence with a protection from a grid - rabitsy. Let all visitors see, what at us " beautiful " gardening department. Will not believe: all has changed. They have there and then planted flower beds, all have cleaned, have cleaned. Pleasantly for work to come.

VT: And " Soviet " mentality of visitors? It seems to me, garbage became less in park.

OZ: Have placed everywhere urns, here and garbage became less. At us as it is accepted: at first to demand something from people, all to forbid, and then already to create conditions for performance of these requirements. It is not necessary to demand anything. Here I speak to gardening department: it is necessary to plant everywhere flowers. They respond: what for, them will steal? I as - that have stopped to work at night and I see: The person on a bicycle carries a padded stool three on three metres. Hardly goes, poor. It is very important not to judge all people on such copies.

for example, in the winter we have organised free driving on a skating rink in park, and at us have stolen the fads. It is possible to conceive it so: little fools, have believed to people, have distributed the fads free of charge, and those have stolen them. But it is possible on - to another: for four days on a skating rink has visited 40 thousand persons, and only 210 steams was gone. We have entered examination of luggage carriers of cars leaving from a parking and that only there did not find! Will not believe, but stole even local squirrels. Mind I will not put what for.

VT: How much to you comfortably to work within the limits of state structure?

OZ: In any structure, private or state, it is necessary to be able to beat out money. Everywhere it is possible to sit and nothing to do, referring that there is plan, no budget and other. Though, of course, in state structure you are under a sight of checking bodies as it is state money.

VT: How the budget is formed?

OZ: It is defined every year. We write that we would want to make, and then to us allocate money. The budget of park Bitter we will compare with the park budget " Sokolniki " 1,5 mlrd rbl. this year. Sokolniki it is more on territory, but the budget depends not so much on metric area, how much from " ubitosti " infrastructures. A problem of parks these are communications. The spectrum and quality of services depend on communications. For example, if in cafe there is a water, means there is a normal ware. There is an electricity it is possible to organise normal kitchen. Many objects demand reconstruction from me. I should think over each time on some steps forward.

VT: the List of staff as - that has changed? You need to involve expensive experts.

OZ: the First that Sergey Aleksandrovich, and #150 has made; has transformed park into an independent state institution: earlier it was GUK, and now we GAUK. Earlier we bodily depended on department, now the most part of questions it is responsibility of the director. Salary fund on the average 25 thousand rbl. on the person. If I want to pay more I can allocate money only from incomes of enterprise activity.

" horrors of Park Bitter "
VT: Who is engaged in the organisation of actions in park?

OZ: Actions happen two kinds. We will organise the first, and they are directed on development of people. We have begun with sports: have put tennis tables, have made running club, have organised employment by yoga, dances. Have built a multipurpose platform for volleyball, football, a game zone in petank.

As a matter of fact, we put experiments with people We try to understand that it is interesting to them. If all last year we created rest park in it we do culture park. For example, have organised the program " Mamalysh " experts tell to the pregnant and just given birth women how to build family relations and to nurture the child. We have made an open-air: have bought paints, easels, have employed professional models. The first time 20 persons, already 200 have come. Have organised courses of oratorical skill. All it is free so the state develops the citizens.

other type of actions is spent by the private companies. Here too there is a gradation: if action approaches under ideology of park one price of rent, is not present another. For example, festival Faces and Laces street art, young designers, correct atmosphere. This mine, this action forms the person of a city. And if the manufacturer of cars wants to arrange races it it is not necessary to me on quay. I can meet, but also the price will be corresponding for city centre.

VT: Park Bitter expensive platform?

OZ: Yes. We give not simply a place, but also property, equipment, cleaning service and other. I never will start up here, for example, beer festival. What for to me action against a healthy way of life? At restaurants of park alcohol specially expensive.

we understand that the quantity of visitors in park is already so great that restaurants do not consult. A problem that that quantity of people which already now comes to park, catastrophically. 100 thousand persons a day it is abnormal. It is station any.

VT: I tried to pass in the fan - a zone on translation of a match Russia Czechia, but it was not possible to me: too many people have come.

OZ: I in Facebook have read today: As so, the director of Park Bitter does not pay attention to this ugliness with a parking. There is no place to park, there is a Garden ring. To it all the same. Yes not all the same! But territory of park it is a monument sadovo - park art, and here it is forbidden to organise parking of motor vehicles. The parking should be underground, and these are enormous capital investments.

VT: it reminds Me a situation with the first " McDonald`s " on Pushkin. When it was one to all Moscow, there there was a crowd of people. The problem has dared itself withoboj, when " McDonald`s " became much.

OZ: it is correct. With an overload of park I cannot solve a problem is system, it global. In Moscow set of parks, and if we now them " we will lift " we will unload Park Bitter. It is not necessary to clone our park, at everyone the history and audience. Not the fact that a cinema open-air " the Pioneer " it is necessary in Lianozovo, and skejt - a platform in park Fili. Each park needs to find the person.

VT: you have told that you on life startaper, and Park Bitter it till now a startup?

OZ: Certainly. The park still at all did not start to be under construction. We have taken simply prime necessary measures. Now we declared the tender for working out of the concept of park. Already 12 foreign companies have exposed the demands, Russians do not participate yet: I do not know the company which would have suitable experience. In September there will be a winner, then competition among the architectural companies will take place. Recently there have arrived the Englishmen, one of applicants. On park they were carried by my employee: at me time was not. Very much it was pleasant to all of them. What for to you the concept, they asked. It was then found out that the employee has shown all of them our achievements, instead of problem places. What for? It was necessary for them to show horrors of Park Bitter: a warehouse where attractions till now are piled; backyards where we adjoin to hospital, it is dead territory. That there should be pool, theatre, maybe, something else? In a manual mode such things to solve incorrectly.

me criticise that in park till now there is no enough of indexes. But if indexes are established, means changes already have ended. It is necessary to move all time, differently will drain in.